What record?

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18 thoughts on “What record?

  1. Come on, beat me. If you can. Win over me, if you think I can’t? But wait…., do you think I’ll gonna let you…? ROFL!! Come on, say!! We have to haul you for stop bullying to DVTVers anymore, can’t you??? Then do not post about us anymore, can you? But you can’t! Because of you still stubborn and bring the past to your blog is old news!! Thats why we want you GIVE IT UP and MOVE ON, VICKI, MUTHAFUCKER!!!!


  2. Are you try to bait me, are you? Hahaha….Nice try, Vicki!! You’re still liar, BITCH!! Why do you say “I’ve been looking for it and you made it easy for me!” ? BULLSHIT!!! You behind knew how to use it. You will NOT bait me anymore, FUCK YOU!!! DVTVers say you always twist and try to foolish on us, tsk tsk…..nice try again, Vicki! You are so BULLYING to DVTVers on your blog and try to kill us to death, hm? DVTVers do not have any bullying to you! You are the one is hell BULLYING on your OWN blog to DVTVers, MUTHAFUCKER!!!!


  3. You stupid fool, deafghOster.
    It’s not a criminal record!! Still being zack1324’s slave, eh?!!
    Anyway thanks for the record! I’ve been looking for it and you made it easy for me!
    Thanks again!!!

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  4. You’re a fucking liar, MuthaFucker!! Here is a prove that you have courts on list BUT those is old new and yet you still have few courts…BUSTED! STOP FUCK LIAR, BITCH!!


    I already showed to few DVTVers in private group about you, LOL at you! they knew you are fucking liar about you do not have courts on list, BS!!!! N-I-C-E T-R-Y!!


  5. Oh oh now I got what u meant by “best friend? What? Who?” I didn’t realize that I said that myself in my comment!! I just re-read what I said in my comment, oh there I saw that I said that they love their best friend, Satan. ha ha laughing… Now I got what u meant by that GIF of Satan!! ha ha yes, it makes sense now! ha ha laughing…

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  6. That’s exactly what I’ve seen in both Zack & Frekky, but not only those evil spirited DVTV vloggers, some of the other DVTVers, too. Yuck! Oh wow! I’ll never want to talk to many evil spirited DVTVers who love to be the liars. Yuck! They are still very much childish in their minds & hearts. Truly very sad to see adult DVTVers who love to be the liars. Yuck. Only small percent of DVTVers are good.

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  7. Lately for such a long time when I watched Zack’s & Frekky’s posts, always so sad to see their full of lies in their teeth makes me feel very uncomfortable watching their post. Their post are hardly good to watch & always seeing really sooo very ugly facial expressions those always turn me off & never enjoy watching their post so Eww & Eek also Yuck to watch their post. Damn really very uncomfortable feelings, when watching their post. So it’s not good for u & me to watch their post. Yuck! Meaning that they’re NOT cool or neat person to watch their post.Yuck! When I don’t watch their post, I feel great knowing that they’re NOT existed here on the Earth. They belong to their best friend, Satan. Yuck! They love to hold Satan’s hands & love to kiss Satan. They must be in love w/Satan. ha ha laughing… Obviously they love Satan because they love to be lousy & stinky liars. Oh my! Yuck! So oh my dear, u really do have very stronger feelings than I’ve because looking at their ugly facial expressions makes me sick; gross. Oh my! Yuck!

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