Yo deafsnake, About this

“Thumbup2… You mentioned the porn ad thing in which GhostbikerX had to respond to you.. Guess what? Everyone watches porn… no one is innocent.. If you’re gonna call out EricM, GhostbikerX and me on this, you might as well prosecute the entire world for having their own well.. ahem me time.. privately.” 

Where you get the idea I’m calling them out for watching porn?

It’s Eric Martinson who did the calling out. Calling me and GhostBikerX perverts for having porn in ads at DVV.

What a shame on you two support the pervert owner for the porn ads in his trash website! Shame, shame, shame on you two! EricMartinson – May 17, 2017 in ASL

I have been wracking my brains trying to figure out what the heck Eric’s talking about, looking around DVV for porn but never saw anything.

Then, finally GhostBikerX explained what was going on.

I guess when Eric visits DVV, the ads there will advertise porn because it is in Eric’s cookies? Browser history? Something like that because he had his as you said  “ahem me time.” (I have to admit when you said it I had a fit of giggles!) Anyway,

so of course I had to throw it back in Eric’s face!


deafsnake? About asking the Tayler thing? Don’t tell me he’s not letting you come back to DVTV? That would be a pretty shitty thing for Tayler to do!

All righty, I guess that’s all for now. Letting you know I am not done posting posts for you. There’s plenty more to come, ya know?

Take care and see you around.

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