Rayline and Jokechamp! Quiz today!


Related imageFind out which cereal match your personality. 

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OH! I am still immature?!!

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7 thoughts on “Rayline and Jokechamp! Quiz today!

  1. Thumbup, what did dog want to do w/little toddler? Huh? Did dog want to harm the toddler? or want to play w/the toddler? I undy that cat saved boy from that dog, but I thought maybe dog wanted to play w/the toddler? No? Attempted to harm the toddler? Huh? I’m not wise all the time so I didn’t use wisdom many times because I wanted to be mischief. ha ha laughing… For example, many times I knew that I should not say something yet I chose to say something that was not pleased to the others’ eyes. Oh well? Naught girl! Ugh pout


  2. To everyone of u who may read my comment, I took a quiz. I just got my response from that quiz just now. I had my response copied & now I’m going to have it pasted here. Smiling… Suppose there was a dog instead of a puppy, I would have chosen the dog, but it was the puppy so I couldn’t choose the puppy & had to choose a cat. I always feel as if dogs & cats are almost alike. What I mean by that is that they’re so called “pets”. I don’t mean feral felines. I mean tamed cats are almost like dogs. They always love to feel their owners’ affection or love by petting them, feeding them, playing w/them, massaging their bodies gently, etc. Smiling… Here’s my response to that quiz. This Quiz Will Tell You Which Breakfast Cereal Matches Your Personality

    You got: Life
    You are wise beyond your years! Friends come to you when they need good, honest advice, and you always keep it real.

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