Hi Vicki and ray line what up 

I not much vlog on deaf people since 2 weeks almost, I just watch American horror story season 1 to 5 since july 2 I watch overnight every, 
I just sleep morning to afternoon then few hours again more sleep long hours until night woke up wow since July 2. 
I can’t wait move change my room because ready this fall September 2017 to June 2018 😉 👍 

17 thoughts on “Hi Vicki and ray line what up 

  1. Oh rayline not work internet because weather storm or flood maybe,,

    She not happy with it she patient it she read book or outside or something with cat.

    I don’t know she live

    I heard storm in USA eastern still

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  2. Jokechamp,
    I am shocked! It is now morning! The sky is start get light. SHIT! I have been up all night without realizing it!!!
    I forgot tell you. Rayline have no internet. It went out. Poor Rayline!

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