Rayline and Jokechamp,

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18 thoughts on “Rayline and Jokechamp,

  1. Thumbup, oh no! That shucks! Adults have no feelings & concerns about the other ppl who don’t want to go swimming in the pool while the others pee in the pool. No wonder, I don’t feel comfortable going to the public swimming pool for such a long time. I kept buying toddlers pool over & over again. I stop using toddlers pool a very long time even tho I still have one box that has not been opening yet. I don’t think I’ll ever open it because of no time. Oh well? Time changes for me as I’ve way many more things to do on my yards. Guess, it’ll be for the kids in the future. It’ll not be for me to use it. ha ha laughing… Oh well? It’s in the Outbuilding in my backyard. Smiling… Whenever adults do peeing in the pool, I can’t believe how ignorant they’re even when they swim in the pool while they pee in it! Oh my! Oh wow! Truly very sad! Oh well? Ignorant Adults would do that! Lazy & ignorant adults! Shaking my head! Ugh pout!

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  2. Thumbup, oh my Goodness!! When I was very young, I never thought about the kids would pee in the swimming pool because I thought that they always go to bathroom before go swimming, but I think that they may pee in the pool? That’s why I don’t feel comfortable to go swimming in the Community Swimming pool. I rather swim in my own pool. I still have one “toddlers” or children”s swimming pool in the box that I still have not opened. I thought that I would open it again right after I already used two pools in the past. No time for me to swim again. Ugh pout I really always love swimming in the pool. Yes, I miss swimming in the pool so much! Ugh pout Oh well? Time does not permit for me as I always & will always have many things to do on the yards. Oh well? U know, sometimes we can’t expect what we want to do, but have to do some other things those we really don’t want to do first. Ugh pout Rats! Smiling… about red eyes, oh my! from the kids’ & possibly adults’? urinate in the pool. Oh my! Always thought that it was from Chlorine, but no! Oh my! Wow! What great education for me to learn today! Thank u so very much!! Bless u! MWAHS XOXO Smiling…

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  3. Thumbup & the other readers, when I grew up, my Mom took family to the beach. I prefer going to Big Splash Water Parks which have a lot more of activities such as climbing up many, many steps to the top of some different water slides those are great exercises. Smiling… Have u gone to something like “Big Splash Water Slides or Parks? I went there in the North CA once. I liked it better than going to the beach. I never trust beach because it has large fish like sharks or something? Smiling… Big Pussy, when I was a very young girl, but I still went to the beach up to my chest which was plenty deep for me because I didn’t trust big fish like sharks those may come to me, who knows? Beaches are not really very safe & the beach goers are on their own risk. As for Big Splash Water Parks don’t have any big fish like sharks. ha ha laughing… Only one thing I was not comfortable, when I was in the Big Water Park, I didn’t want to have my mouth opened, when I got in the water because there was so many very young kids who may pee in the water, who knows? ha ha laughing… Oh my! I really always love swimming in the pool, but not in public pool because the kids may pee in the pool? Ugh pout Best swimming pool is in my backyard that I know the water is neat. Only one thing I don’t like wasps who loved to sting in my parts of body while I was on the air “mattress” that’s for swimming pool or any kind of the water places like Big Splash Water Parks. Grr at wasps for liking to sting in my poor skin that was so itch & “burn”. Rats! Ouch & hurt for about a week! I had to have a lot patience by not itching on those swollen skin that wasps stung. In the South CA it has some big Water Splash Parks. Smiling…

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  4. Thumbup, Oh my Goodness!! Horrible & big stupid carelessness! No good excuse for the men who should know that there had tons & tons of weight of vehicles, should have more aware of where they were parked & seen that they should park near the front side & in the middle of the cargo airline that would probably be more safely for the crews & pilot. Truly very sad to see that they had to die all because of that! Oh no! That doesn’t look good. They died for stupid carelessness. The pilot & crews should have checked to see if they would be in correct place. Ugh pout Sad for the crews & pilot & their families!! Shaking my head Ugh pout

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  5. Thumbup, oh my Goodness!! I overlooked one title on the top of ur post! Drat! stinky & lousy eyes! ha ha laughing… That title says, “Lets go to the beach”. I really wish I could go to the beach!! Living on the high elevation of the mountains/desert, I always feel as if I lived on the beach. No kidding… When I feel windy, I always feel as if I were on the beach!! Smiling…

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  6. Thumbup, is that Commerical Airline? If so, oh my Goodness!! Oh no!! I sure hope that it’s not the Commerical Airline!! Oh my! What happened to pilots who couldn’t keep their airline in control? Oh my! Whoa! That was scared, suppose there was many ppl who got in that airline!!

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  7. To everyone of u who may read my comment, Thumbup, why don’t u like to fly on the plane? I really love to fly on the plane because it’s so beautiful to see everything on the land & the clouds, etc. So beautiful feelings, when I was on the plane!! Would love to be a pilot myself!! Smiling…

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