For deafsnake, About

5 thoughts on “For deafsnake, About

  1. Thumbup #2, Oh my! He always thinks that he’s brilliant, but really he’s sooo gross for me to watch his post. Oh my! Well-said about his being an idiot!!

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  2. Thumbup #2, what deafsnake said about us is not a wise man. It’s truly very sad to see that he’s not the wise man. Oh my! Good thing I stopped watching all his post anywhere except the one I just watched a little part of it. He turned me off w/his disgusted post. Oh my! Yuck! ha ha laughing… No one wants to watch his post. Who wants to watch his post? U were strong enough to watch his disgusted post & all other post. Oh my! Yuck! I feel sorry for him that no one really wants him as anyone’s friend. He & I are not friend. That’s why I stopped watching his post because he always turns me off w/his sick mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Oh my! Shaking my head… Yuck! He always talks the same things over & over again. He said that I said the same things over & over again. Looking at himself! Oh my! Yuck!

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