Here you go again, Jordan Greaney!

Believe me I understand your stupidity. You know the truth of me not inboxing people at DVTV, I don’t and never have owned Deafwars, I didn’t break into the private group at DVTV, I don’t have 23 criminal records, I don’t have an account at DVTV , I never went to court and never was send to an anger management classes as zack1324 claimed.
Yet you continued to believe your friend’s lies when you know the real truth that’s staring you right in your face.
Confined? LOL! Pretty happy with my confinement!!!

7 thoughts on “Here you go again, Jordan Greaney!

  1. OH BUDDHA9! Of course! You know I had been sending you invitation more than once but never got no response? I am going to go try again!!!!! You can call me anything you want! Bitch!!!


  2. Vicki the Bitch….
    148 sleeps till Christmas
    I made a blog but it went to your other site.
    I cant leave comments here and but thats ok Bitch. Youre jealous of me afraid ill take over!!!
    Have a good hot day Bitch!!! You are well liked by DVTV They still talk about you Bitch!!
    From the other Bitch

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