Eric Martinson and zack1324’s


 Link 1

It looks like you,
 zack1324, committed


me by with the picture of me and my personal information.

As well as you, Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv EricMartinson and you again, zack1324 committed  

of    2matseattle by

with her email address.

Fwd It s only 1.00 to check out Raventg s photos thumbupthumbup Gmail

EricMartison and zack1324,

Image result for Stop

2matseattle and her children! The bunch of sick freaks you all are! 

Still creating a false account at an online dating site for 2matseattle? Image result for animated gif dancing penisAroused again aren’t you boys?

fwd peggydixie please confirm your email address thumbupthumbup gmail com gmail 1.png 644×434

So funny what you said, zack1324! 

“12 months of anger management class. Good enough but need more than that. I think you should go to jail. Yes.”

andImage result for

It’s you who’s not well behaved and I got no record, remember?!!

Grow the fuck up fat ass!!!  You too EricMartinson! Your mommy and daddy know you do shit like this?!!

Image result for gif oh Note this!!!

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comImage result for eric martinson -

Image result for follow the yellow brick road gifImage result for gif pointing right Follow the yellow brick road!Image result for animated gif dorothy there's no place like home

14 thoughts on “Eric Martinson and zack1324’s

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  2. Thumbup, both mental, emotional & spiritual sick men should be disappeared into thin air. They have the problems w/their depressions & I bet u that they don’t think about our Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ Who have very strong LOVE that may influence their evil mind, heart & spirit into having the most beautiful LOVE. I’ve seen them as Lost Sheep wandering into deep pit where has no presence of our Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. Can’t stand watching their ugly facial expressions, when they talked the most horrible evil words those came from their horrible evil mind, heart & spirit. Can’t stand watching their horrible evil monster facial expressions on their so ugly & evil faces. SWEET, when don’t watch their post. Oh yes!! Not worth of my precious feelings, when watching their horrible evil monster facial expressions on their horrible evil faces. Hopefully they learn to stop being horrible, ugly evil doers. They really need to learn to talk many other good things instead of inviting evil spirit in their heart & mind. I undy that more & more evil doers are like them all over in the World. Ugh pout Truly very sad to see something like that daily. Oh my! Shaking my head w/sad heart

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