Need to wash my clothes outside now

First I’ll need to have my clothes soaked in galvanized wash tubs for a little while before I’ll wash my clothes

Washing my clothes in five gallons pails? buckets? I forgot what other word for it Drat my bad absent-minded! Ugh pout Drat! Buckets or pails or whatever word I should have remembered by the way pails or buckets not one pail or one bucket as one pail or bucket is for washing & the other one is for rinsing. Smiling…

I wash my clothes w/hand tool

then I’ll have my clothes hanging up outside by my clotheslines

sorry, I tried to find GIF that we may see clothes moving a little, but looked for that for a long while that already wasted my time. Shoot! Drat!

Have a very lovely afternoon w/good & sweet feelings! MWAHS w/all my love XOXO Smiling…

8 thoughts on “Need to wash my clothes outside now

  1. Thumbup, Thank u sooo very much for giving me the words for Animated GIF Clothes on Clothesline & I had to have those words putting in my email so I wont forget those words again! Smiling… Maybe I’ll need to use those words again, who knows? ha ha Smiling…

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  2. Thumbup, I tried to find the air that makes the clothes moving in the clotheslines by saying, “animated” & “GIF” yet nothing showed that the air makes the clothes moving in the clotheslines. How did u find them? What words did u use in Google, please? Thanks! MWAHS Smiling…

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  3. Thumbup, I just saw that I could have that comment moved to trash, but I’m sure that u can ignore that comment. Smiling… ha ha Smiling… Need to have more “Like” ha ha laughing… Smiling… can’t wait til I’ll see another five hundreds “Like”. Smiling… ha ha silly girl oh well? I like to see that DP is going to have many more “Like”. Some of them I really didn’t want to click on “Like”, but I just closed my eyes on those comments yet I still clicked on “Like” on comments. All I want is to see another five hundreds “Like”. ha ha Smiling…

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  4. Thumbup, I meant to edit that comment which I thought that I couldn’t edit, but later I saw that I could edit then that comment really should be removed. Smiling… Just ignore that comment. Smiling…

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  5. Thumbup, I tried to have my post editing, but it wont let me edit. Ugh pout I need to add some words like buckets or pails instead of one pail!! grr Darn, why it wont let me edit? Please let me edit? Thanks mwahs xoxo w/my love Smiling…

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