Smiling from ear to ear… Be grateful that today is SWEET Sunday!

Thumbup, Soheir & Funnyjoke,
U all enjoy ur SWEET & JOY Sunday w/my love, hugs & sisterly kisses! Smiling… Just have a BIG HOPE that u all have beautiful feelings of SWEET & JOY Sunday today! Smiling…

2 thoughts on “Smiling from ear to ear… Be grateful that today is SWEET Sunday!

  1. Soheir, Smiling from ear to ear… Oh my dearest sweetest friend & “sis.”, hugging u tightly like real very close friend & “sis.” & many more hugs… Oh my dear u’re in Egypt!! Oh my my! I always think that Egypt is the most interesting country to visit. U’re very lucky that u’re in Egypt now!! Now I believe that I should say, “SWEET & JOY Saturday because it’s ur seventh day on Saturday that ur people don’t work outside like real jobs to earn $$ on Saturdays & for everyone who has one’s home where has the lawn & need to do the works on the lawn or in the yards. Thank u for telling me the place where u’re in now! Bless u! From now on I’ll remember that ur seventh day is on Saturday. Mine is on Sunday because Americans begin working on the first day of Monday morning. The first shift of the working day is called either graveyard or lobster; from the midnight to early morning, then second shift is the day; from early morning to the afternoon & at third shift is called the swing; from the late afternoon or from the evening to after midnight. Anyway Oh wow! Oh my my! Amazed to see that u’re in Egypt!!! Plus in the most interesting history in Egypt!! Oh my my! U’re very LUCKY!! In this life Egypt is the first country I always want to see, but sadly I’ve a strong feelings that I’ll never be able to travel outside America. Ugh pout I’ve many, many feral felines & tamed cats to take care of. They need me to be their Caretaker. Ugh pout… They’re like my beautiful creatures (babies). Really, I’m a real dog lover, but can’t have dogs because of feral cats/kittens. Oh my my u’re in the most interesting country!! ha ha laughing… Oh wow! LUCKY!!! In next life I hope that I’ll be an adventurer so I may travel all over the countries to see beautiful & magnificent mountains, towns, etc. visiting u, too!! I would love to take ur grown children w/their children & u out to dine out & enjoy ourselves dining out every day for some days. Smiling… Enough of my dream of being adventurer & visiting u in Egypt… Smiling… Oh my my! Oh wow!! EGYPT!!! Oh my my! Egypt has many interesting history!! Love them!! Ur Sunday is the first shift of working so I’ll need to remember to wish u SWEET & JOY Saturday like Sabbath Day. No work on Sabbath Day… Smiling… Thank u for ur truly soooo sweet & inspiring comment!! Bless u!! Hugging u & many more HUGS w/all my eternal love. I sure hope that I’ll meet u in person in next life, when suppose I’ll be able to travel out of America!! Smiling from ear to ear… Oh wow! EGYPT!!! ha ha Love it!! MWAHS w/all my love, my dear sweet friend & “sis.” ~ X~ O ~ X~ O ~ Smiling…
    Soheir & Thumbup,

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  2. Good afternoon Rayline!!
    It is quarter past eight in the evening in Egypt !
    Today was a good day !
    Thanks God !!
    Thank u for the great post!
    Have a nice time !!

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