Sunday school test!

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Image result for animated gif embarrassedI got 1/2 of the questions wrong!!!









Image result for huh animated gifMe?

Sunday School Superstar?!!

You all take the quiz here.

5 thoughts on “Sunday school test!

  1. Thumbup, Smiling from ear to ear… trick question? or sleepyhead/without using alert mind… I believe that I was not paid attention by not reading every word; not having alert mind or sleepyhead? Still no good excuse! Smiling…


  2. Thumbup, oh my Oops I had ur response copied included! Oh no! I tried to find a word such as ‘edit” that I need to remove (You got 9 out of 17 right! Sunday School Superstar) that’s in ur response which I made copied & pasted. Oh well? My mistake. Ugh pout Shaking my head

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  3. Thumbup, I saw that I didn’t pay attention more carefully like I should have read more carefully & I didn’t read more carefully. Oh well? I always know Noah was the man who had to build the Ark & “brought” two each animals yet I didn’t read more carefully that different man named Moses. Oh no! My stupid & no good excuse for making the easiest response to that question. ha ha laughing… Anyway my response is
    Can You Pass This Sunday School Test For Children?

    You got 12 out of 17 right!

    Sunday School Superstar
    Congrats! You’re a Sunday School superstar! You must have paid attention in class!

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