Our Heavenly Father

already knows that no Christian is perfect like Jesus Christ therefore our Heavenly Father expects us all Christians have different negative weakness just like non-Christians. Non-Christians are no different from Christians except some Christians already got Holy Ghost & non-Christians have no Holy Ghost that’s only difference between being Christians & non-Christians. Many Christians don’t get Holy Ghost from almost all different religions. He always has hope for every Christian to strive to be pure Christian. Pure Christians still have negative weakness unless we want to strive harder to be pure Christians. Most Christians don’t get Holy Ghost from all different religions except only one religion which is Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints with only six words. There has two other churches those have almost the same name of church, but with seven words & they’re cults.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends who have love in their heart for me!

Thumbup #2 & Sohair, I love u w/all my heart. MWAHS XOXOXO ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

As for some others who have love in ur heart for me, I love u, too! MWAHS XOXOXO ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

In honor of extraordinary Thumbup #2

She knows how to make her website, Deaf People fantastic & extraordinary by having amazed fantastic & extraordinary GIFs & Giphys, etc. in all her post. She’s truly enchanting owner. Deaf People is great entertainment for both Deafies & Hearies. Congratulations!

Chinese Zodiac for this year, 2018

I learned that I’m an Earth Dog just a while ago. Interesting… I’ll read it more later. I like to learn more about my strong & weak traits.

Can’t wait for Winter Olympics 2018 to come!

Hey Sohair & Thumbup #2, do u like watching Winter & Summer Olympics? No?

I always wanted to be in both Winter & Summer Olympics as I always loved to race in any kind of sports. In the Summer, I would love to race swimming & in the Winter I would love to snow skiing downhill fast! It was really so fun skiing snow downhill as I always loved to do that.

I always love to watch all different kinds of Winter & Summer sports!! Am looking forward to watch Winter Olympic Sports SOOOOOOON!! About time!! Always love to watch both Opening & Closing Ceremonies which always touch my heart deeply.

Do u like to do any different kinds of sports? Smiling…

Really can’t wait til the Opening Ceremony & all different kinds of sports to show for us all to watch & enjoy ourselves watching them all! Smiling…


Hello Sohair, the name of ur WordPress?

Sorry I forgot the name of ur WordPress? My bad absent-minded ugh pout

Just want to say Hello to ur whole family, friends & u w/all my eternal love, hugs & kisses! Lately been trying to remember the name of ur WordPress. Gave up so I’m asking u for the name, please? I like to say some things to u, whenever I feel like to. Smiling…

Saying hello to ur two adorable children, family & ur friends even tho they & I don’t know each others. Whoever is ur friend is my friend. Smiling…

Hugging ur children, ur family, ur friends & u & many more Hugs for everyone of them & u w/all my eternal love! MWAHS XOXOXOXO Smiling… ❤ ❤ ❤

Hope everyone of u is doing great w/great health! Smiling…

Here's just to let u know that u & all have not forgotten. Smiling…

Just assembled utility cart

The reason why I needed to buy utility cart with thick tires those will help me pulling heavy loads on the dirt in my yards much easier

than pulling heavy loads with that flat cart that has thinner wheels which are truly much harder for me to pull heavy loads on the dirt in my yards.

Tomorrow I’ll use utility cart for many large bags of different kinds of cat dry food. I usually carried them two at a time back & forth over & over again. Whenever I’ve to carry thirty pounds, I carried only one bag at a time. Now no more for me to carry all heavy bags of cat dry food! Oh yes! SWEET!
Plus forty pounds boxes of Cat Litter, I usually buy many of them & I had to pull flat cart with two boxes on the dirt which was much harder for me at a time. I’ll have two or three? maybe four? boxes on that new cart & pulling it on the dirt in my yards at a time rather than having to pull only two on flat cart much harder at a time. Now I’ll feel like a real princess or a queen pulling two or three? or maybe four boxes at a time! Oh yes! SWEET! About time for me to have a new utility cart at last! Smiling… Got tired of having to carry all very large & heavy bags of cat dry food in my arms for such a long time. Ohhh Whee I’ll be ecstatic, when I’ll pull the new cart with all heavy loads on the dirt in yards without breathing rapidly. Oh yes!! Yeah! Smiling…

For Evil Ugly Sicko Zack1324, what does friendship mean?

Zack has no idea of what real friendship means. Truly very sad. The way he talks to his “so called” friends such as Frekky & all the others, he still always & will always love to lie to EVERYONE of his “so called” friends. He really never has a feeling for his “so called” friends at all.

He kept pleading me to talk to his evil ugly face in DVTV over & over again. Who am I to him? Suppose he saw me as his real friend, he’ll have to say his apology to me for being a pathological liar & leave DVTV on his own for good because he knew that he would have been banned for calling me “RETARD” WAY TOOO MANY TIMES IN DVTV. Whenever he lied to us all, we’re not his real friend at all. He really has no feelings for us all at all. He has no trustworthy in him at all. He lost all trustworthy, when he chose to be pathological liar to EVERYONE of us all.

So why should he expect me to talk to his evil ugly face in DVTV? DUH! He must be thinking & hoping that I’m as imbecile as he’s. Oh poor imbecile evil, ugly sicko & demonic creature! He must be expecting me to crawl over to DVTV, kiss his feet & talk to his evil, ugly, demonic face in DVTV. Oh please he really needs to try the best he can learn to find his wisdom to use? Again, Verify: I’ve not been his friend for such a long time.

Zack1324 is truly obtuse & nitwit

Zack doesn’t know what Christian means. SHIT like HELL. He keeps thinking that being the Christian means that the Christian must be like a holy Christian. DUH!! SHIT like HELL. Being the Christians mean that we’re not as the perfect human beings as Jesus Christ. Christians are expected to make some mistakes as human beings. Are the Christians one hundred percent angel? Hell NO. DUH! Zack is truly a dumb evil man. Gross like HELL!

Recycling different kinds of papers & different kinds of cans

I’m on my way to one real very large recycling bin for different kinds of paper & different kinds of cans & gave them away as contribution to my town today. I save different kind of large plastic bottles for recycling that I sell & earn $$

My dear internet friends,

What do u think about “Time for BIG INTERNET HUGS? Are u really shy about being hugged? Huh? Perhaps some of u really don’t care for internet friends’ hugs? I love to hug my “babies” (cats) Smiling… MWAHS XOXOXO with all my love

My dear sweet friends,



Low Intelligence Quotient FairyTales9

Having low intelligence quotient makes her obtuse, nitwit, pathological liar & callous, hard-hearted, etc.

She “talked with me” in her video as if I were her friend. Oh please?! DUH! She said that my father & Marilyn were married. Oh my Goodness!! They were never been married. Marilyn said to me that Marilyn needed my father’s money to support Marilyn’s needs. Marilyn has negative flaws such as lust for $$ & none for love. FairyTales9 said that I should have listened to my “step-mother”. Oh please! She doesn’t even know Marilyn as much as I know Marilyn. As for Marilyn, she loves to think of money first (number one) before anything else & anybody else including our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Marilyn’s sons & grandchildren & loves to be a pathological liar. When I see anyone like her negative flaws, I don’t want to be friend with them. Should I listen to Marilyn? Huh? Hell no way! FairyTales9 is really so dumb woman that I’ve ever seen.
U see two different facial expressions here. FairyTales9 has always been the one with her bitter, depressed, desperated for having some friends who are her same kind characters such as the lowest of the low friends.

Have a blessing weekend with great feelings!

My dear sweet friends, hope you have great weekend with great feelings! Stay warm! Take easy on what you are doing & take your time doing what you’re pleased to do with great feelings! I’m embracing you all with my love, hugs & kisses on cheeks. Let us enjoy our sweet weekend with great feelings! Giving Praises to our Heavenly Father for His Sweet Love for us all! I love you all! Smiling from ear to ear…

Buddha9, welcome back w/our hugs!

We’re ecstatic to have u back here again!! BIG SMILE on our faces! U make our day! Thank u for coming back again! Bless u!!

For pathological liars & sadist, Zack & UA

Zack, u asked me if I’ve any evidence that UA violated his R-List in ur post while u already knew that u lied in ur teeth to all DVTVers, Outsiders of DVTV & me that u already knew that UA violated his R-List just like u always LOVE TO LIE to all DVTVers, Outsiders of DVTV & me ALL THE TIME. Now u must be peeing & dirrhea in ur pants for being caught off guard as pathological liar as usual. U ALWAYS LOVE TO BE EVIL CHILDISH BY BEING PATHOLOGICAL LIAR ALL THE TIME FOR THE REST OF UR SICKO LIFE.

UA, oh wow! U’re a real pathological liar, too! U said that u never make any video that u violated R-List that u called me retarded then with hate crime that u looked for a hitman by asking the hitman to shoot me with his gesture of rifle or shotgun then with life threat, u told hitman to kill me by ur gesture of moving ur index finger across ur front side of neck that’s the sign of life threat. U said to Zack in Zack’s post that u never say something like that. U’re a sicko pathological liar in ur teeth. U lied to everyone who watched Zack’s post. Oh boy, u’re really sicko pathological liar like Zack. Now how u feel about that video that truly sweet Angel, Thumbup #2 made her post with ur sicko video that u threat me with life threat. Now u must be peeing & dirrhea in ur pants for being caught off guard as pathological liar. Bless Thumbup #2 for making that copy of ur gross of name-calling which is retarded then with ur hate crime which is u seeked for the hitman & asked hitman to shoot me with the gesture of rifle or shotgun then with life threat u asked hitman to kill me with ur gross gesture of ur index finger that u moved from one side to the other side of ur front side of neck. U LIED IN UR TEETH TO ALL DVTVers, OUTSIDERS OF DVTV & ME. That’s EVIL CHILDISH of ur gross actions for the rest of ur sicko life just like Zack who loves to be EVIL CHILDISH all the time for the rest of his sicko life.

Happy New Year!

Hope our new year is going to be much better than our old year of 2017! Everyone of us deserves to be much happier than our old year of 2017. Lets hope for having better year w/more happiness & joy also prosperity.

Merry Christmas

Hope u all have a very nice & warm Merry Christmas!

Welcome to Winter Season

Hope u all keep urself warm thru this cold Winter Season

Soheir, are u okay? Hope so!

I learned that there was something real bad incident at Mosque in Egypt just while ago. I think, it was something like shooting? I just thought about u. Are ur family & u okay? Hope so! May our Heavenly Father be w/ur family & u all the time! I’m embracing u w/my love, hugs & sisterly kisses mwahs xoxo

Wish u all Happy Thanksgiving w/all blessings of great health, joy, good & safe life in our Heavenly Father’s Protecting Arms

I’m truly grateful that our Heavenly Father has great patience w/me, whenever whatever I said w/my “displeased” words & having some great & cool (neat) friends
Stay warm…

My dear sweet friends & good-heartened visitors, just want to say, “I love u”

Smiling from ear to ear… Trying to imagine me embracing u all w/my real hugs & w/all my love. MWAHS XOXOXO w/all my eternal love

My dear friends & visitors, Happy Halloween w/great feelings!

Buddha9, please accept our warm welcome to our friendly gang group

I sure hope that u enjoy & will always be enjoyed being here in this fun gang group! Smiling from ear to ear… I’m embracing u w/warm welcome hug for joining here in our gang group. Hugging u along w/all my other gangs! Smiling… mwahs xoxo Smiling…

Have u noticed that Zack, Fairytales9 & UA kept trying to get my attention over & over again

While they don’t like me at all yet they still need to get my attention in DVTV. DUH! Am I their real friend? Hell no way! Then why they still need to get my attention? I think that they try to win my heart? ha ha laughing Nitwit & Obtuse!! They really do have the ugliest evil spirit; demon monster faces Gag! They’re really sooo dumb for trying to get my attention while I’m not their friend! I’ll never talk directly to them because they’re NOT & will NEVER be my friend. Oh my! No wonder, they’re nitwit & obtuse for talking directly to me. Oh my! Eww! Gag!

Yay! Buddha9 makes our day at last!

So sweet to read ur comments here in DP! Yay! Smiling from ear to ear…

UA from DeafVIDEO.TV has demon black eyes

I saw his demon black eyes for first time, when he had his face zoomed in. Oh my Goodness! He really does have demon black eyes. No wonder, he loves to have so ugly demon spirit inside him. Oh my! No wonder, I never like his demon spirit in him. Eww! Gag! He doesn’t need to wear any Halloween costume. His demon black eyes are real good enough to show all the other ppl to see that he’s really perfectly demon spirit man.

Demonic monster, Zack1324 tried to make my unique name look bad. Nice try.

Zack1324 called me a two-faced person. How idiotic Zack1324’s! I can’t say anything in DeafVIDEO.TV or else I would be suspended. So as for here in DP, it allows me saying anything w/o suspending & banning me. I strongly believe that Zack1324 wishes that Zack1324 could destroy my reputation by calling me two-faced woman. Nice try. Too bad, ZACK1324 IS THE REAL ONE WHO REALLY LOVES TO BE THE LIAR. I can’t call Zack1324 filthy EVIL BASTARD LIAR IN DVTV or else I would be suspended for calling Zack1324 filthy EVIL BASTARD LIAR. That’s NOT called two-faced woman as I may say anything about Zack1324, filthy shit butthead monster bastard here!! Our Heavenly Father, Holy Be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom Comes, Thou know who Zack1324 is, I plead Thee to take Zack1324 out of all the people’s sight as soon as possible because Zack1324’s appearance of demonic monster is really sore eyes to see. I’m sure that Thou know that Zack1324 will NEVER want to change into being a real good man because Zack1324 loves to be a demonic liar. Please take Zack1324 out of all the ppl’s sight as soon as possible, For Thine is Kingdom and the Power & the Glory Forever & Evermore, in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

For Ugly Evil-Spirited Monster FairyTales9 & Evil-Spirited Monster Zack1324

I thought that u understood the meaning of friendship, but I saw that u don’t undy the meaning of friendship. Both of u don’t like me, I’ve high expectation of u not to ask for my attention in DeafVIDEO.TV. When u want to get my attention in DVTV, u make urself look BIG FOOL IDIOTS. U should never want to get anyone’s attention especially whom u don’t like yet u two still love to get my attention. Whoa! Obviously u two still love my company & miss my friendship. DUH!! I’ll never look at both of u as my friend again. Oh I feel sorry for both of u that u miss my friendship. Go to Hell!

Does anyone of u love to watch magnificent Full Moon monthly?

I always love to watch all different moons such as Full Moon, New Moon, Half Moon, etc at the nights. They all are truly sooo breathtaking to watch!! Oh my!! I’ve always been crazy watching them almost every night. Sometimes I don’t see moon at the nights. Ugh pout Disappointed… I should not complain about not seeing the Moon sometimes because the most of the times of my whole life I watch different breathtaking Moons. Truly sooo beautiful!! Tomorrow will be Full Moon in North America! I still love to watch that moon which is almost Full Moon lately & later tonight!! mwahs xoxoxo w/all my eternal love Smiling…
Soheir, maybe tonight is ur night to see Full Moon? Hope so! mwahs xoxoxo w/all my eternal love Smiling…

I had to remove my same post & re-post my post today. sorry.

Then lo saelle? had his non-made sense in his comment about me embarrassing deaf members of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that I’m a “hypocrite” Christian. Oh please? Am I really a perfect woman like Jesus Christ? Huh? Of course not! That’s why I called his comment non-made sense. Anyway I had to remove my post because it didn’t show my profile photo. It showed anonymous photo. So here I had to remove my original post & re-post my post. Then I replied to lo saelle’s? comment w/my comment. Here’s my response in my comment.

Do u think that anyone of u all the people in the World is a perfect person like Jesus Christ? So I’m not a perfect woman. So u should expect to see me saying something that doesn’t please anyone’s eyes including our Heavenly Father’s Eyes. So what the hell u expect me to be? Trying to be perfect w/the hard heartened ppl & idiots like u? I always like to see that I always try the best I can be a pure Christian like Jesus Christ. I like to be socialized w/nice & sweet friends rather than w/stinky attitudes & thoughts like urs. ha ha laughing out loud…Smiling… U really need to learn to have better attitudes & thoughts than u had while u typed the words in ur comment. It’s ur first time talking to me w/that stinky thoughts. Hmm mmm interesting “meet” u for the first time w/ur stinky thoughts. What kind of a man w/stinky thoughts like urs while u talked to me for the first time? Oh boy! U’re not a real good & nice gentleman. No drop of blood of being the real good, sweet & nice gentleman in u. It’s truly very sad to see what kind of the man u chose to be. Stinky thoughts w/real very bad attitude toward meeting me for the first time. I do undy that u’re not a real brilliant gentleman at all. That makes u who u’re. Ugh pout Shaking my head… Oh before I go, do u think that everyone of all Christians is a perfect person? Hell no way! No one is a perfect person except Jesus Christ. Get a big picture yet? I sure hope so! Smiling… Oh one more thing, I’ll never leave CJCLDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) w/only six words) for any other religion. It’s truly very sad to see that u never have a testimony about the Restoration of the Gospel in CJCLDS that Jesus Christ restored His Gospel & Ordinances of the Priesthood back to the Earth; to His Church & Temple.

Always love Halloween decorations w/the lights like the beautiful beacon

Hello to much cooler weather in October

On a little higher elevation of the mountains here in the Desert the weather has been much cooler than “last month” in September. Soon it’ll be crisp cold in the Winter here. Pretty soon I’ll need to wear the warm sweatpants & warm sweatshirts instead of the shorts & cheap white V-shirts. Smiling…

For Charles, CHsASLDeafNews in DVTV

I’m truly very sorry that ur aunt & uncle left the Earth together at the same day? Huh? U said, “My twin sons & I are on the way to my aunt’s & uncle’s funeral. Did I get that corrective that both of them passed away at the same day? I like to share my condolences w/u about the loss of ur aunt & uncle at the same day? Ur aunt & uncle left the Earth at the same day is way so much for u to bear the grief about the loss of them all at once. U’ll see both of them, when it’ll be ur time to leave the Earth & be reunited w/them again! It’ll be joy to see them again!

Soheir, hello w/all my eternal love, hugs & kisses!

That photo of truly a beautiful woman beside ur username or screen name?, is that same beautiful woman u? No? I’m not sure whether that beautiful woman is u or not? Smiling… I see beauty in her face! Smiling… MWAHS XOXOXO w/all my love, my dearest sweet & beautiful friend & sis. Smiling…

Finnishman, it’s truly very sad to see that u’ll never learn to be a wise man like a real wise & sweet woman, Thumbup #2

Shame on u for not learning to be the wise man & I believe that u’ll never learn to be the wise man for the rest of ur life. I never talk to u in DVTV all because u’ve never be as wise & sweet as Thumbup #2

Funnyjoke, praying for u to get well as soon as possible

Welcome Autumn w/warm & nice feelings

I really love all four seasons except Mother Nature such as gusty wind here in my town.

Who’s Frekky? She’s Dawn Huffman; Freddy Krueger’s “sister”

Frekky is an evil demonic spirited (sister) of Freddy Krueger. It’s truly hard to believe that she’s a mother & a grandmother yet she has always been & will always be the evil demonic girlish woman. Shaking my head That’s truly gross & disgusted to watch what she loves to talk & always loves to troll on poor & sweet angelic Thumbup #2 & the other ppl like me. She acts like a real big evil demonic, wimpy girlish woman. That’s truly gross & disgusted to watch what she loves to talk about.

That’s how Frekky looks, when she said something. Can u imagine that she’s a real mother & a real grandmother? Huh? Do u see sweet in her facial expression? Huh? laughing out loud
Another photo of her, do u see sweet in her facial expression? Huh?

Congratulations to Thumbup #2 & Deaf People

Thank u all for making five hundreds posts here in Deaf People! Not only Deaf People, but Soheir who’s a real hearing woman who had her many comments left here in Deaf People website. Smiling… Bless u all! I’m embracing u all w/all my love & hugs! Smiling…

Mwah or Muah to u all, my friends

Smiling from ear to ear… I like for u all my friends knowing that I send u all my love w/my hugs & mwahs or muahs Smiling… MWAHS OR MUAHS!! Smiling…

Have a great Labor Day w/great feelings!

Can I have my great Labor Day w/o feeding all my feral cats/kittens & tamed cats & w/o cleaning their stools & urine in their litter boxes & all over in my both yards today?! While ago around two in the AM I had to feed them all & cleaned my tamed cats’ litter boxes because it was so nice cool in the early AM rather than in the day, evening & night. Oh about cleaning my cats’ litter boxes, I always need to clean their litter boxes many times during day, evening & night daily, too! Yes, of course I always need to use my flashlight, when I feed my feral cats outside in both yards. Only two places I don’t need to use flashlight are the front & back porches. They have the light right there. Smiling… Anyway Have a blast time at Happy Labor Day w/great feelings!! Smiling… I’m embracing u all Deaf People & outside Deaf People who click on the stars or “Like” w/my love, hugs & sisterly kisses! MWAHS XOXOXO Smiling…

Life moves pretty fast daily & now here’s September! Oh my!

Gusty wind here Ugh pout

One small tumbleweed came in my backyard Pout I had to pick it up by the stem then threw it in my trash barrel

We all need to stop & ponder on those poor ppl, children & animals who are helpless in Henry Hurricane & big & bad flood

We need to ponder why there had been big & bad Henry Hurricane that causes big & bad flood in many towns, cities & states. Oh my! Truly very sad to see that real big & bad flood all over the cities & states. pout w/my head down… Oh my! Truly very sad days & nights! Praying that our Heavenly Father will help many ppl, children & animals w/many good helping hands as quickly as possible. Oh my! Truly very sad!!

Checking oil & 50/50 Antifreeze/Coolant before going to Super Walmart Center tomorrow

I think maybe one of my two cars need oil & 50/50 Antifreeze/Coolant. I’ll need to check them first. As for the other car, I’ll ask mechanic to check what my other car needs & let him do his job anytime this week. Smiling…

cushions for any kind of indoor chairs

I took one of four cushions that was on one of two sofas since my cats haven’t used them for such a long time. I bought four cushions for them, but they don’t tend to use them. Interesting… I thought that they would need them, but no. ha ha That’s okay then it’s for me! I put one on patio chair. Oh yes!! SWEET!! I feel as if I sit on high chair. ha ha I didn’t realize how thick they’re. Nice to see that I’m sitting on a little higher chair than w/o cushion. I’m thinking about taking another one more cushion & put it on the same chair & see how I’ll feel about sitting on much higher than one cushion on that chair in a bit. Smiling… I was thinking about buying swivel chair lately. I changed my mind about buying the swivel chair. Trying to save $$ on many other things like fixing my two running cars. Buying swivel chair can wait later or maybe never, who knows? ha ha Smiling… I don’t believe that my cushions are for outdoor as they’re really more for indoor. My cushions look thicker than that one in GIF. Smiling… Oh I’ve four different colors. They’re blue, red, brown & green. Oh yes, each cushion has only one color. Smiling…

Hello to all truly sweet friends!

To all those who stop by here, click on “Like” & all “excellent” stars, I really appreciate ur precious time that u stop by here, click on “Like” & “excellent” stars. Ur precious time is truly appreciated so much. Thank u all for ur sweet thoughtfulness, kindness & friendly just for stopping by & clicking on “Like” & excellent stars!! BLESS U, EVERYONE OF U w/all my LOVE, HUGS & “SISTERLY” KISSES!! MWAHS XOXOXO W/ALL MY ETERNAL LOVE!! Smiling from ear to ear…

Always love to imagine myself as a singer

Always want to be a singer since my childhood. U see a singer signing “heart” that means she loves somebody. It’s possible that she loves all those ppl who listen to her song? Smiling…


Every time when I feel like to tune like “MMM MMM”, I always feel as if I’m on the higher level of joy & dancing. Tuning “MMM MMM”, imagining that I’m dancing on the floor in the front of our Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. I’m truly honored that They really always do love us all so much & much more than we can imagine daily. Every time I’m on the computer, I always love to tune “MMM MMM” w/my love that always takes me to the higher level of joy. Smiling from ear to ear… mwahs xoxo Smiling…


My hearing friend was here trying to help me w/my computer. I explained that I need to have my Chrome that works well w/Deaf People & Internet Explorer doesn’t work well w/WordPress or DP. He didn’t believe me because he thought that I.E. is the best browser of all. He was really stubborn & still wanted me to use I.E. for WordPress or DP. I told him that I had hard times w/I.E. in the past because there has different words such as “copy shortcut” in I.E. that wont work good w/WordPress or DP & “copy image address” in Chrome works great w/WordPress/DP. He wanted me to show the difference between Chrome & I.E. so I showed the difference between by clicking on, “Hello” in the first GIF on the upper & left side. Just needed to show him an example that I.E. wont show that GIF & Chrome showed that GIF. He was surprised & understood why I need Chrome for WordPress/DP He doesn’t like Chrome & likes Internet Explorer better. He wanted me to use Internet Explorer for DP, but I couldn’t use I.E. for WordPress. That one was just an example for him to see that I.E. wont work good at all therefore I couldn’t use I.E. ah Smiling…

Need to put the air in my car tires over & over again! Ugh pout

or my car might need new tires? Ugh pout Hope not so!

Smiling from ear to ear… Be grateful that today is SWEET Sunday!

Thumbup, Soheir & Funnyjoke,
U all enjoy ur SWEET & JOY Sunday w/my love, hugs & sisterly kisses! Smiling… Just have a BIG HOPE that u all have beautiful feelings of SWEET & JOY Sunday today! Smiling…

Smiling from ear to ear… Lets hug in a group before we go on w/our works for the lovely day!

MWAHS w/all my eternal love, hugs & sisterly kisses

Need to wash my clothes outside now

First I’ll need to have my clothes soaked in galvanized wash tubs for a little while before I’ll wash my clothes

Washing my clothes in five gallons pails? buckets? I forgot what other word for it Drat my bad absent-minded! Ugh pout Drat! Buckets or pails or whatever word I should have remembered by the way pails or buckets not one pail or one bucket as one pail or bucket is for washing & the other one is for rinsing. Smiling…

I wash my clothes w/hand tool

then I’ll have my clothes hanging up outside by my clotheslines

sorry, I tried to find GIF that we may see clothes moving a little, but looked for that for a long while that already wasted my time. Shoot! Drat!

Have a very lovely afternoon w/good & sweet feelings! MWAHS w/all my love XOXO Smiling…

Smiling from ear to ear… Hello to all of u w/all my love, hugs & kisses on the cheeks!

Smiling from ear to ear… Hugging u all & many more HUGS w/all my eternal love MWAHS XOXO Smiling…

Click on blue ‘Like’ with blue star on the below of every comment & on the post

even we may not like what we say. Never mind what we say, but just click on blue star with blue ‘Like’ on every post & on the below of every comment no matter what we say. I like to see that DP (Deaf People) gets as many ‘Like’ as possible so that should make DP look great! Smiling from ear to ear… Great idea? Smiling… I remember seeing that DP got something like five? hundreds ‘Like’. Oh wow! That looks great! I like to see that we try the best we can make DP look better than great such as fantastic or marvelous! Smiling… Come on, let us see another five hundreds “Like” as soon as possible!! Smiling… MWAHS XOXO w/ALL MY ETERNAL LOVE Smiling…

Ladies, what plans are yours today?

Ironyanko & Thumbup #2, I laughed at that cute & funny gif! Two women were awkward doing something like light exercise on their “footwork & arms”. They didn’t make their another foot to work like each foot should get the turn to work. One woman had her both feet to work & Both women didn’t have their one foot to work. ha ha They made me laughing. So which one are u in those three women? ha ha laughing… I sure hope that u’re a natural “dancer” or doing some exercises. ha ha Smiling… I strongly believe in that we need to make our feet working, suppose we may make our feet to work like walking around or doing very light exercise like that one! Smiling… Have a very lovely day w/great feelings! MWAHS XOXO W/ALL MY LOVE!

Helllloooo Ironyanko & Thumbup #2

Smiling from ear to ear… Oh my dear sweet Ironyanko & Thumbup #2 w/all my eternal love, hugs & sisterly kisses!!Smiling from ear to ear…
Hope u two are doing very well! Smiling… Life is so beautiful w/full of love!! Having love in the heart, mind & spirit is the most beautiful as I’m sure that u two already knew that!! Smiling…
I’ll need to go to grocery to buy the veggies, fruits & few other things then I’ll water the lawn w/the water hoses in both yards today as I’ve been putting off watering the lawn lately. Ugh pout disappointed. I hope that I’ll water the lawn in both yards daily from now on so my lawn will look much better, nice & cool for all of my feral happy felines. Smiling…
Lets three of us hug together!! Smiling… Lets have our beautiful days & nights w/our great feelings of the most beautiful love daily!! MWAHS XOXOXO BLOWING MY KISSES to both of u! Smiling…

Tired & Yawn

My dear sweet friends, I’m asking our Heavenly Father to watch over u all night while u all sleep like angel. May our Heavenly Father give u the strength, guidance, wisdom, comfort, heal u anything u need Him to heal u in ur physical & help u feel sweet peace w/joy & love. For Thine is Kingdom, the Power & the Glory forever & evermore in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen. Good Night, my dear sweet friends! mwahs w/my love xoxo Smiling…

Thumbup #2, this is for u, my dear sweet friend & sis. mwahs xoxo w/my love

Hope u feel much better today?! Hugging u & many more Hugs w/all my eternal love

My dear sweet friends,

Hope u’ve a real very nice weekend w/great feelings! As for me today all day long I’m going to water the lawn w/water hoses in both yards that’ll make my feral felines happy, when they feel nice & cool lawn & ground. I really need to keep my feral felines staying happily on my nice & cool lawn & ground in my property that’ll make me happy! Smiling…

Picked up all feral felines’ stools w/my left bare hand in my backyard Phew!

Good thing all stools are dry & hard! Ready for watering the lawn w/water hose in backyard in my one piece of cute & nice swimming suit tomorrow! Yay! Really can’t wait til I’ll wear my swimming suit tomorrow because I love to sprinkle the water all over me w/water hose! Smiling…
Enjoy seeing the pictures of cats doing their business? Huh? Smiling…

Always love being hugged

Oh shoot, I clicked on write that removed all what I said just a while ago. Ugh pout I should have clicked on “Publish” instead of “Write”. Drat!
Always been crazy about the feelings of being hugged as real good friends, “sisters” & “brothers” Smiling from ear to ear…
Thumbup #2, Buddha9 & Funnyjoker, hugging u all as real sweet friends, “sisters” & “brother” Smiling… MWAHS XOXO W/ALL MY LOVE Smiling from ear to ear…

Buddha9, aww so nice surprise!

Buddha9, Oh wow! Haven’t seen ur screen name for such a long time!! Really sooo great to see ur screen name again! Sooo beautiful to see ur screen name again!! How has ur life been treating u lately? Am I correct that school is over? Graduated w/a degree yet? Hope so!! I’m sure that u had been very good at studying & u should already get ur degree? Hope so!! Hugging u & many more Hugs w/all my love! Thank u for clicking on “Like” so Deaf People has few more “Like” now! ha ha Smiling… I like to cheer our sweet friend, Thumbup #2 w/some more extra numbers of “Like”. Oh yes! Absolutely u’re truly sweet person & friend, too! Smiling… Hope everything at home has been great! Being a Mom is not that easy, but am sure that u enjoy being the greatest Mom w/ur children! Smiling…

Thumbup #2 & Funnyjoker, hugging both of u, too! Smiling…

Love u all eternally, my dearest sweet friends MWAHS XOXO Smiling…

Hey, u know, u may click on “Like” all u want even on ur post & comments

From now on I’m going to click on anyone’s post & comments even mine so I like to see that Deaf People will have a lot more numbers of “Like”. Smiling…

From tomorrow on wearing swimming suit daily except Sundays Yay!!

Watering the lawn w/the water hoses in both yards in my one piece of sexy swimming suit. Smiling…

Vicki, Happy Birthday to u!!

Imagining me singing u Happy Birthday. I really wish u could imagine what I look like, when I sing u Happy Birthday! I really always love to sing my friends Happy Birthday. Always love to watch their facial expressions especially their beautiful smile & giggles on their faces! Smiling… I always love to sing Happy Birthday w/my voice & ASL because they’re hearing. I always want them to see my facial expression, when I sing them Happy Birthday! My dear sweet Vicki, ~ Happy Birthday to u! ~ Happy Birthday to u! ~ Happy Birthday to dear Vicki! ~ Happy Birthday to u! ~ Hope u’ve the best Birthday that u’ve ever have today!! Many more, better & sweeter Birthdays to come! Mwahs XOXO w/all my love

Are u ready to party?! Sure hope so! Smiling…

devilish grin always looks really so very ugly

Devilish grin is from evil (bad) spirit. Devilish grin ALWAYS looks sooo UGLY to look at. Whenever anyone shows real very ugly devilish grin, it means that that person invites evil spirit in the heart, mind & body.

When I’m outside watering the lawn w/the water hose, I always love to sprinkle the water all over me in my one piece of swimwear w/the skirt attached

Good Night! Sleep tight!



We’re here to welcome u here to truly warm friendly group. Smiling… Lets enjoy ourselves by exchanging our exciting news here. Smiling…


What’s ur most favorite word? Mine is Love

THUMBUP #2, Thank u for creating ur website! Bless u! So I plan to have many more images shown in many more posts. Smiling… Hugging u & many more Hugs as my real sweet friend, best friend & sister. MWAHS Smiling  from ear to ear…


This Monday I’ll need to do yard works before watering the lawn

trimming on the lawn by two different kinds of fence w/lawn shears

and trimming the lawn by the sidewalk, walkway & driveway with single wheel lawn edger

then will need to mow the lawn w/lawn mower sometimes this week. Smiling…

I washed all my underwear in different way like old time. Smiling…

First I had all my underwear soaked in galvanized wash tub for about more than half hr or an hr then I washed & rinsed in two five-gallons buckets

with a “washer” that has a wooden stick for me to use my hands to hold that stick & pump it on all of my underwear

then had them hung outside on the clotheslines exactly like that

Now I’ve all underwear cleaned. I’ll wash my many shorts this Monday or next week. Smiling… I had a long & nice day w/great feelings! Smiling…


I like to wear one piece of swimwear while I water the lawn & sprinkle water on me w/water hose, too!

I like to wear my one piece of swimwear while I water the lawn in both yards & sprinkle water on me w/water hose. Smiling…

Smiling from ear to ear… Have a glorious & blessing day w/great feelings!

Have been disappointed for such a long time about Goodwill (Thrift Store) closed

I used to buy several Country dresses at Goodwill in my town many, many yrs ago before it had been closed due to out of business. Ugh pout Drat! 😥

Bought three used shorts at Thrift Store, Salvation Army

I bought three used shorts at Thrift Store in Salvation Army. One of them is a little too big for me. Oh well? I’m thinking about using a belt for that a little too big shorts. Two other shorts fit me well. Each shorts costed me only one dollar. Nice surprise for me! I thought that each shorts would be about few dollars, but only one dollar!! Oh yes!! SWEET!! I saved a lot $$ on those three shorts. Smiling… Am not I wise to save a lot $$? Oh yes! U betcha! Smiling…

Clothes on clotheslines during windy

Have to wait til the climate is calm again before I’ll wash my clothes. I always love to have all of different clothing hanging outside by the clotheslines. Lately the climate has been windy. Ugh pout Yes, am very disappointed that I’ve to put off washing my clothes for some days. Big sigh… I see the weather online saying that tomorrow it’ll be windy again. Oh no! Oh well? Always have to have a lot patience waiting for the climate to be calm. Yes, of course I do have two washers, but I don’t want to use them because of wasting a lot of water (about thirty gallons of water each for washing & rinsing load) While I wash all different kinds of clothing in the five gallons buckets. Yes, of course I always need to throw dirty water each about a little more than several clothing. I think I save a lot of gallons of water from washing clothing in the buckets. Yes, of course I’ve three galvanized (silver tin) wash tubs for having all kinds of clothing soaked for about ten or fifteen minutes before washing them. Oh yes! Always love to wash them outside by the clotheslines! Have been missing to wash my clothes lately. Been waiting for the climate to be calm lately. Smiling… I don’t like to have all kinds of clothing hanging outside by the clotheslines during the windy. Forget it! Smiling… Yes, of course I do have a brand new dryer, but when I saw that I bought it by a mistake like it’s not gas dryer. Oh no! I forgot to tell a man that I want to have gas dryer instead of an electric dryer. Eighteen yrs ago I used it for about five times then quit using it. Yes, I wasted $$ on it, but hell w/it. Smiling…

My back is still sunburn & itches sooo much!


I still need to use my back scratcher on my back. My back is still sore from sunburn. Ugh pout Drat! Looking forward to seeing that the sore of my sunburn on my back is healing as soon as possible. Smiling…

Hey, Girlfriend, What’s up?

Hey, hope u enjoy ur day w/ur friends today! Smiling…

thumbup #2, did ur friends & u go out swimming in the pool today?! No?

Hope ur friends & u went out swimming in the pool today!! Lots of laughs & fun! Maybe ur friends & u missed swimming in the pool today? If so, oh no! Ugh… Smiling… Hope u all enjoy ur day w/great feelings!! Smiling…

Frekky & Zack who love to be narcissists