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edoedo’s question

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2 people worth watching at DVTV

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Deaf sexual assault survivor

Story here

Mario Lanza’s writing:

10 Troubling Moments in Reality Show history

10 Troubling Moments in Reality Show history (1)  (Image result for alex survivor amazon Alex,

Image result for Heidi survivor amazon Heidi,

Image result for Jenna survivor amazon Jenna and
Image result for Rob C survivor amazonRob C.)
and then there were the not-so popular kids, a.k.a. the red-headed stepchildren of the Jacare tribe

( Image result for Butch survivor amazon Butch,

Image result for Matt survivor amazonMatt and

Image result for christy survivor amazon Christy).

10 Troubling Moments in Reality Show history (2) 10 Troubling Moments in Reality Show history (3) 10 Troubling Moments in Reality Show history (5)

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Scary moments in Survivor: Related imageRelated imageRelated image

More of Mario Lanza’s writings

Facts about

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Deaf culture

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Not bad!!!

This Starbucks drive-thru allows customers to order using sign language

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Video of  Barista Helping Deaf Customer Goes Viral

Deaf quotes

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Nosy little bugger, aren’t you,

George Gregory Johnson


aka deafghOster?

Knowing who the husband’s wife is? 

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ΛƱƓ 30, 2016 · 4 DΛYS ΛƓѺ.
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Maybe you need to do something different beside going around being a spook?
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From me to you


Well! WeLL! Well! zack1324,

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around me ,eh?

Zack1324 followed you 1h

zack1324’s bitch deafghOster.

zack1324/collegegradued’s extra account in DVTV.

You found your long lost extra account in dvtv because you were Image result for animated gif nosey around Bulldog’s dvtv account. 

Sure went all yakkity yak on how you will have it removed as soon as possible. Almost 3 months has passed and it’s still there?

I see you had removed some comments, wimp!!!screenshot-www-deafvideo-tv-2016-11-21-15-37-05

Yeah! Good question,



frekky.. have fun with your tinychat roomfrekky.. have fun with your tinychat room   October 12, 2016

Are you sure you don’t have anger issues? I’m just saying cause you’ve gotten mad twice today.. once at me this morning and now with
are you okay? Are you sure you aren’t a bully? Because I recall you claiming you’re not a bully yet you literally forced him to remove his vlogs lol. How sad is that? Fairytales – no I haven’t forgotten about her. I did say I’d make a vlog at home. One last stop then I’ll be ready at home to use my purty desktop with 1080p webcam 🙂
Image result for animated gif pointing laughingYou, For you DeafBiker69 Frekky, forced bigbadwolfie to remove his vlogs?!! Not liking the ugly truth, eh?

Word of the day

perfectly described you, Frekky.
insane, mad, disturbed, unbalanced, unhinged, unstable, irrational;

crazed, demented,berserk, frenzied, lunatic, certifiable; non compos mentis;
touched, crazy,wacko, mental, psycho; batshit

You’re not really that funny, you know?

RE: Bulldog’s vlog-Get a life, Zack + Hacker = Hack

posted on Nov 8, 2016 in DVTV.  
Come on, Bulldog, are you serious?Deafspider’s vlog-Come on, Bulldog, are you serious?- posted on Nov 8, 2016 in DVTV. Time 00:52.
edoedo said hackers don’t talk about themselves hacking. Well, guess what? You wrong edoedo! Look at zack1324‘s vlog-Update-posted on Nov 7, 2016 in DVTV. Time 00:52.Update....
Image result for animated gif pointing leftzack1324 talked about making an unauthorized entry into GhostBikerX’s website along side with deafghOster who has lots of different account in DVTV. And bragged about hacking in GhostBikerX’s website. Stealing our emails to use for password entry? And look at your
disgusting Image result for animated gif tiny arrow comment Time oo:40 to zack1324.
edoedo? What the hell is the sign you used on oo:26 to insult Bulldog? Is it really a sign or did you just make it up? Give me the vocabulary for the sign! 
Don’t you ever fucking talk to Bulldog like this ever again!!! And another of your vlog for her, “Shh, be quiet, Bulldog” You stupid fucker! Don’t you tell her to be quiet! You fucker!!!
BTW. You’re a hacker too, edoedo. I saw the interesting comment at Rebelposts by AudiRS6 aka mau5 aka deadmau5 aka deafghOster aka George Gregory Johnson for you. It was about you hacking into DVTV. You quickly had all the comments at Rebelposts erased. Interesting, eh??
Remember this?
Nice Try>>>>>Attempting Kalilinux Testing>>>>>>>
klutz Uncategorized —
and this?
edoedo { I hacked this my own website, now I am learning a lot! } – Jan 24, 5:41 PM
User Avatarv7i { Play } – Jan 24, 5:34 PM
User Avatar SHARING VIDEOS { Play } – Jan 24, 5:09 PM
User Avatar v7i { Play } – Jan 24, 4:34 PM
About the “Video for DM”  


Why are you all silent about zack1324’s lies,
Image result for animated gif tiny arrow Time 00:10, by saying GhostBikerX crashed Th3Harold’s website?
And Image result for animated gif tiny arrow zack1324‘s command to Image result for animated gif tiny arrow deafghOster to go crash GhostBikerX’s website and deafwars?Image result for animated gif tiny arrow  Time 4:16 Why are you all silent about the fact I don’t own the website, deafwars?
Image result for animated gif tiny arrow Humble and Embrace the defeat BUT...WARNING: DeafWars and fake comments/statements July 18, 2016 and About DeafWarsImage result for animated gif tiny arrow About DeafWars  November 3, 2016.
Image result for animated gif tiny arrow Time 00:46
Look at this, from SuperDeafPride. Check this out…Posted on October 4 2016
Please check out those dumb websites! Enjoy!
DEAF WARS (Owner- Unknown) [Still working on to figure out who is/are owners]
DEAF VIDEO VLOGS (Owner- DeafBiker59) *CLOSED* (Because of Thumbup is destroyed it)
DEAF PEOPLE (Owner- Thumbup)
(Remember that you are in your own RISK to enter those websites.
You all did a lot of slandering, lying and damaging GhostBikerX’s reputation. Why? Because he let me play in his website? You bunch of sick motherfuckers!!! You all are a bunch of lying scheming fuckers!!! You all should go make it right! For shame!!!
Image result for animated gif tiny arrow Bulldog? You go girl!!! I got your back! Hang in there and keep on fighting back on those god damn motherfuckers at Deaf Video TV!!!

Damn straight!

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About you screaming.

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4 deaf NFL players

1. larryLarry Brown 1969 – 1976

2. Bonnie Sloan honored for being the first deaf player in the NFL. Bonnie Sloan 1973

3. kennyKenny Walker 1991 – 1992

4. flozellFlozell Adams 1998 – 2010

Finger spelling

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It was because of

schools for the  got started in

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All because of the book called

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 . fromImage result for disability history museum Image result for gif pointing right here.

In honor of DeafWhiteRose

Frekky the ugly medusa
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and the beautiful DeafWhiteRose