Yo Frekky,

Calm down, fat cow!!!Image result for animated gif cow mooin g


Got the source from

The name deafghOster used was George Gregory Johnson. The state he used was Iowa.

So apparently WordPress was given false information by deafghOster. The same with zack1324 giving false information to WordPress. Frekky, Leave his children the fuck out of it! That’s rather cowardly and low of you to include them in your vlog.

Leave the children the fuck alone!

Playing the victim, eh?


For Violet,

Image result for animated gif yellow youre welcomeImage result for animated gif shy blushingImage result for animated gif yellow youre welcome

Title:   I’m monster too 

Image result for animated gif monster waving aquacancer!

P.S. What happened to yourImage result for animated gif mouse pointing right?!!

zack1324, Remember what you said regarding my last Christmas?!!

You said, “Too bad if Deafwars.com got suspended and don’t throw it onto us. Its all about your and your behavior from past to present
Image result for animated gif pointing laughing I was the one who shutdown Deafwars!!! Here’s the proof! Image result for deafwars.wordpress.com

You also said, “Merry Xmas and I know it will be your last you got something big coming up….”

Image result for santa ho ho ho gifChristmas is ComingLooks like you lied! Last year’s Christmas sure was not my last, eh?!!!
Image result for santa ho ho ho gif You are one pathetic loser, zack1324!

zack1324, You asking what for IP address?

Time 1:05-Yup. I know it’s old news and I brought it up because Frekky said Time: 00:16. No proof from Frekky but I got proof, eh? So as Frekky always love to say 
Time 1:23~You asking me what I am trying to do? Image result for smiley laughing animated gif I am proving you were
fwd peggydixie please confirm your email address thumbupthumbup gmail com gmail 1.png 644×434
Image result for gif pointing upwhen you used 2matseattle’s email address to open an account at GFM. Bet you didn’t expect your IP address to show up on that, eh?!!

You gotImage result for animated gif busted!!!

So you still being stubborn about you taking me to the court which never had happened?

Still being stubborn I have 23 court records?


I was giving you a chance, to tell the truth, but since you won’t I will go make a phone call to the DA at Bulter, Missouri.

Own it up, zacky boy!!!

zack1324, Sup with you bitching at Pitman’s lady?

Image result for animated gif shaking my headSo hypocritical of you to be going around criticizing other people when you, zack1324, did the very same thing?!! Image result for animated gif pointing down

Making fun of my personal appearance, Image result for well then gif

Image result for animated gif pointing down

My turn to make fun of your personal appearance!

Image result for xray of a fat person showing fat around bones

The extra padding around your skeletal frame isImage result for oink oink gif

Check out aquacancer’s vlog!

Image result for animated gif mouseImage result for animated gif floating hearts goldNo killing! 


Fog Roof Champion!!!

Is that so deafsnake?

Wanted to talk about your post at DeafVideoTV.

 ~Yes, racists need to be exposed.

Needs to be exposed? Well, you better be sure you have the evidence and/or it’s true before you go running around posting something like it.

I say cyber stalkers at DVTV needs to be exposed including you!


Image result for criminalization of revenge pornThe website endrevengeporn.org, founded by Holly Jacobs, a revenge porn victim, campaigns for the criminalization of revenge porn and considers it to be a form of sexual abuse.
Related imageImage result for criminalization of revenge pornJacobs is also the founder of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI), a nonprofit organization that seeks to challenge cyber harassment.


Image result for animated gif looking up

You Frekky? You’re chicken!

Image result for animated gif excellent commentImage result for arrow pointing right gifDeafcanadadeafcanada Reply to Frekky
Image result for waving me me me gifImage result for i hate you animated gifImage result for animated gif fireworks shooting
Now done answered your 3 questions.
Come on Frekky, do you think that the people who really hate you will tell you the truth? Nah, they are scared of you because of what you’re capable of!!! Me? I ain’t scared of you, bitch!! You’re nothing!!!

P.S. Nothing new Frekky Image result for animated gif copycat

Image result for animated gif nopeImage result for animated gif wrong
Inline image 1

3 questions answered for JaysASLog

Image result for animated gif thanksgiving turkeyImage result for animated gif thanksgiving lines dividers

Image result for animated gif tiny turkey thanksgivingImage result for turkey yes gifImage result for santa yes gifImage result for yes christmas gifImage result for animated gif tiny christmas tree

Image result for animated gif tiny christmas tree

LOL at you zack1324!!!

Inline image 1

Peggy just sex harassed me in my email!

Peggy just sex harassed me in my email!zack1324 Aug 19, 2016

FunnyJoke and

Image result for animated gif get well soonInline image 1Image result for get well animated gifImage result for animated gif how niceInline image 3Image result for animated gif thumbs up
Image result for aww animated gif Sweet comment by Inline image 1

LOL! You the piggy fat cow, eh, Frekky?

Image result for zack1324Guess what came in my


Frekky has about more than 30 FB accts.

Image result for animated gif cow mooing

Image result for zack1324
 All these times you fat cow Frekky accused other people of having more than one account and now look at yourself!!

ShadowAngel’s comment,

Yeah, old news.

I want to add it is not just deafghOster. It is all of them!!! Frekky, zack1324 and deafghOster!

Image result for zack1324

More about, Looky here at Frekky lying

to deafghOster!

Image result for dividers lines
Image result for asl moreInline image 1Image result for gif pointing right Sweet memories of zack1324 and Frekky getting busted by Apple! 

Image result for arrow gif pointing downAnother lie by Frekky!
Image result for zack1324Yo deafghOster!
Image result for zack1324Don’t forget zack324 also did the same thing!

Image result for Remember this?From ‘s former website-Rebelposts-

Sep 1, 2016 – Kaboomyou owe me big onemuthafucker! by Mau5

Fairytales9’s hate crime toward Rayline

Before-Fairytales9 on December 7, 2016

Image result for animated gif fairiesImage result for animated gif pointing downAfterImage result for animated gif ugly fairiesFuglytales9

Fairytales9, Why upset about “best friend”? Image result for you jelly? gif

Image result for animated gif female puppetsVicki “s Best Friend Puppet Rayline brainwashed~Image result for animated gif brainwashedFairytales9~May 21, 2017 in ASL.  Image result for fuck you too gif you, Image result for asl bitch!

Image result for grow the fuck up gifRayline can write as much as she wants to and she can write anything she wants to! You mad because you’re illiterate!!!

wow that s you RayLine !!! Vicki puppets You!! ~  Fairytales9  ~September 21, 2017 in ASLInline image 2Image result for grow the fuck up gif

Image result for eric martinson - thumbupweb.wordpress.comEric Martinson and zack1324

 Rayline!Image result for yelling animated gifAgeism and name calling-witch bitch. Time: 1:56

Inline image 1Inline image 2

Image result for animated gif popping pills

Excuse me, Deafwormypride? Name calling

Image result for gif You


Image result for gif shaking my head The real reason you name called him is that you were gang stalking him because he liked me.

Image result for shame on you finger gif

You owe DeafinitelyGregg anImage result for apology

Inline image 1Inline image 2

What the hell?

Spiritual Warfare  


 zack1324 tomcatting around.


Yo Frekky ho!


Image result for gif ant waving hiImage result for gif pointing right Check this out!

Image result for tsk tsk animated gifYour own kids did not want to live with you!!! 

I can see why by the way you talked to your son like that!!!

, eh  ?!!

Image result for arrow pointing right gifand about truth.



Frekky and zack1324

Image result for gif pointing upSure explains why Frekky’s tongue hanging out of her mouth!!  More of deafsnake’s post

Alien visiting

Image result for calm down gifThe alien is probably checking to see if your door is still open. Remember this?

Image result for alien gif

I will make a phone call to zack1324’s

Image result for arrow pointing down gif

Bates County District Attorney at 1 North Delaware Street~Bulter, Missouri~64730~Phone: 660-679-4030 and I will send them a copy of zack1324’s video.

For HorrorX,

zack1324? Where are you? Are you hiding?

Related imageImage result for baseball gifImage result for baseball gif

Image result for animated gif smiley singingImage result for song take me out to the ball gameImage result for animated gif smiley singing

Image result for animated gif strike oneStrike 1. There are no 23 court records on my profile in Spokeo!! https://goo.gl/xzzUw7 Start telling the truth now!!! And stop gang stalking us!!!
Image result for animated gif Strike 3 youre outStrike 3. https://goo.gl/vJHcK6 You’re out!!!
My comment for zack1324 on his YouTube channel.

Image result for animated gif smiley baseball

Frekky’s (Dawn Huffman) silly vlog posted on Aug 31, 2017 for TDragon

Image result for lets party gifRelated imageImage result for lets party gif

Email for the owner of Deaf Video TV

My email to that jerk! Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com

For the operator of Deaf Video TV, Tayler (Brian) Mayer:

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comDoes one of your R~LIST only applies to Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comas an operator of your website  and it’s permission-able for your vloggers who’s known

to use your website

as weapons to post insulting, indecent, vulgar materials about the other people?

and threatening the other people who are not the operators of  are allowed by you, Tayler (Brian) Mayer for zack1324, EricMartionson, deafsnake, Frekky and DeafMermaid???


The lie is right here!

About Frekky’s

Image result for vlog

Many many many thanks? Probably to that   zack1324!

Time~01:00 Copycatting the whining from zacky boy, eh?

For Mr. Stinky UA,

Image result for thumbs up gif About your question, Image result for liar liar pants on fire>> this.

 Related imageImage result for preacher gif#9Image result for 10 commandment

Yo zack1324! Quit commanding your

to go   the other DVTVers!!!  Image result for leave them alone gif  your slanderous comment about me making a phone call

to the YOUTUBE Staff for that  I see you are still doing   Image result for When are you going to   that you are nothing but a 

Click here for>> evidence!!!

For Rayline, About the word-Witch

Image result for name calling Image result for animated gif ugly old hagHere’s the answer to your question.

zack1324’s post at  GhostBikerX’s website, DVVLOGS.

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com


Hey deafghOster!

Stop in boxing Rayline at DVTV! 

How dare you tell her to STFU!!!

 using my screen name and my picture for you to open up an
account at DVTV!!!

What you are doing is called  which is Image result for illegal

Look below of the example of what cyber stalking is.

Image result for yup gifThat’s exactly what you have been doing!!Image result for illegal


Related image, Frekky.


Very happy when get some laid?

Don’t forget what DeafMermaid had said before, eh? 

According to

DeafMermaid, I get laid a lot by sleeping with other women’s husband for drugs!!!

you, Fairytales9! 

Yo deafghOster, zack1324 and/or 666


 and/or 666.

 Image result for finger pointing down gif

zack1324’s comment for deafsnake.ATTN Vicki on your umpeenth DVTV account   deafsnake   DeafVIDEO.TV

The link of his went to this image. Another fake account in my name with my picture. 

, It’s spelled, umpteenth  not umpeenth.   Image result for slanderby you.

Huh, Dawn Huffman???

Image result for animated gif wtfImage result for animated gif i think not

Related imageImage result for animated gif pointing downImage result for hell yes animated gif

Image result for animated gif pointing rightImage result for animated gif pointing left

Holy crap!!!

Eric Martinson and zack1324’s


 Link 1

It looks like you,
 zack1324, committed


me by with the picture of me and my personal information.

As well as you, Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv EricMartinson and you again, zack1324 committed  

of    2matseattle by

with her email address.

Fwd It s only 1.00 to check out Raventg s photos thumbupthumbup gmail.com Gmail

EricMartison and zack1324,

Image result for Stop

2matseattle and her children! The bunch of sick freaks you all are! 

Still creating a false account at an online dating site for 2matseattle? Image result for animated gif dancing penisAroused again aren’t you boys?

fwd peggydixie please confirm your email address thumbupthumbup gmail com gmail 1.png 644×434

So funny what you said, zack1324! 

“12 months of anger management class. Good enough but need more than that. I think you should go to jail. Yes.”

andImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com

It’s you who’s not well behaved and I got no record, remember?!!

Grow the fuck up fat ass!!!  You too EricMartinson! Your mommy and daddy know you do shit like this?!!

Image result for gif oh Note this!!!

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comImage result for eric martinson - thumbupweb.wordpress.com

Image result for follow the yellow brick road gifImage result for gif pointing right Follow the yellow brick road!Image result for animated gif dorothy there's no place like home


Related image

For Willearl2,

Image result for animated gif raining cookiesImage result for cookies animated gifImage result for cookies animated gifImage result for cookies animated gifImage result for cookies animated gifImage result for animated gif raining cookies

2 people worth watching at DVTV

Related image

Related image


by another  here and a  there,

Image result for animated gif pointing left regarding 2matseattle’s Zacky Enquirer 

Here a there a Everywhere a !

OH my! zack1324 is all

Sad, eh?!!

More peeping in private groups at DVTV, eh deafghOster?

Evidence of breaking in private group at DVTV posted at

former website, RebelPosts by AudiR S6 aka


Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comwho got lots of different accounts with different screen names at Thank you Tayler for your support

This image is the video comment zack1324 made for Violet saying I was the one who kept breaking in the private groups at DVTV which is a complete lie and another lie he told was that I have five or so accounts at DVTV. I do not even have one account at DVTV. 
Funny thing is zack1324,

 Frekky and  Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com said nary a word about their friend breaking into the private group at DVTV?!! The evidence is right there yet they said nothing about it?!! Instead I was being blamed for it by them without any evidence.

Also the owner of the website RebelPosts, Harold Ambeau, said nothing about it too. Nice, huh? Himself a website owner too?!! And he had asked Tayler Mayer to let him come back to his website?!!

Well, karma got Harold Ambeau, AudiR S6 ended up crashing his website. Yup! Yup! That’s friendship, eh?

For Frekky (Dawn Huffman) – (Th3Harold) Harold Ambeau’s retaliation.

So you wanna go there then,

 Frekky? OK! Here goes!!!

Image result for animated gif looking at you up and down

GhostBikerX and edoedo  knew about me reporting to WP.

Image result for animated gif looking at you up and down

I told them. Look below what had happened after I told edoedo and GhostBikerX about my suspicion

 which I had narrowed down to either Image result for harold ambeau and/or th3harold Google Search (1)

 Harold Ambeau got mad at edoedo and GhostBikerX for agreeing with my suspicion. So he

Image result for retaliate

by posting videos at YouTube and at his former websitewordpress-com-your-blogging-home

with a code which will get people inside the Administration dashboard.

th3harold Google Search (1) said, “You are fucked. Your website not safe anymore” SEE? Somebody did get into the Administration dashboard and it was good ole Harold Ambeau who did it all these times.

edoedo had to shut down his website, SLVLOGS.  And later on GhostBikerX closed down his website too.

Harold Ambeau told GhostBikerX he will show him how to prevent people from entering the Administration dashboard if he throw me out and remove all my posts at his website when he opens it up again.

GhostBikerX emailed me told me that he is not letting me back into his website and all my posts was removed.

Harold Ambeau is the one who owns GhostBikerX and edoedo an apology.

Rather vulgar display of violence you’ve shown in your vlog. I shudder to think of your children and grandchildren being around you.

 asked me if I 

Yes I sure do! I still have my


For deafsnake, About

You are chicken shit, Frekky (Dawn Huffman)

 and so are you,

zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris Jr.) !

Frekky and zack1324, Image result for animated gif cowards


Both of you Frekky and zack1324, RepeatImage result for animated gif cowards< this  after yourself.

Image result for animated gif waving hand BTW Frekky, You won nothing you stupid fat Image result for animated gif cow mooing !


Take it easy,

 sleep goodImage result for cat snuggling in bed gif and Image result for get well gif

edoedo and zack1324’s questions on when will I

edoedo and zack1324’s death wishes for me.

Image result for animated gif die

Image result for animated gif skeleton come hereImage result for Scary stuff for Rayline, – DEAF VIDEO VLOGSImage result for animated gif skeleton come hereedoedo and zack1324, So you both Image result for when will i die? Image result for Scary stuff for Rayline, – DEAF VIDEO VLOGS,eh?

Image result for animated gif pointing upImage result for animated gif cryingImage result for animated gif pointing up

Image result for animated gif grinch smileImage result for animated gif skeleton pointing downImage result for animated gif shark laughing

Related imageWhy don’t you both go find out how much longer you got left to live here if you both are not Image result for animated gif chicken shit


For CHsASLDeafNews, Your

Image result for animated gif hell noShe’s a bully as well. Look at her rude comment to a fellow deafie. He has done nothing wrong to her.


Image result for animated gif you bitch




Yo Frekky (Dawn Huffman), You said

and you said that about your daughter?


Really nice of you zack1324!

It’s the 2nd time you pulled that shit on 2matseattle!

Why the hell don’t you and your groupies just leave her alone?!!


For Beautifullady63,

Related image

Image result for animated gif starI wanted to say I see nothing wrong with you saying no one is perfect. Frekky (Dawn Huffman) got no right talking to you like that.

Look at what they say about  like (This kind of mentally sick attitudes are very common: at the first simple disagreement the bullies tend to jump out with very offensive and intimidating online posts.)

Image result for pointing up That is so Frekky (Dawn Huffman), eh?!!

Image result for animated gif hugs

Image result for animated gif floating hearts

< for you, Beautifullady63.
Image result for animated gif blowing kissHang in there!

Image result for dividers lightning


Yo fat cow? Image result for animated gif cow mooImage result for animated gif shark hello  I see you got some trouble finishing your sentence. Here let me help you finish it, bitch.

Image result for amazingImage result for fantastic

There! How’s that?!!

Image result for bitchSeriously Frekky, you need to calm down and quit this unnecessary temper tantrum. 

Not good for the blood pressure. Think about how little Nuri will end up having no grandcowImage result for headstone huffmanoops I mean no grandmother if you keep up with this, ya know?

Image result for copycat
I see you copied zack1324’s sign for shut up? Lawsy me! Never have an original thoughts of your own, eh? Always copying other people.

Really, it’s not your place to be going around

people telling them to shut up. It’s you that needs to Image result for shut the fuck up

Related image Image result for animated gif cow mooStupid fat cow!!!

My post at DVTV for Superdeafpride. Note zack1324’s

See what zack1324 said? Tales after tales… He’s saying I’m lying.

OK. Look below. You will see the part about Humanish (deafghOster aka George Gregory Johnson)Add New Post ‹ deaf people. — WordPress (33) asking Superdeafpride to join his private group.

Look what deafghOster said? He is working for Tayler Mayer?!!

Geez! I wonder if he had got DVTVer’s IP and email address from DVTV dashboard and give it to zack1324 and Frekky?

And it is him that did sneak inbox to people at DVTV without show face and he use my sn name and I got blamed by the DVTVers that I did it. Even with out show face which is not proof!

See? I was telling the truth! 

Shows you zack1324’s lying when he said Tales after tales!

And telling the truth about Deafwars not my website too.



Rayline, About fn2178

Feeling like a fool

 Accusing us all, huh?!!

deafsnake’s Image result for animated gif pointing laughing comment for Frekky and EricMartinson



Image result for huh animated gifWhat a shame on you two support the pervert owner for the porn ads in his trash website! Shame, shame, shame on you two! – EricMartinson   May 17, 2017 

Image result for animated gif who meImage result for animated gif who me

 Porn on adsense Nice try – Posted on Jul 7, 2017 at 9:28 pm · by GhostBikerX

GhostBikerX,  For explaining !!! I have been wondering what the heck he was talking about!!!

 Eric Martinson?Image result for animated gif happy penis dancingImage result for animated gif dancing penisImage result for animated gif dancing penis

 Yo Frekky (Dawn Huffman)? You were saying?

Remember it’s your daughter, not me, ya know?!!

Image result for animated gif shark laughing

Porn on adsense ha ha ha YouTube

I can not tell a

Image result for lieImage result for animated gif it was me It was about


Image result for finger pointing up gif posted by you zacky boy when you wasImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com 



 The fucker who reported was me. Image result for gif yup yup


It’s true that

Image result for confession good for the soul

Why don’t you try it zack1324?!!

Whoa! Rayline look at

screenshot-webcache-googleusercontent-com-2016-11-15-19-10-30^his face!!!

Looks like zack1324 is a


at Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com by vlogger,

zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris)

Violet’s message for zack1324’s wife

Image result for animated gif oh myImage result for animated gif shame on youzack1324!

What the hell are you doing Tom Catting around the online dating site?


When Violet sent you a private in box message meant for your eyes only, you went and in boxed it to the other DVTVers in their private groups out of porn revenge (who use that private groups to hide like a bunch of cockroaches doing things they are not supposed to do)!!!!

By the way, it’s my personal opinion that Violet does not own your wife an apology for sending you the personal message of hers because she DID NOT KNOW that you are a married man!

sucio cerdo!!

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com/frekky

Image result for animated gif shockedImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com/frekky Image result for animated gif yesP220 is right! Image result for edoedo/deafspider needs to start Spending More Quality Time With Your Wife


for Rayline. Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com to Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com

Frekky (Dawn Huffman) the

Nothing new about Frekky copying everything that people do. She even copied her own son’s vlog about the word unique!!! Guess I should be flattered she copys every thing I say or do.

 for her postImage result for animated gif pointing down

One of the toxic people, DeafMermaid

Yoo Hoo, DeafMermaid!Image result for animated gif church Why don’t you ask your Image result for preacher animated gifif your comment about me is an acceptable christian behaviorImage result for deafvideovlogs

and also let your pastor know about <your vlog especially the part where you said I need to get a can of WD-40 for my private area because it’s rusty down there.

Another thing, why did

you not say anything about your boyfriend, zack1324’s lies about my brothers?Image result for deafvideovlogs

I showed you proof I never said my brothers died. But you did not say anything?  Well, lying by omission, otherwise known as exclusionary detailing, is lying by either omitting certain facts or by failing to correct a misconception. 

It means you lied and it’s violation of

Update with zack1324’s emails.

Image result for Just stop itImage result for Stop stalking


Check out more of the emails send by zack1324.