NeaLaugh’s question.

  It means HEART!

Stealing other people’s IP address?!!


zack1324, You sure are a


Lovely Violet’s vlog

Image result for america flag waving gifImage result

The Pledge OF Allegiance~violet  

Rayline, Take a look at what

HorrorX said!

Image result for who me? gif

Yo deafghOster! Sup? Did you do that?!!

RE: Cam light on still on? Posted on Sep 8, 2017 at 4:01 am · by HaroldAmbeau

Look at
‘s comments?  
It’s somewhat suspicious?!!

Who’s watching?
Tell me who’s watching.
Who’s watching me?
I’m just an average man, with an average life.
I work from nine to five; hey hell, I pay the price.
All I want is to be left alone in my average home;
But why do I always feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone, and
I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
And I have no privacy.
Woh, I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
Tell me is it just a dream?
When I come home at night.
I bolt the door real tight.
People call me on the phone I’m trying to avoid.
Well, can the people on T.V. see me?
Or am I just paranoid?
When I’m in the shower.
I’m afraid to wash my hair.
‘Cause I might open my eyes
And find someone standing there.
People say I’m crazy.
Just a little touched.
But maybe showers remind me of
“Psycho” too much.
That’s why. . .
I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
And I have no privacy.
Woh, I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
Who’s playing tricks on me?
Who’s watching me?
I don’t know anymore . . . are the neighbors watching
Who’s watching?
Well, it’s the mailman watching me: and I don’t feel safe anymore.
Tell me who’s watching.
Oh, what a mess. I wonder who’s watching me now,
(WHO?) the I.R.S.?
I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
And I have no privacy.
Woh, I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
Who’s playing tricks on me?
I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
And I have no privacy.
Woh, I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
I can’t enjoy my tea.
I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
I want my privacy.
Woh, I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
Woh, I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
Stop playing tricks on me
Woh, I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
Somebody’s Watching Me lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC


Did you see what

 Deafwomynpride said?

Image result for geez gifHer headaches are now 24/7!!! Time 01:26

Image result for how awful
I would get headaches every other week!  But since I moved to a different place, my headaches have not come back.
People suspect I might have had carbon monoxide poisoning from working in the basement and from the building?!!
Once a while I would get sinus headaches.

True Facts About Headaches InfographicCredit: The Facts on Headaches Infographic by Hosmer Chiropractic Health

Pax’s vlog and NeaLaugh’s comment

I don’t know how to be COWARD..? PAX   September 2, 2017

Check out NeaLaugh’s comment!

It’s you who’s lying much, zack1324

Image result for lines bars dividers

Is it true?

Image result for seriously animated gifImage result for animated gif puzzledzack1324 said people who were banned from DVTV are not allowed to view DVTV?Image result for seriously animated gif


 Image result for you jelly gif

HorrorX , zack1324 and edoedo.

Nope, you pervertedImage result for It's you 

Image result for your

Image result for repulsive and disgusting

You are the one who is addicted to porn, HorrorX! You’re nothing but a fricking pervert!

 Image result for animated gif wtfscreenshot-www-deafvideo-tv-2016-11-18-13-43-48 It’s you who’s a sicko and so what if Donald Trump is or isn’t gay?!! trump donald trump deal with it hay Some day we will have a gay president for the United States of America! 

No importance? No value?
Image result for really gif snl Well, remember this?
“it’s your journal, your expression and your experience of being cyber bullied by me and others”  BTW about your statement, “I will go find your doctor’s name.” Have you found it yet? And another, “I think you should go to jail.” Image result for animated gif nope 

It’s you who needs to go to jail for cyber stalking. I have all the pieces of evidence of you cyber stalking me and the others. 

Not real? Fake? No proof? Which one? Elaborate, please.

Image result for animated gif puzzledDPV? Deaf Pirate Video? ???

I never outright said HorrorX’s a retard and you know it! You got no proof whatsoever! Oh, wanted to ask.

Why is HorrorX such a Image result for perv?!! Hope he doesn’t hang around the playgrounds Related image?!!

Yup! I want your  ! Lots of  and many many more !!!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Here you go again making up stories! I never said Funnyjoke lied!!!

I said,>>>  Quit being such a perverter!!!

I see you and

still got a death wish for me, eh?

And to think you were planning on working in law enforcement?!!

Image result for animated gif whewThank god

Image result for dunce cap

you stupid,

Image result for animated gif laughing hystericallyImage result for animated gif laughing hystericallyImage result for animated gif laughing hystericallyImage result for animated gif laughing hysterically

No, willearl2,

having that fat ass ,

zack1324, calling you a
cookie monster!!!


Image result for animated gif bring it onImage result for animated gif bring it on

It’ll be interesting to see what your “childhood friend who’s a cop in my hometown” have to say about your buddy zack1324’s   regarding this and this below

When in truth there are no 23 court records on my profile in Spokeo and I so would love for her to check this out and this too as well!

How about this one where zack1324 encouraged the people at DVTV to do some gang stalking.Image result for animated gif you go to hell!

zack1324 encouraging other DVTVers to do

at Image result for


Image result for animated gif floating heartsImage result for animated gif thank you,

Rayline!!!Image result for animated gif blowing kiss

For Frekky (Dawn Huffman) – (Th3Harold) Harold Ambeau’s retaliation.

So you wanna go there then,

 Frekky? OK! Here goes!!!

Image result for animated gif looking at you up and down

GhostBikerX and edoedo  knew about me reporting to WP.

Image result for animated gif looking at you up and down

I told them. Look below what had happened after I told edoedo and GhostBikerX about my suspicion

 which I had narrowed down to either Image result for harold ambeau and/or th3harold Google Search (1)

 Harold Ambeau got mad at edoedo and GhostBikerX for agreeing with my suspicion. So he

Image result for retaliate

by posting videos at YouTube and at his former websitewordpress-com-your-blogging-home

with a code which will get people inside the Administration dashboard.

th3harold Google Search (1) said, “You are fucked. Your website not safe anymore” SEE? Somebody did get into the Administration dashboard and it was good ole Harold Ambeau who did it all these times.

edoedo had to shut down his website, SLVLOGS.  And later on GhostBikerX closed down his website too.

Harold Ambeau told GhostBikerX he will show him how to prevent people from entering the Administration dashboard if he throw me out and remove all my posts at his website when he opens it up again.

GhostBikerX emailed me told me that he is not letting me back into his website and all my posts was removed.

Harold Ambeau is the one who owns GhostBikerX and edoedo an apology.

Rather vulgar display of violence you’ve shown in your vlog. I shudder to think of your children and grandchildren being around you.

 asked me if I 

Yes I sure do! I still have my


Yo Frekky (Dawn Huffman), You said

and you said that about your daughter?


Whoa! Rayline look at

screenshot-webcache-googleusercontent-com-2016-11-15-19-10-30^his face!!!

Looks like zack1324 is a


at Image result for by vlogger,

zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris)

Yo deafghOster and your we, about

You  and your we, zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris)edoedoDeafMermaid, Frekky (Dawn Huffman)bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-07-522 Image result for

Image result for animated gif pointing downdid all of those.

I didn’t.


What record?

Image result for here's the proofImage result for it'sImage result for all

Image result for gif pointing down

Image result for gif tsk tskImage result for shame on youImage result for gif lie nose growing

Image result for time the wordfor you to

Either you’re lying or you’re mistaken.

edoedo,  Take a look at what DeafHawk62 said. 

ReplyTo:   zack1324
Title:   I’m hands off good night

Bet you already knew it and lied about zack1324 never saying any unkind things to Jokechamp when you made the post, eh?!

I’m just assuming which I shouldn’t do even though you all did a lot of assuming on me!

You know I still say Image result for edoedo/deafspider

because of your comment at 00:30! !! You lied along side with zack1324 blaming it on GhostBikerX for crashing Th3Harold’s website after Th3Harold told you all that it was not you, GhostBikerX and Shadowangel?!!

You a Jehovah Witness! People better beware of going into your website!!! You are not to be trusted at all!!!


Image result for psthumbupweb edoedo Google Search (1)Image result for edoedo/deafspiderImage result for animated gif shark laughing

(I send the link of this post to edoedo at his YouTube channel.)

Michigan Seems More Cooler Than Ky YouTube

Me play! Me play! Me play!

Image result for animated gif smiley raising hand me me me

Image result for animated gif albert edison thinking

Image result for pointing right

Image result for animated gif staring goat


deafghOster, You saying 666 is the one who

is using my screen name, Thumbup2 at DVTV and in boxing DVTVers pretending to be me?

Thumbup2   DeafVIDEO.TV

How do you know? Where’s the proof?

Tired of your shit brain too and you being zack1324 and Frekky’s slave!!!

BTW, I don’t do facebook.

Who me? Mental Crazy?

 are a pervert and you have problem!

TSK! TSK! TSK! HorrorX!

Image result for you pervertImage result for eek a pervert gif

Image result for animated gif chucky
Yeah right! Blame it on Chucky dirty! NO. It’s you, HorrorX, show dirty, you sick  

Email address for Jokechamp


my story part 1 – zack1324Jokerchamp my story part 1 – Jun 16, 2017

Only way I can think of was zack1324’s comment at DVTV Warning.   Link 1 Image result for that No need for zack1324 to get all dramatic, eh?!!

Rayline! Look at the

people sticking up for you against that liar

Image result for animated gif liarslyfox68!!!

Image result for animated gif cheeringImage result for animated gif cheeringImage result for animated gif cheering

Hey Slyfox68 SO WHAT !!Southside50 Jun 7, 2017

Just a finger! Waaaa! Just a finger! Waaaa! GoldenIrish76 Jun 7,2017

wowwow beautifullady63 Jun 7, 2017

Slyfox68 is ZOMBIE! Slyfox68 is ZOMBIE! Brooklyn Jun 7, 2017

Hey Slyfox68, come on!!!


Hey Slyfox68, come on!!! DeafHawk62 Jun 7, 2017Image result for animated gif cheering

< My comment for susanstr8



OOOOOH! Finnishman!!

 !deafsnake’s comment for Finnishman:
LOL you’re so stupid. You literally said “Animals can lie” but they can’t talk at all.  No wonder why you’re a dumbfuck!

Now I wonder no more!Image result for animated gif giggling

For 2matseattle,

Image result for finger pointing up gifImage result for finger pointing up gif





deafsnakeImage result for finger pointing up gifImage result for nope gif

Image result for pointing youImage result for animated gif puppet 

Look at yourself now, mobbing along side with them cyber stalkers. Vlogging shit about others who had done nothing wrong to you and the reason you did it was to Image result for gif kissing lipsEdit Post ‹ DEAF VIDEO VLOGS — WordPress (1) ass because you happened to be infatuated with her daughter Niki.


Deafwomynpride, Calling you a

You Deafwormypride are a pathetic piece of shit, cyberbullying Google Search

Rayline simply because of her religion beliefs!!!

Image result for animated gif leave her alone

Bullying and Stalking at


zack1324 said,

Image result for for shame gif


Santa Claus?

Image result for whew gifNo.


Time 4:07-No breaking and entering by me and GhostBikerX, you stupid fuckers!screenshot-www-deafvideo-tv-2016-11-21-14-34-34

screenshot-www-deafvideo-tv-2016-11-18-12-19-07Time 7:09-Lost Mac at F$%K DVTV. 


broken by Fucky, I mean Bucky, ahem I mean edoedo, oops Deafspider, no, it’s Bucky Raymond.

well well well well animated GIFscreenshot-mailvu-com-2016-11-19-05-31-29
screenshot-mail-google-com-2016-11-19-06-00-29Image result for animated gif interesting
screenshot-www-buckysvlogs-com-2016-11-19-05-33-11screenshot-deafwars-wordpress-com-2016-11-15-18-38-59Image result for animated gif puzzlededoedo 1 year, 11 months ago-I said no more FACELESS!
When I see any Deaf people’s faces then, I will always remember my promise that I will never let faceless join my website in again.

Mr_Anonymous aka Humanish aka AudiRS6 aka mau5 aka Deadmau5 aka deafghOster now aka Anonymous 13, eh?
You said,Related image
Thumbnailedoedo 1 year, 11 months ago-Are you two protecting Budda9?
Are you, too serious, take a good look at my video, I don’t want hear any more about Klutz and KGB. She has many different screen names that make me think she is just like Klutz and now. Drop everything and forget and that doesn’t mean she can come back.

Image result for lines dividers bars

RE: Bulldog’s vlog-Get a life, Zack + Hacker = Hack

posted on Nov 8, 2016 in DVTV.  
Come on, Bulldog, are you serious?Deafspider’s vlog-Come on, Bulldog, are you serious?- posted on Nov 8, 2016 in DVTV. Time 00:52.
edoedo said hackers don’t talk about themselves hacking. Well, guess what? You wrong edoedo! Look at zack1324‘s vlog-Update-posted on Nov 7, 2016 in DVTV. Time 00:52.Update....
Image result for animated gif pointing leftzack1324 talked about making an unauthorized entry into GhostBikerX’s website along side with deafghOster who has lots of different account in DVTV. And bragged about hacking in GhostBikerX’s website. Stealing our emails to use for password entry? And look at your
disgusting Image result for animated gif tiny arrow comment Time oo:40 to zack1324.
edoedo? What the hell is the sign you used on oo:26 to insult Bulldog? Is it really a sign or did you just make it up? Give me the vocabulary for the sign! 
Don’t you ever fucking talk to Bulldog like this ever again!!! And another of your vlog for her, “Shh, be quiet, Bulldog” You stupid fucker! Don’t you tell her to be quiet! You fucker!!!
BTW. You’re a hacker too, edoedo. I saw the interesting comment at Rebelposts by AudiRS6 aka mau5 aka deadmau5 aka deafghOster aka George Gregory Johnson for you. It was about you hacking into DVTV. You quickly had all the comments at Rebelposts erased. Interesting, eh??
Remember this?
Nice Try>>>>>Attempting Kalilinux Testing>>>>>>>
klutz Uncategorized —
and this?
edoedo { I hacked this my own website, now I am learning a lot! } – Jan 24, 5:41 PM
User Avatarv7i { Play } – Jan 24, 5:34 PM
User Avatar SHARING VIDEOS { Play } – Jan 24, 5:09 PM
User Avatar v7i { Play } – Jan 24, 4:34 PM
About the “Video for DM”

Why are you all silent about zack1324’s lies,
Image result for animated gif tiny arrow Time 00:10, by saying GhostBikerX crashed Th3Harold’s website?
And Image result for animated gif tiny arrow zack1324‘s command to Image result for animated gif tiny arrow deafghOster to go crash GhostBikerX’s website and deafwars?Image result for animated gif tiny arrow  Time 4:16 Why are you all silent about the fact I don’t own the website, deafwars?
Image result for animated gif tiny arrow Humble and Embrace the defeat BUT...WARNING: DeafWars and fake comments/statements July 18, 2016 and About DeafWarsImage result for animated gif tiny arrow About DeafWars  November 3, 2016.
Image result for animated gif tiny arrow Time 00:46
Look at this, from SuperDeafPride. Check this out…Posted on October 4 2016
Please check out those dumb websites! Enjoy!
DEAF WARS (Owner- Unknown) [Still working on to figure out who is/are owners]
DEAF VIDEO VLOGS (Owner- DeafBiker59) *CLOSED* (Because of Thumbup is destroyed it)
DEAF PEOPLE (Owner- Thumbup)
(Remember that you are in your own RISK to enter those websites.
You all did a lot of slandering, lying and damaging GhostBikerX’s reputation. Why? Because he let me play in his website? You bunch of sick motherfuckers!!! You all are a bunch of lying scheming fuckers!!! You all should go make it right! For shame!!!
Image result for animated gif tiny arrow Bulldog? You go girl!!! I got your back! Hang in there and keep on fighting back on those god damn motherfuckers at Deaf Video TV!!!

Yeah! You go, GhostBikerX!!!

Image result for animated gif good jobRobert RutherfordGhostBikerX!!!
Related imageI agree with you! It was so much fun mind fucking them!!! 

Shows what these people are capable of when they’re mad, eh? And it also shows BulldogBulldog was right!!!
Image result for animated gif fishingI Lied LOL I Got You HAHAHAHA

Image result for animated gif fish swimming

Homophobia at DVTV

Image result for rainbow lines

screenshot-www-deafvideo-tv-2016-11-18-12-19-07Image result for animated gif yayscreenshot-www-deafvideo-tv-2016-11-18-12-17-26Image result for animated gif wtfscreenshot-deafwars-wordpress-com-2016-11-18-12-32-09Image result for explain this shit

screenshot-www-deafvideo-tv-2016-11-18-13-43-48So what if he is or isn’t? Someday we will have gay president for the
United States of America.
trump donald trump deal with it hayRelated image

One of the vloggers from DVTV said that?

Image result for good grief

Image result for unbelievable wordThat’s some sick bubble going on over at DVTV for sure!