What Frekky wants to do to me

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Image result for Really?
You, Frekky, want to Related image burn me
with your cigarette?!! Image result for cigarette burn gif


Re: Apple speaking the hard truth about Frekky

Related image Dumped her 2 children at an institution?!!

Image result for bye bye animated gifImage result for that is sad animated gifImage result for animated gif shaking my head

Image result for home The only time the children get to    is ?!!

Image result for what gif No visitation with their father?!!
Image result for that is so wrong gifImage result for animated gif huh?

Image result for whoa animated gif  Frekky!

Never in a million years will I understand how a mother could lie something like that about their children’s father. 
Image result for animated gif uh ohImage result for how embarrassingThe children wanted to live with their father not their motherCome To Daddy GIF - MrAndMrsSmith ComeToDaddy BradPitt GIFs

Image result for animated gif huh?Image result for mom doesn t care

Image result for animated gif i love happy endings!Image result for animated gif hearts floatingKiss Mama June GIF - Kiss MamaJune HoneyBooBoo GIFs

Frekky, Lo Saelee and zack1324

Yoo Hoo Frekky! Remember


For Frekky (Dawn Huffman) – (Th3Harold) Harold Ambeau’s retaliation.

Here’s one more you missed.Image result for animated gif pointing down

Image result for animated gif halloween you're welcome

Apple speaking the hard truth about Frekky

Image result for animated gif WoohooRelated imageApple!  Image result for animated gif you go dude

Image result for animated gif sad face  Image result for animated gif giggling

Related imagePardon his French!

Yup. Frekky lies. Big time! So does zack1324, Harold Ambeau and surprising, deafsnake too.


Check out DeafPowerPitman’s vlog.

There’s a lot of people who are gloating sadists. Many of them would get off on it if their harassment drove the person being cyberbullied into actually killing themselves

Yo Frekky,

Calm down, fat cow!!!Image result for animated gif cow mooin g


Got the source from

The name deafghOster used was George Gregory Johnson. The state he used was Iowa.

So apparently WordPress was given false information by deafghOster. The same with zack1324 giving false information to WordPress. Frekky, Leave his children the fuck out of it! That’s rather cowardly and low of you to include them in your vlog.

Leave the children the fuck alone!


For zack1324 and Re: yo deafgh0ster, seriously… Frekky September 26, 2017 in ASL

zack1324, You said you already have seen the person?

!!! You have seen? I don’t think so! Image result for Busted 
Image result for holy crap gif It’s you and Frekky who own this account after all!! Not

For sure it’s Frekky’s and zack1324’s account!!!

Image result for FrekkyGal68Image result for FrekkyGal68

Yo Frekky,
Try not to ruin your grandson’s life, will you? What are you doing over there, anyway? Sitting around doing nothing all day imposing on their life? 
Bad mother and bad grandmother!

Image result for animated gif hypocriteImage result for animated gif pointing leftImage result for blah blah blah animated gif to  !!! Frekky, You were the one using deafghOster to do your dirty work, remember? zack1324 too!

Image result for huh? animated gif Time 00:22 , Frekky said, “Even I am not a member there. I don’t know. I don’t know why I am no longer a member there.”   Seriously, You don’t know?!! 
00:36~“Please don’t assume”   Image result for laughing gif You’re the fattest ASSumer of all in DVTV regarding me! zack1324 too!
00:52~Image result for are you fucking kidding me?animated gif
 His madness?!! Image result for oh please gif What about your and zack1324’s madness?
Time to stop?!! Image result for you're unbelievable animated gif Image result for excuse me? animated gifYou and zack1324 are the ones who need to stop!

01:06~Frekky,  you are ordering deafghOster to cyber stalk me?!! 

  Image result for pointing laughing animated gif What about yourself, Frekky? You did the same thing to me in the beginning on DVTV!!!


You and zack1324 have the habit of ordering other DVTVers to go do me damage over and over and over, eh?!!

Here’s another example. Time 04:19~SADDLEGOOSE~Frekky   January 15, 2017 in ASL

  much, eh, Frekky?!!

By the way Frekky ho, Image result for karma bit you in the ass

Related image

See? Told you Frekky keeps getting stupider!!!

Image result for lines dividers black

Image result for grossed out face YUK!!!

Inline image 1

True that! I refused to remain silent!

Image result for lines dividers black

Look at Frekky trying to silence someone. zack1324 does the same thing!

Then there’s them discrediting me.


Image result for animated gif looking up

You Frekky? You’re chicken!

Image result for animated gif excellent commentImage result for arrow pointing right gifDeafcanadadeafcanada Reply to Frekky
Image result for waving me me me gifImage result for i hate you animated gifImage result for animated gif fireworks shooting
Now done answered your 3 questions.
Come on Frekky, do you think that the people who really hate you will tell you the truth? Nah, they are scared of you because of what you’re capable of!!! Me? I ain’t scared of you, bitch!! You’re nothing!!!

P.S. Nothing new Frekky Image result for animated gif copycat

Image result for animated gif nopeImage result for animated gif wrong
Inline image 1

LOL! You the piggy fat cow, eh, Frekky?

Image result for zack1324Guess what came in my


Frekky has about more than 30 FB accts.

Image result for animated gif cow mooing

Image result for zack1324
 All these times you fat cow Frekky accused other people of having more than one account and now look at yourself!!

ShadowAngel’s comment,

Yeah, old news.

I want to add it is not just deafghOster. It is all of them!!! Frekky, zack1324 and deafghOster!

Image result for zack1324

More about, Looky here at Frekky lying

to deafghOster!

Image result for dividers lines
Image result for asl moreInline image 1Image result for gif pointing right Sweet memories of zack1324 and Frekky getting busted by Apple! 

Image result for arrow gif pointing downAnother lie by Frekky!
Image result for zack1324Yo deafghOster!
Image result for zack1324Don’t forget zack324 also did the same thing!

Image result for Remember this?From ‘s former website-Rebelposts-

Sep 1, 2016 – Kaboomyou owe me big onemuthafucker! by Mau5

Sweet memories of zack1324 and Frekky getting busted by Apple!

Tayler   Frekky   DeafVIDEO.TV (3)
Tayler   Frekky   DeafVIDEO.TVTayler   Frekky   DeafVIDEO.TV (1)

Holy crap! 😲 zack1324 himself said the sole purpose of him setting up this group Drafts 379 thumbupthumbup gmail.com Gmail (1) alongside with  Frekky is to cyberbully 2matSeattle!!!
pathetic Google Search!!!

Yo Frekky ho!


Image result for gif ant waving hiImage result for gif pointing right Check this out!

Image result for tsk tsk animated gifYour own kids did not want to live with you!!! 

I can see why by the way you talked to your son like that!!!

, eh  ?!!

Image result for arrow pointing right gifand about truth.



Frekky and zack1324

Image result for gif pointing upSure explains why Frekky’s tongue hanging out of her mouth!!  More of deafsnake’s post

Yo zack1324, About your


vlog~Time 1:07 ‘s post at DVTV Image result for don't be pointing your  finger at me for you, zack1324

So don’t be pointing your fat finger at me. Like I said before,

Image result for 2 can play the same gameImage result for understand gif

Anyway, Frekky started the whole ugly mess by blabbing a fake story about her son and daughter, made a vlog for someone bitching about whoever said her son and his baby mama are both cousins and this!!!

So there’s

but Frekky herself.

Alien visiting

Image result for calm down gifThe alien is probably checking to see if your door is still open. Remember this?

Image result for alien gif

For Frekky,

Hey deafghOster and/or zack1324!!!

Remember your comment for me


Yo Frekky! Time 00:15

Image result for animated gif oh really? ReplyTo: zack1324

Related imageImage result for animated gif ok wanna go there?Remember the comment you made about your son and daughter doing the nasty? Heard Pope’s baby mama and he are cousins? And finally this.

Image result for animated gif well well wellImage result for looks like

Yo Frekky, Regarding your daughter…Time 00:29


Frekky’s (Dawn Huffman) silly vlog posted on Aug 31, 2017 for TDragon

Image result for lets party gifRelated imageImage result for lets party gif


The lie is right here!

HUH? Rayline?


Image result for i don't think so gif

Rayline is dressed, her hair’s combed and her face looks freshly washed!
Now, the definition of slothImage result for sloth sin examples applies to Frekky! Look at her! Hardly ever dressed!

LOLWhere is Trump when Hurricane Harley occurred?Found a linkOh you felt the sting? pitmanfinnishmanYou deafsnake YouImage result for sloth sin examplesImage result for i rest my case

About Frekky’s

Image result for vlog

Many many many thanks? Probably to that   zack1324!

Time~01:00 Copycatting the whining from zacky boy, eh?


Related image, Frekky.

Huh, Dawn Huffman???

Image result for animated gif wtfImage result for animated gif i think not

Related imageImage result for animated gif pointing downImage result for hell yes animated gif

Image result for animated gif pointing rightImage result for animated gif pointing left

LOL! zack1324’s post at

 Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com

Image result for you idiots gif

All my vlogs were my responses for DVTVers who vlogged about me while blocking me from leaving my comments under their vlogs!

Including you chicken shit, zack1324 and Frekky!!!

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com zack1324  Archie  Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com

  HorrorX  Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com Frekky   Joan images-2 Bearon  miapotsky

Evidence of breaking in private group at DVTV posted at

former website, RebelPosts by AudiR S6 aka


Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comwho got lots of different accounts with different screen names at Thank you Tayler for your support

This image is the video comment zack1324 made for Violet saying I was the one who kept breaking in the private groups at DVTV which is a complete lie and another lie he told was that I have five or so accounts at DVTV. I do not even have one account at DVTV. 
Funny thing is zack1324,

 Frekky and  Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com said nary a word about their friend breaking into the private group at DVTV?!! The evidence is right there yet they said nothing about it?!! Instead I was being blamed for it by them without any evidence.

Also the owner of the website RebelPosts, Harold Ambeau, said nothing about it too. Nice, huh? Himself a website owner too?!! And he had asked Tayler Mayer to let him come back to his website?!!

Well, karma got Harold Ambeau, AudiR S6 ended up crashing his website. Yup! Yup! That’s friendship, eh?

Frekky ReplyTo: deafsnake


Is it jealousy, deafghOster?

 Remember your comments at Image result for gif pointing down

First you wrote me this nice Image result for arrow pointing upcomment. Then you again leave me

Image result for animated gif what was that about?Image result for animated gif dr jekyll and mr hyde

anotherRelated image comment. !!! Surprise attack by you!

Image result for arrow pointing upand Image result for gif what the hell is your problem?

You get jealous if other deaf people own a website? Or since you said you are working for

 Image result for gif pointing down

did Tayler Mayer tell you to go around crashing other deaf people’s website and/or to harass other deaf people who owns a websites?!!

I find it really strange that Tayler (Brian) Mayer would have you work for him when it’s well known you’re a hacker and you have made a lot of threats against us deaf people.

It’s the  Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv which are you, George Gregory JohnsonImage result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv,  zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris, Jr.),

Frekky (Dawn Huffman),

DeafMermaid Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv(Karen) and Eric Martinson Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv

who are the ones who should go to jail not me and/or Avas!

P.S. Wonder if you Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotvImage result for gif pointing laughing still think Buddha9 is Megan Anderson?!! 

For Frekky (Dawn Huffman) – (Th3Harold) Harold Ambeau’s retaliation.

So you wanna go there then,

 Frekky? OK! Here goes!!!

Image result for animated gif looking at you up and down

GhostBikerX and edoedo  knew about me reporting to WP.

Image result for animated gif looking at you up and down

I told them. Look below what had happened after I told edoedo and GhostBikerX about my suspicion

 which I had narrowed down to either Image result for harold ambeau and/or th3harold Google Search (1)

 Harold Ambeau got mad at edoedo and GhostBikerX for agreeing with my suspicion. So he

Image result for retaliate

by posting videos at YouTube and at his former websitewordpress-com-your-blogging-home

with a code which will get people inside the Administration dashboard.

th3harold Google Search (1) said, “You are fucked. Your website not safe anymore” SEE? Somebody did get into the Administration dashboard and it was good ole Harold Ambeau who did it all these times.

edoedo had to shut down his website, SLVLOGS.  And later on GhostBikerX closed down his website too.

Harold Ambeau told GhostBikerX he will show him how to prevent people from entering the Administration dashboard if he throw me out and remove all my posts at his website when he opens it up again.

GhostBikerX emailed me told me that he is not letting me back into his website and all my posts was removed.

Harold Ambeau is the one who owns GhostBikerX and edoedo an apology.

Rather vulgar display of violence you’ve shown in your vlog. I shudder to think of your children and grandchildren being around you.

 asked me if I 

Yes I sure do! I still have my


For deafsnake, About

You are chicken shit, Frekky (Dawn Huffman)

 and so are you,

zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris Jr.) !

Frekky and zack1324, Image result for animated gif cowards


Both of you Frekky and zack1324, RepeatImage result for animated gif cowards< this  after yourself.

Image result for animated gif waving hand BTW Frekky, You won nothing you stupid fat Image result for animated gif cow mooing !

Red texts is my response for

About Zacky – by deafsnake

Hello, I want to talk about Zacky.  Vicki, I have to agree with him. Sorry to be honest with you. Reason? He has provided plenty of evidence and you have shown little or none

He has provided tons of links, and plenty of images.  Yet, you call him a pathological liar when the evidence is right there about you.

Image result for again

You even called me, ME, a retard. Image result for animated gif pointing rightImage result for animated gif smiley baby laughing I just love Jack Nicholson!!!
Image result for anyway moving on
You whining? How about your vlogs at at DVTV:  
About Vicki/Rayline/Religion and Pope-May 01, 2017
Hey Vicki-May 13, 2017
Vicki… how is Frekky a bad mother exactly?-May 14, 2017
Vicki, are you sure Frekky has emotional issues?-May 14, 2017
Oh Vicki! So you lied about Frekky lol-May 15, 2017
LOL Vicki… Me dumb? and Frekky’s looksMay 16, 2017
Vicki, why would you inbox me about edodo?May 17, 2017
Vicki, you’re just grasping at straws-May 18, 2017
What I learned from Frekky: Vicki hates the disabledMay 18, 2017
To Vicki/Rayline: Aw you cant understand me?May 19, 2017
Vicki, Your English grammar sucks.-May 19, 2017
Vicki, still whining about no text?-May 21, 2017
Sorry, Vicki, Whining isnt facts-May 21, 2017
Attn: Vicki aka ThumbDown2-May 30, 2017-As I said> before

You’re a religious hypocrite Image result for who me gifI’m religious?!! like most of these members over at DVTV, you know over there on the site. but at least I’m honest on who people are. 

Zack isn’t even a hypocrite. Yes, we disagree on some topics in private groups at DVTV but I know him well enough not to lie about stuff like thisSorry to burst your bubble but zack1324 lies!

Image result for oh yeah He lies big time!!! We respect each other enough to know where we both stand.

Too bad you’ll never see what we talked about in private groups. I could carelessThere’s a lot of good discussion over there. It’s funny how you claim you dont twist, lie and among several things yet you called Image result for huh gifImage result for show me gifGhostbikerX a hacker Image result for show me the proof

I said it!!! with the other Ghost. You mean deafghOster  (George Gregory Johnson) I said he’s a hacker because he is a hacker.

You’ve accused them, edodo, Harold and Budda9

 Image result for animated gif huh? Buddha9? I don’t think so!!! of conspiring

LOL!?!! Rather to help Frekky

That’s Frekky so the> operational word would be teammates, eh?!! and Zacky deal with you. Do you realize how crazy and stupid that sounds?

You realize that GhostbikerX isn’t very smart just average because he admitted he’s not good at reading Image result for excuse me?

You are measuring people’s intelligent on how well they know the English language? Hells Bells! There’s people who know English language very well yet are so stupid like you. No offense. Just being honest...Sometimes he needs help reading stuff like my posts here at DVV. That’s why he has his wife to help him on reading certain things.  If you believe you’re telling the truth why not record yourself going through that website, showing the evidence? What truth are you looking for? How about you go through my websites slowly so you can see for yourself? I said slowly because it seems you keep misunderstanding everything I said. And it’s possible you know everything they say is a lie yet not accepting the truth?

That’s all you needed to do.  Again, you’re crazy and a hypocrite. I think the same way about you. How about that! We got something in common!

Zack, a cyberstalker? According to this he is and so is Frekky, DeafMermaid, edoedo and deafghOster. Let’s see… you’ve stalked me, Zack, Frekky, GhostbikerX and DVTV. How so? You’ve gone to Frekky’s fb…Likely KJ’s fb too. Facebook me? LOL! I don’t think so!!! I don’t do facebook!!! What does that say about you? Well, how about what does it say about you following the herd believing everything they say without proof?

(Zack, I couldn’t find a good image of you as a thumbnail so I had to pull one from google.com. So forgive me) Of course you couldn’t find a good image of zack1324 because he’s got the ugliest soul of anybody I’ve ever seen!

Posted on Jul 18, 2017 at 1:28 pm · by

Image result for animated gif who me?

Image result for eye rollingImage result for eye rolling The baby’s a he? My bad! I thought he was a she! Me attack the baby?!! Image result for animated gif i think not

How would you feel if I went, “hey, hey I heard that your father sexually touched your children or your sister or relative?” 
Image result for animated gif laughing

<Probably will feel the same way when you went:
 You’re worse. You knew JokeChamp needed an assistant so he could go do his day to day activities, but you could care less.. What you just want is playing with his fragile feelings enough to break him.  He’s very very emotionally unstable when it comes to love.  You have none to offer him. You just want to break him… Imagine him as this water balloon, You just want to squeeze him until all the water come out to the point he’s emotionally dry on the inside.  You have no respect for these with special needs.
Related image you will use him to buy trash, other stuff just so you don’t have to do a damn thing in your house. You’d only want to take away his special equipment, and confine him to some areas of your house until you’re ready to buy more trash
Image result for animated gif laughing  Vicki isn’t someone you want for a woman that’s already past over the hill. You need a mature woman that’s clean. Someone who doesn’t have an extensive criminal record. (Zack’s words not mine) Someone who’s not a druggie snorting cocaine and doing meth (Yo deafsnake, Got any evidence I have extensive criminal record? Got any evidence I’m a druggie snorting coke and tweeking?)
Image result for animated gif laughing You’ve been using JokeChamp for your own benefits
you don’t have any evidence that Nikki’s father sexually touched her 

, eh  ?!!
Image result for playing harp animated gifDid you tell your daughter she liked it?Image result for playing harp animated gifFrekky’s reply to EricMartinson
Image result for animated gif oh really? Frekky was when it came to you involving her children and now her grandson

Related imageImage result for arrow pointing right gif

My mother’s by Frekky.

Yo Frekky (Dawn Huffman), You said

and you said that about your daughter?


For Beautifullady63,

Related image

Image result for animated gif starI wanted to say I see nothing wrong with you saying no one is perfect. Frekky (Dawn Huffman) got no right talking to you like that.

Look at what they say about  like (This kind of mentally sick attitudes are very common: at the first simple disagreement the bullies tend to jump out with very offensive and intimidating online posts.)

Image result for pointing up That is so Frekky (Dawn Huffman), eh?!!

Image result for animated gif hugs

Image result for animated gif floating hearts

< for you, Beautifullady63.
Image result for animated gif blowing kissHang in there!

Image result for dividers lightning


Yo fat cow? Image result for animated gif cow mooImage result for animated gif shark hello  I see you got some trouble finishing your sentence. Here let me help you finish it, bitch.

Image result for amazingImage result for fantastic

There! How’s that?!!

Image result for bitchSeriously Frekky, you need to calm down and quit this unnecessary temper tantrum. 

Not good for the blood pressure. Think about how little Nuri will end up having no grandcowImage result for headstone huffmanoops I mean no grandmother if you keep up with this, ya know?

Image result for copycat
I see you copied zack1324’s sign for shut up? Lawsy me! Never have an original thoughts of your own, eh? Always copying other people.

Really, it’s not your place to be going around

people telling them to shut up. It’s you that needs to Image result for shut the fuck up

Related image Image result for animated gif cow mooStupid fat cow!!!

Yo Frekky (Dawn Huffman)! Tell me exactly what

I have been saying about you? 

Image result for animated gif lie nose growing I’ll show you your lies about me.

Image result for evidence

Image result for deafwars.wordpress.com

Related imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

Image result for pointing up animated gifImage result for animated gif shame on you

About the harassing/talking,

Check out the comments by deafghOster and me.


EW! More copycat action by Frekky (Dawn Huffman)

 Image result for copycatAgain and again and again can’t think of anything for yourself, eh Frekky?!!

P.S. Image result for animated gif fuck you tooTOO!



Image result for huh animated gifWhat a shame on you two support the pervert owner for the porn ads in his trash website! Shame, shame, shame on you two! – EricMartinson   May 17, 2017 

Image result for animated gif who meImage result for animated gif who me

 Porn on adsense Nice try – Posted on Jul 7, 2017 at 9:28 pm · by GhostBikerX

GhostBikerX,  For explaining !!! I have been wondering what the heck he was talking about!!!

 Eric Martinson?Image result for animated gif happy penis dancingImage result for animated gif dancing penisImage result for animated gif dancing penis

 Yo Frekky (Dawn Huffman)? You were saying?

Remember it’s your daughter, not me, ya know?!!

Image result for animated gif shark laughing

Porn on adsense ha ha ha YouTube

Yo Frekky (Dawn Huffman) Your comment at

 no laughing laugh ha lolno GIF

P.S. Go on, make my day, bitch!

Defamed by Frekky (Dawn Huffman) and zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris) at

That’s what you both, Frekky (Dawn Huffman and zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris), have done by posting this comment about me, my brothers and Tshirtman.

Yo  zack1324! You got evidence 2 of my brothers died from aids?

Yo Frekky!  You got evidence I have criminal records?

Calling for you, the fat cow, Frekky

 anyway? Why question the members of DVTV?

Related imageThey are members therefore that’s why they are there! Stupid fat cow! 

Quit controlling the people at DVTV. Stop telling them what they can or can not do! You don’t own DVTV,  he does not you so just shut your mouth! 

Image result for deafwars.wordpress.comImage result for animated gif shark hello Me again! Shall we play your favorite game that you often play on the people you are cyberstalking?!!Thank god, eh? She don’t need somebody like dirty, lying, perverted and nasty you in her life ya know?!!

Image result for animated gif tskSomebody that went and lied about your children’s father, eh?!! 

Did you tell your daughter that she liked it?

Image result for animated gif shark laughingNow comes my favorite part!

Deafwomynpride’s question

asking if I own Deafwars.


I posted this comment made by zack1324  from Deafwars.wordpress.com at DVTV then Frekky (Dawn Huffman) turned it around and posted this at  DVTV making a false statement saying I own Deafwars and I was the one who made the comment not zack1324 ! Theeeeeeen another false statement by another person at  by  who went with a different screen name, AudiRS6. Below you will see them~gang stalkers Frekky, zack1324,   miapotsky,  Bearon~talking about me owning Deafwars.

Image result for laughing gif Check out Frekky’s comment #1. She said she don’t do shit at DVTV inbox?!! Bullshit! Look what she did to one of the members at DVTV! Anyway, moving on down.

Another post at  by

who used yet another different screen name, Mau5.Image result for deafwars.wordpress.com
Image result for deafwars.wordpress.comLook at deafghOster’s account at DVTV!

Then, zack1324’s former vidme account about Buddha9 being

Looky here at the big ole tough guy, zack1324’s threat toward me at his YouTube channel with an avatar of 2matSeattle’s foot.deafbiker59-ivan-and-f-k-dvtv-youtube Another threat by zack1324 at DVTV.

Image result for SuperdeafprideEnjoy it while it last! – zack1324  – December 2, 2016

Look at Superdeafpride’s post from his former website, Superdeafpride.wordpress.com

Remember what zack1324 said? 

 Look below. Yup. Yup. My complaint to WordPress about Deafwars.

Image result for deafwars.wordpress.com

SEE? Nobody knows who owns Deafwars!!!

Image result for Superdeafpride

Shows you these peoplepointing-smiley-emoticon Fat cow, Frekky (Dawn Huffman,

pointing-smiley-emoticon zack1324 (Zack Morris) and

pointing-smiley-emoticondeafghOster (George Gregory Johnson) are nothing but  slanderous liars!!! Image result for deafwars.wordpress.com

Check out the posts and comments from Deafwars:

This post below got zack1324 really upset with deafghOster. zack1324 warned him to be careful not to leave bread crumbs around. Weird how zack1324 was afraid somebody will find out who deafghOster is?!! I wonder why?


deaf-wars-is-back-online-since-deafvideo-started-a-war-and-dpv-has-been-changed-to-rebelposts-deafwarsImage result for deafwars.wordpress.comImage result for deafwars.wordpress.comImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com OK. Deafwormypride, What do you think now?Image result for you bitch gif  Still think I am lying?

P.S. I still think it’s zack1324 himself  who made the comment!!! Sounds like him with the, Please do and the word wanna.

Yo deafghOster and your we, about

You  and your we, zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris)edoedoDeafMermaid, Frekky (Dawn Huffman)bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-07-522 Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com

Image result for animated gif pointing downdid all of those.

I didn’t.


Frekky (Dawn Huffman) the

Nothing new about Frekky copying everything that people do. She even copied her own son’s vlog about the word unique!!! Guess I should be flattered she copys every thing I say or do.

 for her postImage result for animated gif pointing down

Buddha9, Remember this? “you know sun up there shines”

Image result for animated gif smileys laughingNeck Neck Neck Neck

Image result for animated gif smileys laughing

zack1324  zack1324 (4) Related imageHis comments are all bullshit talking about him taking me to court and talking to his lawyer!!

Image result for animated gif smileys laughingImage result for animated gif blah blah blah)zack1324 (4) Frekky (4)Image result for animated gif smileys laughing

zack1324 is such an  and it’s unbelievable there’s so much

Image result for bunch of dumb fucks!at Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com 


every word Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comzack1324 and Frekky says!!!Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com


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from the Image result for lesser of 2 evilsImage result for floating hearts animated gif

RE: YO Vicki – Frekky – June 14, 2017 – Woman to Woman,

got to be kidding!

Email address for Jokechamp


my story part 1 – zack1324Jokerchamp my story part 1 – Jun 16, 2017

Only way I can think of was zack1324’s comment at DVTV Warning.   Link 1 Image result for that No need for zack1324 to get all dramatic, eh?!!

Frekky (Dawn Huffman) you don’t know diddly squat about

Really Frekky, Just

 Image result for shut up gif

LOL at Frekky 

by deafsnake: Lmao at you Frekky… You have no truth and banned me from the group to save face LOL

Image result for animated gif yupdeafsnake’s right! You, Frekky, got no truth at all!!!

Buddha9’s comment at Deafwars – guess what i have been getting stupid emails from edoedo

 Related imageFrekky (Dawn Huffman)Deaf Pirate Video
Image result for th3haroldHarold Ambeau

Image result for ghostbikerx/ deafvideo vlogs GhostBikerX
deafghOster (George Gregory Johnson)  edoedo


guess what i have been getting stupid emails from edoedo…damn him.. i wont answer





yes ghostbiker blamed us we were doing fine playing till that fat ass came over and started bullying! When edoedo can’t think of anything to say to me he copies what I said to him ha ha ha he got shit for brains


thumbup we going through this again bearons comment in dpv

hey frekky…Your comment is from facebook. I did joined and nothing in there. So Yesterday I leave that group. own by who ?? but what Harold talking about is that>>>>http://deaftrollvlog.x10host.com/?p=118#comments
BY THE WAY, BUDDHA9 IS THUMBUP !!!! Believe it or not !!!


Who said that? Who thinks that you is me or me is you? Hell they all been snooping in our ip address so they should know we is not we!


oh harold told edoedo its not his fault so edoedo going around saying its not my fault … yeah right.. didnt even ban deafghoster.. i do feel bad for dvv… edoedo went over to dvv and tell him to do something about thumbup.. and dvv listened to him and made up a lie


i know…. an excuse to blame alllll on me… deafghoster went in a very very private converstion.. edoedo doesnt seem all that upset… i have the feeling he did not want me and you in dvv in first place.. he have to have his site better than deafbiker.. i can read that easily..


i was told edoedo was homeless going around like a bum in the past.. asking for free cigarettes…,
seriously? how did you find out? I seem to never know nothing and always missing exciting stuff! So he was homeless, eh? Wonder if he did anal sex for money they usually do, them homeless guys
Ah ha! That’s why edoedo so fucking anal! Ha ha ha me so funny I just kill myself!

Nice title,

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And nice comment posted by

Image result for frekky (Dawn HuffmanFrekky (Dawn Huffman)

YO  Frekky? Related image


There! Someone

Image result for true that gifdeafsnake!!!


Image result for animated gif who me?

Image result for animated gif why thank you!        Image result for animated gif waving

Image result for animated gif pointing upImage result for animated gif whoa burn

Image result for animated gif heart breakingImage result for animated gif why don't you like me?Time 00:22Image result for animated gif heart breaking crying

Message from Buddha9 for Frekky (Dawn Huffman) posted at DVV


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Image result for deafpiratevideoPitman

Image result for the word creepy Frekky (Dawn Huffman) said, “Katheryn. (LOL! They think it’s Buddha9’s real name. NOT!!!) I have a plan for you. Christmas coming soon. Your friend. You. Wonder how feeling like Frekky. I must be really really really really really really really really really really really special. But you will never be me.That’s why I love me. Guess you don’t love yourself. Sad sad sad sad. Wondering you spend a lot of time on the internet world. Not visiting your husband’s grave. Must be lonely out there. By himself. Looking at you up and down, widow. Again.” Image result for Geez! Is she's nuts or whatImage result for she's nuts or whatImage result

More ing by 

, looks like you are guilty of this, Frekky!

Image result for deafpiratevideo

ing by zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris)

Thank you all meth heads! Easy owned y’all!

  , looks like you are guilty of all 3, zack1324!

That’s me, Thumbup 

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I’m missing you, Buddha9!Image result for deafpiratevideo