Right Related imageHere.

Image result for animated gif lie nose growingFrekky!  Related imagehere!


Image result for never mind gif
Image result for arrow pointing right gifthis!
Image result for surprised gif Check out Image result for arrow pointing right gifthat!


No  for you tonight, zacky boy



Image result for animated gif christmas holly berryImage result for animated gif christmas holly berryImage result for animated gif christmas holly berryImage result for animated gif christmas holly berryImage result for animated gif christmas holly berryImage result for animated gif christmas holly berryImage result for animated gif christmas holly berryImage result for animated gif christmas holly berryImage result for animated gif christmas holly berryImage result for animated gif christmas holly berryImage result for animated gif christmas holly berryImage result for animated gif christmas holly berryImage result for animated gif christmas holly berryImage result for animated gif christmas holly berryImage result for animated gif christmas holly berry

Image result for what? gifImage result for animated gif nooooooo

Image result for animated gif bah humbugImage result for animated gif bah humbug

Seems like a million years ago!

From last 

For Frekky (Dawn Huffman) – (Th3Harold) Harold Ambeau’s retaliation.

 So you wanna go there then, Frekky?!!

OK! Image result for cow mooing animated gif You fat cow.  

Ready or not here it comes. The ugly truth about Harold Ambeau, the Image result for blackmailer.

You brown nosing shit, edoedo, what the hell you doing posting this for Frekky?Image result for animated gif looking at you up and down

 GhostBikerX and edoedo  already knew about me reporting to WP.  I told them. 

Look below what had happened after I told edoedo and GhostBikerX about my suspicion, which I later had narrowed down to either deafghOster and/or Harold Ambeau.  Harold Ambeau got mad at edoedo and GhostBikerX for agreeing with my suspicion. So he retaliated by posting videos at YouTube and at his former website wordpress-com-your-blogging-home showing people how to get inside the Administration dashboard of their websites by using a code.

th3harold Google Search (1)Harold Ambeau said, “You are fucked. Your website not safe anymore” 

SEE? I was right!

Somebody did get into the Administration dashboard and it was good ole Harold Ambeau who did it all these times.

edoedo had to shut down his website, SLVLOGS. Later on GhostBikerX closed down his website, JDeafClub, too.

Harold Ambeau told GhostBikerX he will show him    to prevent people from entering the Administration dashboard in his website if he throw me out and remove all my posts from his website.

GhostBikerX emailed me, told me that he is not letting me back into his website and all my posts was removed. 

Harold Ambeau is the one who owns GhostBikerX and edoedo an apology.

You cyberstalkers!  Blackmailing people!

Controlling them on who they can or can not hang around with! 

Here’s an example: I posted this  and I was surprised Violet made a vlogin DVTV thanking me.

Click on the link that says I’m a monster too. You will see it’s not there in DVTV anymore Image result for shaking my headand then this happened!!!

Image result for psFrekky, there’s one more you missed.

Post and comments in old dvv

2 sad news

 GhostBikerX, I’m sorry to hear that. Best wishes to you.

My health issue~Posted on Oct 10, 2017 at 6:55 am · by ShadowAngel

ShadowAngel, I am sorry to hear that too. You go and get well. Best of luck to you.

Posted on Sep 19, 2017 at 10:27 am · by ShadowAngel

Image result for aww animated gifFor GhostBikerX from ShadowAngel.Image result for animated gif hearts floating

How so nice of him!

LOL at your hypocrisy, edoedo!!!

August 10, 2017 at 2:51 pm C-link
Image result for lines divders bars

Yeah edoedo, really sad you’re one of them who goes around harming other deaf people!!!

Here we go again!

Image result for asl more by these

For Rayline, About the word-Witch

Image result for name calling Image result for animated gif ugly old hagHere’s the answer to your question.

zack1324’s post at  GhostBikerX’s website, DVVLOGS.

Image result for


Nope, zack1324!

Image result for animated gif smiley singingImage result for song take me out to the ball gameImage result for animated gif smiley singing

I don’t think so!

Image result for animated gif smiley baseballImage result for animated gif base ball homerunImage result for animated gif smiley baseball

Related imageImage result for animated gif base ball homerunImage result for animated gif base ball homerun cheering

Image result for animated gif smiley baseball


Confess what Just own it up dumbfuck DVVlogs

Comment #1. Image result for animated gif smiley laughing Nice try! You didn’t spend a penny on it! It’s from 

 on his former website, wordpress-com-your-blogging-home

Harold Ambeau posted Buddha9 and my home addresses at his former website when we refused to succumb to his demands we shut down

 Edit Post ‹ deaf people. — WordPress (12) There was no 23 court record on Spokeo when Harold Ambeau first posted it at deafrebels. You screenshot the image then typed in the 23 court record in my profile and posted it at Harold Ambeau’s yet another former website, Rebel Posts.

Image result for animated gif tskYou will see there’s no payment needed to view my profile and there are no 23 court records on my profile .

Image result for lines dividers

Comment #2. I ask where was it posted at? And what happened after I posted it?!! Image result for animated gif tskCome on zacky boy, start telling the whole story behind it!!

Image result for lines dividers

Comment #3.

Image result for lines dividers

Anything else, zacky boy?

For deafsnake, About

Red texts is my response for

About Zacky – by deafsnake

Hello, I want to talk about Zacky.  Vicki, I have to agree with him. Sorry to be honest with you. Reason? He has provided plenty of evidence and you have shown little or none

He has provided tons of links, and plenty of images.  Yet, you call him a pathological liar when the evidence is right there about you.

Image result for again

You even called me, ME, a retard. Image result for animated gif pointing rightImage result for animated gif smiley baby laughing I just love Jack Nicholson!!!
Image result for anyway moving on
You whining? How about your vlogs at at DVTV:  
About Vicki/Rayline/Religion and Pope-May 01, 2017
Hey Vicki-May 13, 2017
Vicki… how is Frekky a bad mother exactly?-May 14, 2017
Vicki, are you sure Frekky has emotional issues?-May 14, 2017
Oh Vicki! So you lied about Frekky lol-May 15, 2017
LOL Vicki… Me dumb? and Frekky’s looksMay 16, 2017
Vicki, why would you inbox me about edodo?May 17, 2017
Vicki, you’re just grasping at straws-May 18, 2017
What I learned from Frekky: Vicki hates the disabledMay 18, 2017
To Vicki/Rayline: Aw you cant understand me?May 19, 2017
Vicki, Your English grammar sucks.-May 19, 2017
Vicki, still whining about no text?-May 21, 2017
Sorry, Vicki, Whining isnt facts-May 21, 2017
Attn: Vicki aka ThumbDown2-May 30, 2017-As I said> before

You’re a religious hypocrite Image result for who me gifI’m religious?!! like most of these members over at DVTV, you know over there on the site. but at least I’m honest on who people are. 

Zack isn’t even a hypocrite. Yes, we disagree on some topics in private groups at DVTV but I know him well enough not to lie about stuff like thisSorry to burst your bubble but zack1324 lies!

Image result for oh yeah He lies big time!!! We respect each other enough to know where we both stand.

Too bad you’ll never see what we talked about in private groups. I could carelessThere’s a lot of good discussion over there. It’s funny how you claim you dont twist, lie and among several things yet you called Image result for huh gifImage result for show me gifGhostbikerX a hacker Image result for show me the proof

I said it!!! with the other Ghost. You mean deafghOster  (George Gregory Johnson) I said he’s a hacker because he is a hacker.

You’ve accused them, edodo, Harold and Budda9

 Image result for animated gif huh? Buddha9? I don’t think so!!! of conspiring

LOL!?!! Rather to help Frekky

That’s Frekky so the> operational word would be teammates, eh?!! and Zacky deal with you. Do you realize how crazy and stupid that sounds?

You realize that GhostbikerX isn’t very smart just average because he admitted he’s not good at reading Image result for excuse me?

You are measuring people’s intelligent on how well they know the English language? Hells Bells! There’s people who know English language very well yet are so stupid like you. No offense. Just being honest...Sometimes he needs help reading stuff like my posts here at DVV. That’s why he has his wife to help him on reading certain things.  If you believe you’re telling the truth why not record yourself going through that website, showing the evidence? What truth are you looking for? How about you go through my websites slowly so you can see for yourself? I said slowly because it seems you keep misunderstanding everything I said. And it’s possible you know everything they say is a lie yet not accepting the truth?

That’s all you needed to do.  Again, you’re crazy and a hypocrite. I think the same way about you. How about that! We got something in common!

Zack, a cyberstalker? According to this he is and so is Frekky, DeafMermaid, edoedo and deafghOster. Let’s see… you’ve stalked me, Zack, Frekky, GhostbikerX and DVTV. How so? You’ve gone to Frekky’s fb…Likely KJ’s fb too. Facebook me? LOL! I don’t think so!!! I don’t do facebook!!! What does that say about you? Well, how about what does it say about you following the herd believing everything they say without proof?

(Zack, I couldn’t find a good image of you as a thumbnail so I had to pull one from So forgive me) Of course you couldn’t find a good image of zack1324 because he’s got the ugliest soul of anybody I’ve ever seen!

zack1324’s comment for deafsnake at

Image result for deafvideovlogswebsite, Deaf Video Vlogs. Check out whatImage result for deafvideovlogs

Zacky { Yep…. } – Jul 18, 11:37 PM

  • Image result for deafvideovlogszack1324! No proof? Me twisting? Pray tell exactly what yer blabbling about no proof and what I’ve been twisting about?!    23 court records 

deafsnake’s and

#1. It was mainly me Eric called out.

#2. Replied to Biker?  What’s wrong with me thanking him for his vlog? I thought it was very nice of him to explain what the heck EricMartinson was talking about!Porn on adsense ha ha ha YouTube

#3.ReplyTo:   Frekky, EricMartinson

You dragged Rayline in with your conversation with Frekky so…What you did was mobbing Rayline and/or kissing their ass when you were part of their clique.

#4. You mean  ?Image result for YUP animatedMore  coming till

Image result for aboutImage result for about

Image result for aboutImage result for YUP animatedImage result for animated learning gifYo zack1324! Pay attention! There’s nothing there with me criticizing anybody for watching porn!

Stupid fool!

Yo deafsnake, About this

“Thumbup2… You mentioned the porn ad thing in which GhostbikerX had to respond to you.. Guess what? Everyone watches porn… no one is innocent.. If you’re gonna call out EricM, GhostbikerX and me on this, you might as well prosecute the entire world for having their own well.. ahem me time.. privately.” 

Where you get the idea I’m calling them out for watching porn?

It’s Eric Martinson who did the calling out. Calling me and GhostBikerX perverts for having porn in ads at DVV.

What a shame on you two support the pervert owner for the porn ads in his trash website! Shame, shame, shame on you two! EricMartinson – May 17, 2017 in ASL

I have been wracking my brains trying to figure out what the heck Eric’s talking about, looking around DVV for porn but never saw anything.

Then, finally GhostBikerX explained what was going on.

I guess when Eric visits DVV, the ads there will advertise porn because it is in Eric’s cookies? Browser history? Something like that because he had his as you said  “ahem me time.” (I have to admit when you said it I had a fit of giggles!) Anyway,

so of course I had to throw it back in Eric’s face!


deafsnake? About asking the Tayler thing? Don’t tell me he’s not letting you come back to DVTV? That would be a pretty shitty thing for Tayler to do!

All righty, I guess that’s all for now. Letting you know I am not done posting posts for you. There’s plenty more to come, ya know?

Take care and see you around.

deafsnake, Another

 of yours! Image result for deafvideovlogs

Never happened, eh?!! What had happened was this:


Posted on Jun 16, 2017 at 10:44 am by GhostBikerX


RE: ATTN: Thumbup2 from all of us including DVV

→ All of us all over the internet will likely get together and call the cops on you for cyberstalking and harassment.

Image result for animated gif kangroo dropping ballImage result for animated gif kangroo dropping ball

Image result for animated gif are you talking to meImage result for zack1324

Call the cops on me?!! Image result for really? animated gifImage result for alrighty then animated gifImage result for pointing up animated gif go check out zack1324’s vlog  posted at Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comRelated image Image result for pointing up animated gif


Your psychiatrist, counselor, doctor and your attorney approved of your website.

What? Seriously? Yes. Said that it’s your journal, your expression and your experience of being cyber bullied by me and others.

More here.


Rated XXX

Image result for huh animated gifWhat a shame on you two support the pervert owner for the porn ads in his trash website! Shame, shame, shame on you two! – EricMartinson   May 17, 2017 

Image result for animated gif who meImage result for animated gif who me

 Porn on adsense Nice try – Posted on Jul 7, 2017 at 9:28 pm · by GhostBikerX

GhostBikerX,  For explaining !!! I have been wondering what the heck he was talking about!!!

 Eric Martinson?Image result for animated gif happy penis dancingImage result for animated gif dancing penisImage result for animated gif dancing penis


Porn on adsense ha ha ha YouTube


said  GhostBikerX 

Image result for animated gif children running wildImage result for good luckbecause  will be next!

LOL! Check out

ShadowAngel’s post at

GhostBikerX’s website then go look at GhostBikerX’s post.

Th3Harold’s (Harold Ambeau)


I have no regrets. So long. – Rebelposts

It was not Deafbiker59ShadowAngel, or Edoedo.

I will not make a vlog.

Mau5 abuse the website twice and I am done with this shit. I lock him out by changing his e mail and password. so he can’t log in to see ip. I am not going sit here figure out how to block this, that and those.. got no time for that. I just wanna have good time!

I see some of you calling me stupid, chicken, and mock DPV? ARE you stupid it called Rebelpost wow you must be desperate to mock DPV. I don’t see you trying to setup your own website. chicken much?


Check out the cute way he signed

name!!Image result for awww gif

RobertMcQ – June 28, 2017 at 3:27 pm C-link

No worries!

Image result for animated gif phew explaination aboutImage result for its all good 

Yo deafghOster, your comment approved and shut up you.

Good morning

Image result for animated gif waving hi Edit Post ‹ deaf people. — WordPress.comEdit Post ‹ deaf people. — (4)

Image result for psCheck that out


Email address for Jokechamp


my story part 1 – zack1324Jokerchamp my story part 1 – Jun 16, 2017

Only way I can think of was zack1324’s comment at DVTV Warning.   Link 1 Image result for that No need for zack1324 to get all dramatic, eh?!!

deafsnake – Jay Greaney,

Ahem GhostBikerX, About your mis

Image result for ghostbikerx deaf video vlogsImage result for animated gif pointing right Image result for animated gif good night sweet dreams

From GhostBikerX’s

© 2017 Deaf Video Vlogs,

Image result for deaf earImage result for animated gif snaketold  Jokechamp to not hang around with the crazy woman  (that’s me he’s calling crazy woman) OOPS?

Rule #3 ?!!

 Look at  ‘s

comment Image result for animated gif pointing down for Image result for deaf earImage result for animated gif snake(Jordan Greaney)!

Image result for kim cattrall blowing kiss gif

(That kid got a mind of his own, eh?!! OH! I mean that young adult got a mind of his own! Proud of him!!! Strong person he is!)

Image result for animated gif blowing kisses

My comment for JokechampImage result for animated gif pointing down

Buddha9’s comment at Deafwars – guess what i have been getting stupid emails from edoedo

 Related imageFrekky (Dawn Huffman)Deaf Pirate Video
Image result for th3haroldHarold Ambeau

Image result for ghostbikerx/ deafvideo vlogs GhostBikerX
deafghOster (George Gregory Johnson)  edoedo


guess what i have been getting stupid emails from edoedo…damn him.. i wont answer





yes ghostbiker blamed us we were doing fine playing till that fat ass came over and started bullying! When edoedo can’t think of anything to say to me he copies what I said to him ha ha ha he got shit for brains


thumbup we going through this again bearons comment in dpv

hey frekky…Your comment is from facebook. I did joined and nothing in there. So Yesterday I leave that group. own by who ?? but what Harold talking about is that>>>>
BY THE WAY, BUDDHA9 IS THUMBUP !!!! Believe it or not !!!


Who said that? Who thinks that you is me or me is you? Hell they all been snooping in our ip address so they should know we is not we!


oh harold told edoedo its not his fault so edoedo going around saying its not my fault … yeah right.. didnt even ban deafghoster.. i do feel bad for dvv… edoedo went over to dvv and tell him to do something about thumbup.. and dvv listened to him and made up a lie


i know…. an excuse to blame alllll on me… deafghoster went in a very very private converstion.. edoedo doesnt seem all that upset… i have the feeling he did not want me and you in dvv in first place.. he have to have his site better than deafbiker.. i can read that easily..


i was told edoedo was homeless going around like a bum in the past.. asking for free cigarettes…,
seriously? how did you find out? I seem to never know nothing and always missing exciting stuff! So he was homeless, eh? Wonder if he did anal sex for money they usually do, them homeless guys
Ah ha! That’s why edoedo so fucking anal! Ha ha ha me so funny I just kill myself!

deafghOster, Remember your comments at


You wrote me this nice Image result for arrow pointing upcomment. Then you again leave me
Image result for animated gif what was that about?Image result for animated gif dr jekyll and mr hyde

anotherRelated image comment. P.S. You still think Buddha9 is Megan Anderson?!! LOL!

Shut up, George Gregory johnson!

zack1324 tell you to do this again? Remember the “Video for DM”? Quit being his slave!!!

Thumbnail of

 post.Image result for animated gif congratulation

Message from Buddha9 for Frekky (Dawn Huffman) posted at DVV


Image result for deafpiratevideo

Related image

Image result for deafpiratevideoPitman

Image result for the word creepy Frekky (Dawn Huffman) said, “Katheryn. (LOL! They think it’s Buddha9’s real name. NOT!!!) I have a plan for you. Christmas coming soon. Your friend. You. Wonder how feeling like Frekky. I must be really really really really really really really really really really really special. But you will never be me.That’s why I love me. Guess you don’t love yourself. Sad sad sad sad. Wondering you spend a lot of time on the internet world. Not visiting your husband’s grave. Must be lonely out there. By himself. Looking at you up and down, widow. Again.” Image result for Geez! Is she's nuts or whatImage result for she's nuts or whatImage result

More ing by 

, looks like you are guilty of this, Frekky!

Image result for deafpiratevideo

ing by zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris)

Thank you all meth heads! Easy owned y’all!

  , looks like you are guilty of all 3, zack1324!

That’s me, Thumbup 

Related image

I’m missing you, Buddha9!Image result for deafpiratevideo


ShadowAngel, Image result for deafvideovlogs zack1324

Frekky (Dawn Huffman) Deafsnake...are you a Trumpkin​ Snitcher? Eric Martinson,  edoedo and Harold Ambeau Image result for harold ambeauall said the reason why they are not members of your website, is because I am there.

So I will not be registering at your website that way they all can become members. 

Image result for animated gif thanks, Thumbup #2 (Vicki Welch)

LOL! Thumbnail


post at his website, Deaf Video Vlogs. Sure got me allImage result for animated gif laughing!!! I remember now that he’s quite good at finding perfect GIFs!!! Check out his post here.



RE: Hey P220..that’s exactly what she is shoulder bump zack1324 May 15, 2017 in ASL

Your vlog for P220 is full of shit!!! You knew in the beginning it was Garrett Carter!

Look at your avatar at my vidme account! You are there because you knew Garrett Carter was going to leave me that comment!!!

You played along with Garrett Carter at your twitter account!!!



P220, If you see this. I saw your youtube video. Somebody did this. Caused problems between you and GhostBikerX and I know it’s them, Th3Harold’s people!!! These people are not to be trusted and they are evil!!! For reals!!!

You, GhostBikerX and you, P220 need to calm down and find out what’s going on!!!


Related imageFrekkyImage result for You bitch!
Image result for zack1324
Don’t you even dare accuse me of hacking! I just bout had enough of your constant slandering and lying about me! 

All with  too!

While I have evidence of your people doing it!

Image result for zack1324If GhostBikerX thinks what had happened to his website is correct, I bet it’s you, Image result for zack1324Frekky, zack1324 Image result for zack1324and

Image result for zack1324Image result for deafghOster I’m pretty sure P220 had nothing to do with it.

You all had done it before.

Remember when zack1324 made an unauthorized entry into a private website at and video recorded 2 of Rayline’s vlog which he had posted at YouTube and Image result for zack1324

zack1324 also video recorded cherub geez’s vlog which zack1324 posted at DVTV titled  

and left a link for DVTVers to go to his YouTube channel to watch cherub geez’s vlog titled

  What Related image zack1324 did is a crime as stated below,

with the help from

Image result for zack1324Image result for deafghOster which is a crime too as well as stated below,

all the while you, Image result for zack1324 Frekky (Dawn Huffman) knew what they were planning to do and you approve of it!
Look at your disgusting vlog afterImage result for zack1324 they broke in. 

Look what your friend deafghOster did to Th3Harold’s former website, Rebelpost and look at zack1324 commanding deafghoster to go crash Deaf Video Vlogs and Deafwars.

Look at you telling the kid to do damage on 04:19 –
Shows that you and zack1324 can easily command people who’s an computer whiz to do damage to other people!!!

Proof right there it’s you and your people that does damage to other websites, you bitch!!!

Remember what

friend,Image result for deafghOsterImage result for deafghOster George Gregory Johnson had said what he will do to Deaf Video Vlogs not too long ago?!!

Image result for frekkyImage result for animated gif pointing you Image result for zack1324

Image result for zack1324

GhostBikerX, Here’s some information you can give to the police if you want to report illegal activity done by zack1324.

zack1324’s a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver in Olathe, Kansas.

Truck and License plate.


Amsterdam Cafe

    • Address: 349 Main StAmsterdamMO 64723USA


Phone: (660) 267-3388

    • collegegraduedmusic aka zack1324


      Monday, Aug. 8, 2016

      Love their home style brakeakfast and the bugers!!!

    • Rebecca St. Amant


      Friday, Feb. 26, 2016

      Meticulously clean!!!! Owner is a perfectionist and devoted to his staff and customers. Food is delicious!!!!!! A great “date night” place!

    • Richard Shaver


      Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015

      Very good.

zack1324zack1324’s name ^ Zack Allen Morris

possibly from Des Moines, Iowa.

OUCH!! ShadowAngel?!!

Image result for animated gif how rude

OK! Maybe time for you to tell your friends you were the one who inboxed me video of deafghOster aka George Gregory Johnson

and you sent me another inbox message warning me of deafghOster breaking in the private group at DVTV.Image result for animated gif backstabberImage result for animated gif backstabber


See you soon,

Image result for deafvideovlogs GhostBikerX!!!

You are a lying prick, zack1324!!! This original video

is not the same one posted as GIF by Fairytales9!!! 


The orginal video was from when

you, zack1324, made an unauthorized entry into a private

group at Deaf Video Vlogs and videocopied 2 of Rayline’s vlogs intended for private use!

Time 00:27-Look at what Rayline said about not being able to cuss out shebaby and Deafloserman to Tattletale or troublemaker Tattletales9!!! You are lying you bastard!!

Shame on you Fuglytales9!!! You sure have sunk so low now haven’t you?!!!

Look at you, zack1324, bragging to “family man” and complicit, Th3Harold,

about the unauthorized entry you, zack1324, made into the private group at Deaf Video Vlogs owned by GhostBikerX,

along side with accomplice, deafghOster (George Gregory Johnson) and you, zack1324, video copied 2 of

Rayline’s vlogs intended for private use only and posted it publicly at

and You Tube. Before:

2 of Rayline’s private vlogs taken from a private group at Deaf Video Vlogs and posted at zack1324’s youtube channel. 


2 of Rayline’s private vlogs taken from a private group at Deaf Video Vlogs and posted at zack1324’s youtube channel are gone now. 

May god have mercy on your rotten soul!!!

Look what’s been happening

to GhostBikerX and I.

GhostBikerX posted his vlog titled, “No I will not shut DVV down and I am not your daddy fuck off old bitch” at his website. After I watched it, I video commented him about  wanting to know more. He said kept getting emails from someone demanding that he shut down his website or they will crash it. He said it had been like this for a year with those emails.
Geez! These people! Look at this one,
Harold Ambeau said in his twitter post. 
⋆TᴴℨHarold⋆ ‏@th3harold Dec 5
This is DVV double trash.

Yeah. They keep calling GhostBikerX’s website trash and us trash. They kept making one vlog after another vlog slandering GhostBikerX and me. Telling people not to go to his website.

About forcing GhostBikerX to shut down his website, it had happened to us too at Edit Post ‹ deaf people. — WordPress (12)

We were told by6giqkf4h Th3Harold (Harold Ambeau) to shut down the website or he will post our addresses, phone number and our personal information on his former website, DeafRebels. We refused to shut it down. Then Th3Harold (Harold Ambeau) and bandicam-2016-11-21-18-27-22-579 Frekky (Dawn Huffman) went ahead and posted it all on his former website.wordpress-com-your-blogging-homeAnother person, deafghOster (George Gregory Johnson) also had made threats against Buddha9 and me. He had said he will make Buddha9’s website disappear.
This here was the title of the post made by Buddha9 after
deafghOster made the threat.

06/30/15–17:26: I need help.. This guy is going to make our site disappear!! (WORDPRESS .. PLS READ THIS)
I need help here. This guy is faceless and we dont know who he is. His site is He is threatening to make my site disappear… Dont ask me why he want to do this. I dont even know him and I never really talk to him Also he is able to get sorta […]

Another post by Buddha9 regarding deafghOster – 08/01/15–16:17: WordPress.. or anybody that understands…

This man used to own a deaf site but it was shut down many times, people do not trust him. I know for a fact he is not to be trusted but I have always liked him but now he is realllllly going overboard. Why I dont trust him because he allowed faceless in his […]

Post by me regarding Th3Harold – 08/01/15–17:17: Do you guys know?
I know for a fact this person Harold Ambeau from Germany stopped by and liked on more than one posts here on Live Love Laugh then he unliked? I saw the avator DR was there and now it’s gone. Why?  Is there any special reason for liking then unliking? He owns this DeafRebel. He got […]Th3Harold had a code which enable him to get in the dashboard of Live Love Laugh and he removed every comments he made at LLL.
Live Love Laugh (5)
Live Love Laugh (2)
Now on this website Thumbupweb, deafghOster is still making the same threats towards me along side with zack1324  about having the law enforcement coming after me.

Threats of violence towards me by deafghOster and zack1324.screenshot-webcache-googleusercontent-com-2016-11-15-19-45-39
This one, deafghOster said my life is going to be short, very soon.
2-things-zack1324-deafvideo-tvAccording to zack1324, it’s going to be my last Christmas.

enjoy-it-while-it-last-zack1324-deafvideo-tv  zack1324 kept telling people along side with Frekky that I own a website called Deafwars which I don’t.  LOL! Look at the reason why Deafwars got suspended.

YUP! I eported Deafwars! Doesn’t look like I own this website, eh?!!

Threats from someone. I suspect it’s  deafghOster himself.
You got all wrong about Zack1324 is not a hacker. Harold is not a hacker too.thumbupnumbertwo-s-videos-vidmeGuess who is broken inbox in DeafVideoVlog? Well, a guy is very an equality, intelligent, unknown, mysterious, supernatural….Now, your computer will be destroyed if you keep mocks Zack, Frekky, Mr. lion, Deafghoster, Tayler and DVTVers? SERIOUS! 

What a bunch of weirdos, huh?!!


Tsk. zacky1324,

Image result for animated gif pointing down

Examples of what constitutes cyberbullying include communications that seek to falsely discredit the recipient.



of you edoedoedoedo/deafspider.Image result for animated gif tsk

Congratulating a hacker? Got me wondering if you had any part with the hacking of Rebelposts?
Image result for animated gif jealous
And what would Jehovah say?!!!Related image

Oh yeah? OK! Thanks, edoedo!!!




edoedo/Deafspider, saw your vlog, NY boy!

I was surprised you didn’t let the blame fall on me. Why did you not???

Yes, I no like you anymore. Not after the vlog you made about GhostBikerX and his gang. That was really low of you. I’ve done nothing wrong to you either.

Then you surprised me with this vlog not blaming me. But I am still angry at you.

Letting GhostBikerX get the blame for crashing Th3Harold’s website when you knew the truth after I send you the “Video For DM” by zack1324.

Also you cheering that GhostBikerX got his website hacked into by zack1324. Really low of you!!

About Avas. I like him. I think he’s a sweet person. Not once have I ever seen any of you treat him with kindness.

I think it’s so funny about the inbox thing!!! deafghOster did the same thing and none of you said a word!!! Funny how it’s the bullies that’s getting the inbox surprises now!!!

You asking Avas why? What about GhostBikerX too? Why?


Look. I repeating had been getting nasty inboxes surprises by deafghOster when I was in dvtv. All ordered by zacky boy, I’m sure.

Also it was send to the people who stood up for me.

So I don’t pity you bullies!

And you guys start being nice to Avas! Give him a break!!!

Another message for Mr. Tayler Mayer.

zack1324 said, “I made it. screenshot-www-youtube-com-2016-11-21-12-25-34


Hacking into our account, getting our IP and email addresses, eh? 

You got, not one hacker but 2, namely deafghOster.

Sending you another video. Very interesting. 

Real nice, Tayler Mayer.

Thumbup #2.

By the way, Tayler Mayer. Expect more emails from me, all with public knowledge until something is made right.

Tayler Mayer, you got

    Thank you for emailing us.

Name Thumbup #2
If this is regarding a TaylerInfomedia website, choose which:
I’m letting people know I’ve brought this to your attention. So……

More vlogs about GhostBikerX?

Hello big H! Part 1.

zack1324 Nov 20, 2016Hello big H! Part 1.

Hello big H! Part 2.

zack1324 Nov 20, 2016Hello big H! Part 2.


You really seem

What’s the matter with you, zack1324?

Sup with your vlogs at Deaf Video Tv?

RE: Hello Robert…all videos will be reposted! RE: Hello Robert...all videos will be reposted!zack1324   November 20, 2016 

Lie after another lies, Robert. Thinks I will removed all my videos and throw away forever? Nope all of them will be reposted. Again..lesson earned for you!

Hello big H! More lies? LOL!Hello big H! More lies? LOL! zack1324  November 20, 2016 

Lie after another lies, Robert. Thinks I will removed all my videos and throw away forever? Nope all of them will be reposted. Again..lesson earned for you!

GhostBikerX did not say one word about you, zack1324.

True Hacker Are Here Soon Today.

Shit Emergency Come up

Image result for animated gif are You nervous

Screaming! It’s coming! Soon! Today!

Image result for excitingfrom GhostBikerX!!!

Image result for animated gif eating popcorn in movie

True Hacker Are Here Soon Today

Image result for animated gif standing in line at the movieby GHOSTBIKERX

Image result for animated gif thinkingIs it edoedo/deafspider? zack1324? I can’t think of who else. Can you all think of who else it can be? You know, don’t you Frekky, eh?

Image result for excitingRelated image

Image result for animated gif eating popcorn in movieImage result for animated gif eating popcorn in movieImage result for animated gif eating popcorn in movie


the fuck up, you fat Image result for animated gif cow

Image result for deafvideotv frekkyDawn Huffman-Published on Jun 19, 2016-Come and join rebelposts and talk. Let’s see who’s really innocent. Who’s telling the truth. Who’s really victims. Which are you- brave or chicken?

You definitely are not telling the truth, you perverter.

RE: Bulldog’s vlog-Get a life, Zack + Hacker = Hack

posted on Nov 8, 2016 in DVTV.  
Come on, Bulldog, are you serious?Deafspider’s vlog-Come on, Bulldog, are you serious?- posted on Nov 8, 2016 in DVTV. Time 00:52.
edoedo said hackers don’t talk about themselves hacking. Well, guess what? You wrong edoedo! Look at zack1324‘s vlog-Update-posted on Nov 7, 2016 in DVTV. Time 00:52.Update....
Image result for animated gif pointing leftzack1324 talked about making an unauthorized entry into GhostBikerX’s website along side with deafghOster who has lots of different account in DVTV. And bragged about hacking in GhostBikerX’s website. Stealing our emails to use for password entry? And look at your
disgusting Image result for animated gif tiny arrow comment Time oo:40 to zack1324.
edoedo? What the hell is the sign you used on oo:26 to insult Bulldog? Is it really a sign or did you just make it up? Give me the vocabulary for the sign! 
Don’t you ever fucking talk to Bulldog like this ever again!!! And another of your vlog for her, “Shh, be quiet, Bulldog” You stupid fucker! Don’t you tell her to be quiet! You fucker!!!
BTW. You’re a hacker too, edoedo. I saw the interesting comment at Rebelposts by AudiRS6 aka mau5 aka deadmau5 aka deafghOster aka George Gregory Johnson for you. It was about you hacking into DVTV. You quickly had all the comments at Rebelposts erased. Interesting, eh??
Remember this?
Nice Try>>>>>Attempting Kalilinux Testing>>>>>>>
klutz Uncategorized —
and this?
edoedo { I hacked this my own website, now I am learning a lot! } – Jan 24, 5:41 PM
User Avatarv7i { Play } – Jan 24, 5:34 PM
User Avatar SHARING VIDEOS { Play } – Jan 24, 5:09 PM
User Avatar v7i { Play } – Jan 24, 4:34 PM
About the “Video for DM”

Why are you all silent about zack1324’s lies,
Image result for animated gif tiny arrow Time 00:10, by saying GhostBikerX crashed Th3Harold’s website?
And Image result for animated gif tiny arrow zack1324‘s command to Image result for animated gif tiny arrow deafghOster to go crash GhostBikerX’s website and deafwars?Image result for animated gif tiny arrow  Time 4:16 Why are you all silent about the fact I don’t own the website, deafwars?
Image result for animated gif tiny arrow Humble and Embrace the defeat BUT...WARNING: DeafWars and fake comments/statements July 18, 2016 and About DeafWarsImage result for animated gif tiny arrow About DeafWars  November 3, 2016.
Image result for animated gif tiny arrow Time 00:46
Look at this, from SuperDeafPride. Check this out…Posted on October 4 2016
Please check out those dumb websites! Enjoy!
DEAF WARS (Owner- Unknown) [Still working on to figure out who is/are owners]
DEAF VIDEO VLOGS (Owner- DeafBiker59) *CLOSED* (Because of Thumbup is destroyed it)
DEAF PEOPLE (Owner- Thumbup)
(Remember that you are in your own RISK to enter those websites.
You all did a lot of slandering, lying and damaging GhostBikerX’s reputation. Why? Because he let me play in his website? You bunch of sick motherfuckers!!! You all are a bunch of lying scheming fuckers!!! You all should go make it right! For shame!!!
Image result for animated gif tiny arrow Bulldog? You go girl!!! I got your back! Hang in there and keep on fighting back on those god damn motherfuckers at Deaf Video TV!!!

Yeah! You go, GhostBikerX!!!

Image result for animated gif good jobRobert RutherfordGhostBikerX!!!
Related imageI agree with you! It was so much fun mind fucking them!!! 

Shows what these people are capable of when they’re mad, eh? And it also shows BulldogBulldog was right!!!
Image result for animated gif fishingI Lied LOL I Got You HAHAHAHA

Image result for animated gif fish swimming

You go dude!

Website Reputation Analysis for
Using information from users, and other reliable sources, has the reputation 100 out of 100.
Image result for animated gif cheering crowd

Website Reputation Analysis for
Using information from users, and other reliable sources, has the reputation 57 out of 100.
Image result for animated gif pointing laughing

You go, GhostBikerX!!! My thoughts are with you. Hang in there, dude.

LOL! So that’s

what it was >>about!!!  Why don’t you go ask th3harold Google Search (1) what I said to him.
Image result for animated gif PinocchioTsk.Tsk.
Good job VW….zack1324  Good job VW....November 16, 2016
How many more deaf websites you fucked with? Shame, shame, shame.