Hey deafghOster!

Stop in boxing Rayline at DVTV! 

How dare you tell her to STFU!!!

 using my screen name and my picture for you to open up an
account at DVTV!!!

What you are doing is called  which is Image result for illegal

Look below of the example of what cyber stalking is.

Image result for yup gifThat’s exactly what you have been doing!!Image result for illegal

You sick freak, zack1324!

 with that?!!Image result for gif you got to be kidding zack1324 who needs to leave 2matseattle alone! Including Image result for You all Fairytales9deafsnakeEricMartinsonDeafMermaidHorrorXedoedoSpiritual Warfare and you, zack1324 quit 

Johnscifi47 and several other people at DVTV! 

 zack1324, about your

comment for Fairytales9,

It’s you who’s the liar.

zack1324 encouraging other DVTVers to do

at Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com

AH HA! Gotcha, zack1324!!!

Image result for youtubeImage result for animated gif I like you red button

and at Related imageImage result for animated gif I like you red button

and at 

Image result for animated gif stupid at the idiotic RedneckMoose’s comment for zack1324!

and now this

Image result for deafvideovlogs Note for you, zacky boy. Image result for animated gif I like you red button No court records for me!
Image result for zack1324/23 court record

Here’s the  you, zack1324 !!!

There are no 23 court records on my profile in Spokeo here!

Image result for tsk tsk Related image

Image result for animated gif get a lifeGot to be something insanely wrong with zack1324 when his time would have been much better spending it with his wife instead of sitting there all day vlogging lies after another lie about me!!!

Image result for animated gif get a life


Very happy when get some laid?

Don’t forget what DeafMermaid had said before, eh? 

According to

DeafMermaid, I get laid a lot by sleeping with other women’s husband for drugs!!!

you, Fairytales9! 

Eric Martinson and zack1324’s


 Link 1

It looks like you,
 zack1324, committed


me by with the picture of me and my personal information.

As well as you, Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv EricMartinson and you again, zack1324 committed  

of    2matseattle by

with her email address.

Fwd It s only 1.00 to check out Raventg s photos thumbupthumbup gmail.com Gmail

EricMartison and zack1324,

Image result for Stop

2matseattle and her children! The bunch of sick freaks you all are! 

Still creating a false account at an online dating site for 2matseattle? Image result for animated gif dancing penisAroused again aren’t you boys?

fwd peggydixie please confirm your email address thumbupthumbup gmail com gmail 1.png 644×434

So funny what you said, zack1324! 

“12 months of anger management class. Good enough but need more than that. I think you should go to jail. Yes.”

andImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com

It’s you who’s not well behaved and I got no record, remember?!!

Grow the fuck up fat ass!!!  You too EricMartinson! Your mommy and daddy know you do shit like this?!!

Image result for gif oh Note this!!!

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comImage result for eric martinson - thumbupweb.wordpress.com

Image result for follow the yellow brick road gifImage result for gif pointing right Follow the yellow brick road!Image result for animated gif dorothy there's no place like home

zack1324 and deafghOster did something that’s

Image result for you zack1324 zack1324-is-going-to-prayImage result

Image result for you

Image result for animated gif pointing downmade threats to fuck me up big one.


Image result for animated gif pointing down

HorrorX and zack1324,

Nope you perverted idiot. It’s you. 


Image result for repulsive and disgusting

 You are the one who is addicted to porn, HorrorX! You’re nothing but a fricking pervert!Image result for animated gif wtf screenshot-www-deafvideo-tv-2016-11-18-13-43-48  So what if Donald Trump is or is not gay?  Some day we will have gay president for United States of America!trump donald trump deal with it hay 

No importance? No value?
Really? Well remember this?
“it’s your journal, your expression and your experience of being cyber bullied by me and others”  

BTW about your statement,  I will go find your doctor’s name. Have you found it yet?

And another, I think you should go to jail. 

It’s you who needs to go to jail for cyber stalking. I have all the evidences of you cyber stalking me and the others.

Not real? Fake? No proof? Which one? Elaborate please.

Image result for animated gif puzzledDPV? Deaf Pirate Video?

I never outright told HorrorX a retard and you know it! You got no proof whatsoever!

Oh, wanted to ask. Why is HorrorX such a perv? Hope he doesn’t hang around the playgrounds.

Yup! I want your confessions. Lots of confessions. Many many confessions. Justice needs to be served.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Here you go again making up stories! I never said Funnyjoke lied!!! I said, 

I see you still got a death wish for me, eh?  And to think you was planning on working in law enforcement?!! Thank god you stupid, you failed!!!

Is it jealousy, deafghOster?

 Remember your comments at Image result for gif pointing down

First you wrote me this nice Image result for arrow pointing upcomment. Then you again leave me

Image result for animated gif what was that about?Image result for animated gif dr jekyll and mr hyde

anotherRelated image comment. !!! Surprise attack by you!

Image result for arrow pointing upand Image result for gif what the hell is your problem?

You get jealous if other deaf people own a website? Or since you said you are working for

 Image result for gif pointing down

did Tayler Mayer tell you to go around crashing other deaf people’s website and/or to harass other deaf people who owns a websites?!!

I find it really strange that Tayler (Brian) Mayer would have you work for him when it’s well known you’re a hacker and you have made a lot of threats against us deaf people.

It’s the  Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv which are you, George Gregory JohnsonImage result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv,  zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris, Jr.),

Frekky (Dawn Huffman),

DeafMermaid Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv(Karen) and Eric Martinson Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv

who are the ones who should go to jail not me and/or Avas!

P.S. Wonder if you Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotvImage result for gif pointing laughing still think Buddha9 is Megan Anderson?!! 

For Frekky (Dawn Huffman) – (Th3Harold) Harold Ambeau’s retaliation.

So you wanna go there then,

 Frekky? OK! Here goes!!!

Image result for animated gif looking at you up and down

GhostBikerX and edoedo  knew about me reporting to WP.

Image result for animated gif looking at you up and down

I told them. Look below what had happened after I told edoedo and GhostBikerX about my suspicion

 which I had narrowed down to either Image result for harold ambeau and/or th3harold Google Search (1)

 Harold Ambeau got mad at edoedo and GhostBikerX for agreeing with my suspicion. So he

Image result for retaliate

by posting videos at YouTube and at his former websitewordpress-com-your-blogging-home

with a code which will get people inside the Administration dashboard.

th3harold Google Search (1) said, “You are fucked. Your website not safe anymore” SEE? Somebody did get into the Administration dashboard and it was good ole Harold Ambeau who did it all these times.

edoedo had to shut down his website, SLVLOGS.  And later on GhostBikerX closed down his website too.

Harold Ambeau told GhostBikerX he will show him how to prevent people from entering the Administration dashboard if he throw me out and remove all my posts at his website when he opens it up again.

GhostBikerX emailed me told me that he is not letting me back into his website and all my posts was removed.

Harold Ambeau is the one who owns GhostBikerX and edoedo an apology.

Rather vulgar display of violence you’ve shown in your vlog. I shudder to think of your children and grandchildren being around you.

 asked me if I 

Yes I sure do! I still have my



Confess what Just own it up dumbfuck DVVlogs

Comment #1. LOL! Nice try! You didn’t spend a penny on it! It’s  at his former website,wordpress-com-your-blogging-home

Harold made the post when his attempt to blackmail us failed. He demanded that we shut down Edit Post ‹ deaf people. — WordPress (12) or he will post our personal information. Of course we refused and he posted it.

There was no 23 court record on Spokeo when Harold Ambeau first posted it at deafrebels. 

You screen shot the image then typed in the 23 court record. 

Go ahead and 

Start A Case Search Here

Just type in my name, Vicki Welch, and you will see I have zero criminal records.

Comment #2. I ask where was it posted at? And what happened after I posted it?!! Come on zacky boy, start telling the whole story behind it!!

Comment #3.

Anything else, zacky boy?

For deafsnake, About

Looky! Another threat toward me by deafghOster


FACEPALM at you again!! You are worse criminal offense TOO, DUH!!! Why do you keep post about every one?!? Prove my case again that you STILL POSTING……SEE?!? SMH at you!! I tell you to stop post and move on but you can’t! I pray GOD will something to you very soon!! You better watch out for GOD will pissing off at you!

deafghOster, Nope,


Image result for dunceI’m 

Image result for animated gif tsk tskConfess what? Just own it up, dumbfuck! by Zacky 

zack1324, How about it?

Related imageRelated imageImage result for thou shalt not lieRelated image


Related image

Image result for jesus thumbs upRelated image

deafghOster and edoedo, What are you 2 doing

Image result for gossiping  Cackling like a couple of hens!

 Image result for Cackling like a couple of hens animated gif

“i found you thatjoe” – eh? Still Image result for same old same old people, huh?!!

Image result for wrong animated gifIt’s you, deafghOster who needs to get aImage result for get a life animated gif

Image result for mind your own business deafghOster and edoedo!!!


Yo Frekky (Dawn Huffman), You said

and you said that about your daughter?


Really nice of you zack1324!

It’s the 2nd time you pulled that shit on 2matseattle!

Why the hell don’t you and your groupies just leave her alone?!!


Guess who

Hidden and secret face with no name in youtube.


County Checked on Boy Found Dead – Topix » Topix

Aug 26, 2008 – collegegraduedjr of Redmond, WA on Feb 23, 2009. RR, no that’s not true your just a pathelic poor old man that use “deaf” as your poor excuse …


Collegegraduedjr, What do you want me to do with you? matSeattle  March 30, 2011

6 years ago 


(Geez! Look  how collegegraduedjr talks shitty to the other person, EliteGamer001 for no reason at all!)

deaf-in-the-military-subtitled-keith-nolan-tedxislay-playithub-largest-videos-hub my-life-at-mssd-my-first-homecoming-1988 how-to-upload-a-video-to-youtube-with-quicktime-player-mac


Amsterdam Cafe

    • Address: 349 Main St, Amsterdam, MO 64723, USA
  • Phone: (660) 267-3388


  • collegegraduedmusic

    Monday, Aug. 8, 2016

    Love their home style brakeakfast and the bugers!!!


richard-roehm-and-i-had-conversation-about-dbcRelated imageImage result for animated gif shocked IT’S ZACK1324!!

collegegraduedmusic-youtube aggressive-driver-from-olathe-kansas-youtube


What a sick freak!!!

For Beautifullady63,

Related image

Image result for animated gif starI wanted to say I see nothing wrong with you saying no one is perfect. Frekky (Dawn Huffman) got no right talking to you like that.

Look at what they say about  like (This kind of mentally sick attitudes are very common: at the first simple disagreement the bullies tend to jump out with very offensive and intimidating online posts.)

Image result for pointing up That is so Frekky (Dawn Huffman), eh?!!

Image result for animated gif hugs

Image result for animated gif floating hearts

< for you, Beautifullady63.
Image result for animated gif blowing kissHang in there!

Image result for dividers lightning


Yo fat cow? Image result for animated gif cow mooImage result for animated gif shark hello  I see you got some trouble finishing your sentence. Here let me help you finish it, bitch.

Image result for amazingImage result for fantastic

There! How’s that?!!

Image result for bitchSeriously Frekky, you need to calm down and quit this unnecessary temper tantrum. 

Not good for the blood pressure. Think about how little Nuri will end up having no grandcowImage result for headstone huffmanoops I mean no grandmother if you keep up with this, ya know?

Image result for copycat
I see you copied zack1324’s sign for shut up? Lawsy me! Never have an original thoughts of your own, eh? Always copying other people.

Really, it’s not your place to be going around

people telling them to shut up. It’s you that needs to Image result for shut the fuck up

Related image Image result for animated gif cow mooStupid fat cow!!!

Yo Frekky (Dawn Huffman)! Tell me exactly what

I have been saying about you? 

Image result for animated gif lie nose growing I’ll show you your lies about me.

Image result for evidence

Image result for deafwars.wordpress.com

Related imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

Image result for pointing up animated gifImage result for animated gif shame on you

About the harassing/talking,

Check out the comments by deafghOster and me.


Remember this zack1324?!! Your

at  under the cover as

Thanks for the

Rayline, About fn2178

RE: ATTN: Thumbup2 from all of us including DVV

→ All of us all over the internet will likely get together and call the cops on you for cyberstalking and harassment.

Image result for animated gif kangroo dropping ballImage result for animated gif kangroo dropping ball

Image result for animated gif are you talking to meImage result for zack1324

Call the cops on me?!! Image result for really? animated gifImage result for alrighty then animated gifImage result for pointing up animated gif go check out zack1324’s vlog  posted at Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comRelated image Image result for pointing up animated gif


Your psychiatrist, counselor, doctor and your attorney approved of your website.

What? Seriously? Yes. Said that it’s your journal, your expression and your experience of being cyber bullied by me and others.

More here.

Feeling like a fool

 Accusing us all, huh?!!

deafsnake’s Image result for animated gif pointing laughing comment for Frekky and EricMartinson

Defamed by Frekky (Dawn Huffman) and zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris) at

That’s what you both, Frekky (Dawn Huffman and zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris), have done by posting this comment about me, my brothers and Tshirtman.

Yo  zack1324! You got evidence 2 of my brothers died from aids?

Yo Frekky!  You got evidence I have criminal records?

What happened to your

zack1324? Didn’t you say to deafsnake you will leave Jokechamp alone?

Really zack1324! The comment of yours for Frekky  Related image and DeafMermaid Image result for deafvideovlogs DeafMermaid !

Image result for animated gif you jelly?

Exactly the same attitude your friend George Gregory Johnson had when I was a member at GhostBikerX’s website a while back. 

Things to keep in mind when – deaf people.

What’s with you people?!! Bunch of weirdos you all are!!!

Calling for you, the fat cow, Frekky

 anyway? Why question the members of DVTV?

Related imageThey are members therefore that’s why they are there! Stupid fat cow! 

Quit controlling the people at DVTV. Stop telling them what they can or can not do! You don’t own DVTV,  he does not you so just shut your mouth! 

Image result for deafwars.wordpress.comImage result for animated gif shark hello Me again! Shall we play your favorite game that you often play on the people you are cyberstalking?!!Thank god, eh? She don’t need somebody like dirty, lying, perverted and nasty you in her life ya know?!!

Image result for animated gif tskSomebody that went and lied about your children’s father, eh?!! 

Did you tell your daughter that she liked it?

Image result for animated gif shark laughingNow comes my favorite part!

I can not tell a

Image result for lieImage result for animated gif it was me It was about


Image result for finger pointing up gif posted by you zacky boy when you wasImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com 



 The fucker who reported was me. Image result for gif yup yup


It’s true that

Image result for confession good for the soul

Why don’t you try it zack1324?!!

Looks like zack1324 is a


at Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com by vlogger,

zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris)

Yo deafghOster and your we, about

You  and your we, zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris)edoedoDeafMermaid, Frekky (Dawn Huffman)bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-07-522 Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com

Image result for animated gif pointing downdid all of those.

I didn’t.



ReplyTo:   deafvideotv
Title:   I puzzle about features!
zack1324ReplyTo:   deafvideotv, DeafHawk62
Title:   “she can, we can’t” !?!?
ReplyTo:   deafvideotv, zack1324
Title:   RELAX! 🙂
zack1324ReplyTo:   DeafHawk62
Title:   6 times name-calling
ReplyTo:   zack1324
ReplyTo:   zack1324
Title:   Sorry, anyway “call name
zack1324ReplyTo:   DeafHawk62
Title:   Thumbup & joker champ   Link 1 – ReplyTo:   zack1324  Title:    I’m hands off good night
zack1324ReplyTo:   DeafHawk62
Title:   Yes you ARE involve! 

<2 days later after August 17th, 2016Image result for DeafHawk62

6 days later > IP address. I wonder…. August 25, 2016.
Ladypiratedeaf is very sick person! September 4, 2016

Image result for interestingImage result for finger pointing up gif


Image result for lookImage result for finger pointing down gifSame screen name?!!


Image result for finger pointing up gifposted byImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com at 


ReplyTo:   Frekky, DeafMermaid
 Link 1   Link 2

What record?

Image result for here's the proofImage result for it'sImage result for all

Image result for gif pointing down

Image result for gif tsk tskImage result for shame on youImage result for gif lie nose growing

Image result for time the wordfor you to

Either you’re lying or you’re mistaken.

edoedo,  Take a look at what DeafHawk62 said. 

ReplyTo:   zack1324
Title:   I’m hands off good night

Bet you already knew it and lied about zack1324 never saying any unkind things to Jokechamp when you made the post, eh?!

I’m just assuming which I shouldn’t do even though you all did a lot of assuming on me!

You know I still say Image result for edoedo/deafspider

because of your comment at 00:30! !! You lied along side with zack1324 blaming it on GhostBikerX for crashing Th3Harold’s website after Th3Harold told you all that it was not you, GhostBikerX and Shadowangel?!!

You a Jehovah Witness! People better beware of going into your website!!! You are not to be trusted at all!!!


Image result for psthumbupweb edoedo Google Search (1)Image result for edoedo/deafspiderImage result for animated gif shark laughing

(I send the link of this post to edoedo at his YouTube channel.)

Michigan Seems More Cooler Than Ky YouTube

deafghOster aka George Gregory Johnson’s

for me at his deaftrollvlog.wordpress.com

With my comment added for him.

Airshowfan’s great comment!!!

ReplyTo:   JokeChamp
Title:   Stay be strong! 😬🤙🏽

deafsnake – Jay Greaney,


 Image result for pointing rightImage result for pointing down gif




Image result for question markI’m still waiting!!!Image result for animated gif waiting




For zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris)-


It’s all false?

Me advertising false information?

Take a look at the email I received from WordPress.com 

Image result for 2mattseattle is the winner! Fair Use

Note you swore

that the information in the notification is accurate.And have them check out out the possibility of perjury committed by you, zack1324.

OOPS! You did it again, zack1324!!!

zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris) said, “Fuck you all”.

August 5, 2015 at

am: Mick Fanning says:

Inline image 1

You say she is 59?


Image result for point at youtold  at

that maybe the lady in the picture is me?!!

Image result for animated gif pointing laughing


deafghOster, Remember your comments at


You wrote me this nice Image result for arrow pointing upcomment. Then you again leave me
Image result for animated gif what was that about?Image result for animated gif dr jekyll and mr hyde

anotherRelated image comment. P.S. You still think Buddha9 is Megan Anderson?!! LOL!

Shut up, George Gregory johnson!

zack1324 tell you to do this again? Remember the “Video for DM”? Quit being his slave!!!

Screenshot of

at DVV and his comments for

 and me.

Liveleak video Harold Ambeau posted for me. What a jerk, eh!?!!


Oh really, zack1324?

Image result for xray of a fat person showing fat around bonesI say the extra padding around your skeletal
Image result for oink oink gif

frame is yukky!

VP recording evidence shows proof of

Image result for pointing down
Image result for pointing downRelated imageRelated image Image result for truthImage result for pointing down
You know it bro fuck him what he said I never told you or anybody and I see you got Lady man not Guy why he make that shit up ..you must did something to hurt him or pissed him off I know you not GAY I nerver see you doing that why why you why HE keeping fucking with you or is HE SICK HIMSELF THE MORE HE TALKING BOUT IT ZACK HIMSELF BEEN THUR GAY WHO KNOW WHY BLAME YOU K GO BACK TI WORK
Image result for truth

Image result for You're wrongzack1324, It’s you that sucks to be you!!!

Really zack1324!

Narcissism-Traitorous?!!Image result for ridiculous!!! zack1324!!!



You got some

don’t you, Frekky?!!  

Image result for animated gif pointing laughingImage result for animated gif you mad

WTF?!! Phone # 206-769-9811 and

206-452-0038LOL! I don’t even own a videophone! So it says it’s from Iowa?! Show me the proof!!!



aren’t you, Frekky  (Dawn Huffman)?

Image result for pointing right animatedAll about DWKFV FB group – Frekky – May 22, 2017.

What about youImage result for pointing down gif

Image result for pointing right animatedyou-sickos-frekky-and-zack1324-deaf-people

and zack1324?!!Image result for pointing down gif

Image result for pointing right animated

zack1324’s slandering vlog

zack1324 posted this, saying I got busted for drugs.

2 smart commenters called zack1324 out on it! ASLTad noticed the age disparity

and WarHawk said, Bulllllshit! The grammar’s bad! No way. You did this.

zack1324 then quickly backtracked and said he was only playing.

Yeah right!!!

There’s more of zack1324’s vlogs about me having court records of drug use and more which all is false, made up and not true. Does not sound like playing to me!!!

Excuse me,

Frekky?  What I did? Are you for real?!! Man! You are so totally warped aren’t you?

How about what you people are doing to the people who wants to be a member of Deaf Video Vlogs?!!

I have every right to post this because I feared for JokeChamp and look what happened. The truth finally came out that you people do harass people who wants to be a member of DVV!

Leave JokeChamp alone. I saw what you all are doing to him, all buddy buddy with him telling him that I am causing trouble for him and to beware because I am using him when before you all wanted nothing to do with him?  Geez! How so totally manipulative and sickening!!! 

Also as I said in my post this information, 

zack1324’s a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver in Olathe, Kansas.
Truck and License plate.


Amsterdam Cafe

    • Address: 349 Main St, Amsterdam, MO 64723, USA


Phone: (660) 267-3388

    • collegegraduedmusic aka zack1324


      Monday, Aug. 8, 2016

      Love their home style brakeakfast and the bugers!!!

    • Rebecca St. Amant


      Friday, Feb. 26, 2016

      Meticulously clean!!!! Owner is a perfectionist and devoted to his staff and customers. Food is delicious!!!!!! A great “date night” place!

    • Richard Shaver


      Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015

      Very good.

zack1324zack1324’s name ^ Zack Allen Morris

applies to everyone who were threatened by zack1324 which I had witnessed often!!!

And just butt the fuck out! It has nothing to do with you!

Always getting your big udders in every time someone stands up to zack1324!!! He’s not man enough to fight his own battle then, eh? 

Bunch of cowards you all are! Attacking in packs!!! Get lost you stupid fat cow!!!Image result for animated gif cow mooing


For everyone who’s being

by  zack1324. Here’s some information you can give to the police. 

zack1324’s a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver in Olathe, Kansas.
Truck and License plate.


Amsterdam Cafe

    • Address: 349 Main St, Amsterdam, MO 64723, USA


Phone: (660) 267-3388

    • collegegraduedmusic aka zack1324


      Monday, Aug. 8, 2016

      Love their home style brakeakfast and the bugers!!!

    • Rebecca St. Amant


      Friday, Feb. 26, 2016

      Meticulously clean!!!! Owner is a perfectionist and devoted to his staff and customers. Food is delicious!!!!!! A great “date night” place!

    • Richard Shaver


      Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015

      Very good.

zack1324zack1324’s name ^ Zack Allen Morris

Stay safe everyone.



Image result for deafvideovlogs

Zack Allen Morris, pizza delivery driver for Domino Pizza in Olathe, Kansas

Remember this? 

zack1324, Got the name right, you fucking molesting perverter!

zack1324 the molester, Got the face right too! You stupid fucker!!!
Georgie Porgie, Who gives a fuck about your tattoos?
Image result for animated gif rolling eyesBig fucking deal!!! You’re nothing but a cowardly motherfucker kissing zack1324 and Frekky’s ass doing their bidding to do damage to the deaf community.

Proof #5. Harassing

to give you all the phone number of his doctor!!!



  zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris) and 

Image result for animated gif lgbt flagHate’s nothing new

Proof #

 Yup, you sure are, zack1324!!!


zack1324?!! Giving me 24 hours to come up with proof you have been attacking a person who has HIV and making homophobia remarks?!!

Don’t you tell me what to do and don’t you ever threaten me again!!!

So you want me to come up with proof, eh? OK!

Proof #1.





No free speech for

Christians at Deaf Video TV?!! This person

EricFast stood up for the Christians who expressed their opinions and beliefs at Deaf Video TV who are Image result for continuously  

being persecuted by Deafwomynpride who happens to share the same political beliefs and is best friend with the owner of the website. One of 

Image result for epic fail


Bullying and Stalking at


Harold Ambeau, zack1324, Frekky and deafghOster all lying.

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comFamily man (Yeah right!)  Th3Harold (Harold Ambeau)

 zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris), What would your partner and her son think of your lying?!!

Frekky (Dawn Huffman) You a mother and a grandmother! Not a good role model!!!

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comdeafghOster (George Gregory Johnson) How does Amanda feel about your nasty habit in the deaf internet world?

They all don’t even know who owns it!!! Yet they kept on and on and on vlogging about us (ME AND GHPAT PAT) OWNING DEAFWARS!!!

Seriously, I want to know why you all had to go and make up stories like that for?

You go, GHPAT PAT!!!

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3.1-zack1324’s comment about my brothers and GHPAT PAT

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You are a lying prick, zack1324!!! This original video

is not the same one posted as GIF by Fairytales9!!! 


The orginal video was from when

you, zack1324, made an unauthorized entry into a private

group at Deaf Video Vlogs and videocopied 2 of Rayline’s vlogs intended for private use!

Time 00:27-Look at what Rayline said about not being able to cuss out shebaby and Deafloserman to Tattletale or troublemaker Tattletales9!!! You are lying you bastard!!

Shame on you Fuglytales9!!! You sure have sunk so low now haven’t you?!!!

Look at you, zack1324, bragging to “family man” and complicit, Th3Harold,

about the unauthorized entry you, zack1324, made into the private group at Deaf Video Vlogs owned by GhostBikerX,

along side with accomplice, deafghOster (George Gregory Johnson) and you, zack1324, video copied 2 of

Rayline’s vlogs intended for private use only and posted it publicly at

and You Tube. Before:

2 of Rayline’s private vlogs taken from a private group at Deaf Video Vlogs and posted at zack1324’s youtube channel. 


2 of Rayline’s private vlogs taken from a private group at Deaf Video Vlogs and posted at zack1324’s youtube channel are gone now. 

May god have mercy on your rotten soul!!!

Frekky (Dawn Huffman) talking about my mother’s

Frekky (Dawn Huffman) said:


Lousy mother.

I can image. Why? People everywhere in Iowa said that family (My parents, 4 of my brothers and me) are unruly, wild, troublemaker, trouble all of them.

Where is her mother? Her mother is busy over there at the trucking company

(My mother used to work in the office of a trucking company)

Opening her legs, spreading her legs for all the truckers at the company having sex with them. Her vagina bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-07-522 all stretched out from having so much sex with all the truckers causing it to be so big that her vagina got all flapping,

You can easily grab her labia bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-11-900 and flap it. You can use her labia to bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-15-261fan yourself when you’re hot.

zack1324’s vlog about what happened

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Hello, you all. Nice weather today. Sunny.

Not like you (Referring to me) sitting down in dark apartment, complaining, complaining, complaining every fucking day.
Anyway, This vlog straight to you known as Monster, Nobody, Vicki. Yes.

Today is your court date. Yes.

Not good news for me but anyway I am vlogging this to explain what happened.

Remember last November I pressed charges against you.
My local judge found you guilty. You did not show up in court. My judge charged you with 3 things. Punished and suspended.

It means you can’t contact me. You can’t. One month later you went ahead and contacted me. So I reported you to my local district attorney and told about you.

My DA said,”Yes. You are guilty.” You are to be jailed up to 60 days and fined $1000.00 dollars.

My DA went to your hometown in Iowa. Got a warrant for you last January.

I was surprised you showed up last January. You cried and cried and cried telling the judge that you required 2 ASL interpreters. The judge said to you, OK. Fine.

Got court postponed to April 17th. Really fuck you! That you crazy. Same time you smart too. Why? You filled out a form requesting a public defender. You wanted to get a free lawyer. 3 weeks ago. Right, 3 weeks ago.

Your PD lawyer contacted my DA . My DA said to me, Not good news.

Your lawyer turned the table against me and said I am the one cyber bullying you.

My DA fought for me and said NO. Showed evidence and proof.

But your lawyer said, Look at her website, Thumbupweb.wordpress.com.

You know the one where you cyber bullied me and my friends.

Your psychiatrist, counselor, doctor and your attorney approved of your website.

What? Seriously? Yes.

Said that it’s your journal, your expression and your experience of being cyber bullied by me and others.

(mouthing the word, WoW)

Smart move by you and your own psychiatrist.

Again the paper shown to me by your PD will be used against me and my case thrown out of court. Yes. Why? Because you have mental case issue and is under psychiatrist care and your psychiatrist approved your behavior in the internet Thumbupweb.wordpress.com. I did asked what about your vlogs at Deaf Video Vlogs.com and they said they did reported it but nothing.

2 weeks ago Monday 2 weeks left, my DA said to me not good news because your home area judge often doesn’t take internet cases. No. Cyber harassment judge don’t care. Cyber ??? judge don’t care. Slandering labeling judge don’t care.

I remember now you screeched and clawed and cried and filed charges against me last summer at your court house, your judge said No, internet worthless. Why? Because there’s no life and death matters. You got mad so that’s why you set up your website with your psychiatrist’s approval.

So your PD offered me a deal. Said I must withdraw all my 3 charges against you.

In exchange for you to go take 6 month of anger management class. Seriously?!!

My DA said No. Disagreed. Got into it. Problem is judge.

Discussed with my DA last week, Yes. Decided to wait till Monday which is today. Your court date today. One hour before your court date I informed my DA I withdraw all charges against you.

Why near your court? Because I want you to be a sucker showing up to court and find out you went there for nothing. Made a request for you 12 month of anger management class instead of six months.

My DA informed your PD and an agreement was made. Good enough my case was thrown out of court. My case no good.

Important you got 12 months of hell work with anger management class. Shoo Shoo Shoo.

But is it over? No. It’s not.

I’m still going after you. Yes. This time I will use your personal psychiatrist against you.

3 weeks ago after I found out you were under psychiatrist care, I did informed Frekky (Dawn Huffman) how you got away with it by using doctor note. Doctor card.

Frekky said she asked her friend who has a medical license, to take a look at you to study you. She got 2 words about you. Which applies to you and I agree that’s you. No wonder you’re under doctor’s care. You have serious mental issues. And you abused that to get away with “crime”.

Like I said, I’m not finished with you. No.