Frekky, zack1324 and Mike Curry aka deafghOster

Image result for of Frekky’svideo  “About Deafwars. Who owns that site? Thumbup.” 
 of Frekky’svideo  “Deafwars. Owned by Buddha9 and Thumbup.”

 Frekky! It’s !!!

Image result for laughing gif You’re the liar, zacky boy!!!

   Check out the video

Image result for animated gif pointing downNo email addresses are shown at all.Mickey Mikey Mike, I am going to contactImage result for WordPressabout this.

Buddha9and I do not own this #8 email address as zack1324 claimed and I don’t own any of this email addresses except for #6.

How did they get my email address? Possibly from Frekky when I left my comment on her WordPress siteshe set up for the sole purpose to stalk Buddha9.

Related imageFrekky, Related imagezack1324 and Related imageMike Curry (deafghOster), you all don’t know who owns DeafWars! The proof is right there in zack1324’s videofor  DM Image result for aka  

Related imageImage result for lesson


Superdeafpride,Superdeafpride is the only person who’s truthful about the ownership of Deafwars. He’s got

 Image result for integrity 


Image result for animated gif puzzledImage result for animated gif why you mad?Image result for gif you mad Image result for pointing down gifComments byImage result for animated gif why you mad?
 Related image Image result for about to  Buddha9  

Related imageImage result for pointing up gifImage result for tsk tsk animated gif

Mike Curry

Image result for yawning animated gifImage result for boring animated gif

Image result for 1984 big brother gif
This is what Big Brother means to me.
Image result for 1984 big brother gifImage result for george orwell 1984 quotes
Image result for 1984 big brother gifImage result for i am so scared animatedImage result for evil laughing animated

Really Frekky?

Image result for none of your business gif

 Frekky, You said Frekky, your rules

  Image result for you

Image result for oh my gifFrekky! You said 

Image result for youImage result for slut Exposing yourselfImage result for arrow pointing left gif

Image result for whoa gifImage result for pointing you gif NastyFrekky!Image result for arrow pointing left gif

Image result for practice what you preach

You Image result for arrow pointing left gifsaid that about your daughter?!! Image result for tsk tsk animated gif

And again about NikkiImage result for arrow pointing left gif?!!Image result for youre trash animated gif

Mikey Mike, you an egomaniac, eh?

I will mock whoever I want.

Image result for waving bye by gifImage result for go to jail monopolyRelated imageImage result for go to jail cardImage result for go to jail card

Harold Ambeau’s

Comments from Deaf Video Vlogs between me, Harold Ambeau/Th3Harold and Bearon
Later I will talk about what had happened between all of us.
For now, I want you to read Th3Harold’s comments.

Recent Comments

    • User AvatarTH3Harold { LMAO you one dumb fuck.. the video comment have ASL!! you stupid shit.. see!! you do NOT want to improved anything you looking for PROBLEM… } – Feb 26, 9:14 AM
    • User AvatarThumbup { You the stupid fuck. Oh yeah. Fer sureE! I made a post about you. A very positive post then you go and made a hostile… } – Feb 26, 9:21 AM
    • User AvatarThumbup { Look at this. Does it look like anybody’s moving on? NOOOOOPE! ************************** Bearon I enjoy watching Thumbup and Buddha9. They are so angry; i mean… } – Feb 26, 9:30 AM
    • User AvatarThumbup { Yes! Thank you Bearon! That is exactly what I need! Great! } – Feb 26, 11:21 AM
    • User AvatarThumbup { It’s not over till the fat lady sings! You talk of moving on. HA! HA! HA! You the one not moving on. Look at your,… } – Feb 26, 11:29 AM

User AvatarTH3Harold { pussy? hahah faceless are pussy } – Feb 28, 5:47 PM
User AvatarTH3Harold { i think thumb up first name is tiffany? am i getting close? } – Feb 28, 5:48 PM
Bearon { Hey Harold… thank… keep hunting !! I am looking forward to hear. } –Feb 28, 9:52 PM
User Avatar TH3Harold { look like she stop since i said her first name? should i say her last name?? } – Mar 01, 6:42 AM
Bearon{ Seem likely…… gimme her last name, PRETTY PLEASE !!! HOW ABOUT INBOX ME ? OH PRETTY PLEASE, PLEASE…..I BEG YOU….. LoL } – Mar 01, 7:22 AM

Yo Harold? You need to work on your dirty mouth, you know? You talk like that to your wife? Your son? To the people in the hearing world, I wonder?

Integrity my ass!

Frekky and zack1324 got zero integrity!!!

My comment for Mike Curry

Nice try, Frekky!

Yes, it’s you people, Harold Ambeau, zack1324 and you, Frekky!!
It happened in a chat room and it should have ended there but no, you Frekky, went ahead and outed a person with HIV in both social websites, Deaf Pirate Video and Deaf Video. TV or as you said  Look what happened after you blabbed about this person which you had said it’s your freedom of speechImage result for pointing right gif to disclose this person has HIV.Frekky, what you said in your video about Harold Ambeau and zack1324 is full of shitImage result for pointing right gif!  

Image result for animated gif wtfSee all the hate aimed at this person when they found out about it through you, Frekky! 

Threatening to reveal Tshirtman’s name (note how zack1324 said Tshitman) zack1324 revealed his name and where he lives to Harold Ambeau.


Look at zack1324’s excuse for harassing the person with HIV.

zack1324-use-word-hiv-to-attack-personal-vidmeTranscript of zack1324’s video for Tshirtman  I was lucky to have typed in the transcript before the video was removed by zack1324.
Image result for rainbow linesBegin Transcript.
I found out someone told me your name is (sign) GG known as tSHITman, not Tshirtman.
You made a vlog on YouTube saying I made a personal attack towards you.
Well, yes I did. Let’s go back. You called me a racist.
Honestly, you having HIV has nothing to do with racism.
I’m not talking about the color of your skin.
You’re white and I am white.
You dumb fuck.
You’re not smart calling me a racist.
Anyway now, I despise you yes because you have HIV.
You forgot, remember last summer late summer remember you?
You vlogged you want to kill Deafwormynpride at Gallaudet.
You said that from your face to her face through vlogging.
You the top worse person I have ever seen, so what I do?
I made a vlog exposing your real full name and your home address so they can go against you for making a verbal threat online.
So I went ahead and exposed your real name and your home address finish fuck you.
Anyone who makes that threat is below our level.
Throw you away.
You removed the comment then you went after me leaving comments under my comments.
Threat Threat Threat me.
I save every comments.
So what I do? I call you the HIV Man and you got mad and upset saying that I made a personal attack towards you.
(Shrugs) Deal with it, HIV Man.
I no call others HIV just you. You. Hate crime you. You. Yes. Hate people you. Yes. Threat kill kill kill you. Yes. You said that vlog. You said that text too.
I finish reported.
Now you vlog showing your face. Good Good Good. Keep going. Keep going.
Calling me a racist. Kissfist you dumb fuck.
No one will buy your story except thrashers who will believe you.
Hurry up and be gone.
No one will care about you.
End Transcript.Image result for rainbow lines

 zack1324’s talking about Related imageme yelling at them for attacking a person with HIV.zacky-morris-on-twitter-vicki-and-glen-you-are-not-welcome-here-https-t-co-hbcikit5bk-via-youtube-i-love-haroldHarold Ambeau got mad at me.

Image result for rainbow lines Transcript of zack1324’s Twitter video (video had been removed but the transcript still here) for Harold Ambeau, excusing themselves for bullying Tshirtman.
Begin Transcript.
Good morning. Yes. I saw that. He already started the problem way back before you before me already problem you know that man Tshirtman what he made himself junk out by what vlog said he will kill you twice so someone (presumably deafghOster) exposed his name and address and gave it to me and I posted it then Tshirtman chickened out removed his vlog with his ears pinned back.
(Shrugs) You know the threat to Deafwormynpride me no no. Kill at Gallaudet. Low of him. I don’t blame you, you know.
As for Thumbup (that’s me) She will forever look for the excuse it’s ok for them to bully but it’s not ok for us to bully back.
That’s Thumbup’s character. She thinks she is all that. Like I said she will die like that forever. Throw her away.
Yes, Glen (Tshirtman) made a mistake. He used his username when he left a comment then he kept changing his username and I block him even I thank him for comment and him mad, yes I insulted him by saying Hiv man to make him shut the fuck up it worked and now he is going to you, see.
They are starving for our attention and we easy flick them off. He’s faceless  He’s faceless, that means his illness is getting worse and worse.
Ok Fine. No need for compassion for them. I applaud you brave flick them off and at the same time, I know you tired of comments from us and them eyesore yes.
That why notice I less response. Even I nice Merry Christmas claw claw claw Merry Christmas wow. Stay strong fuck them.
End Transcript.Image result for rainbow linesSee how full of shit Frekky is in her post about Harold Ambeau, zack1324 and herself for being gay-friendly, eh?!!

Yo Mikey Mike aka

Image result for eye rolling animated gif
Like I said beforeImage result for pointing right gifImage result for animated gif  pointing down

You zack1324! Stop

I find it disturbing and

of the people, Tayler Mayer, owner of ,
Deafwomynpride, Jordan Greaney (snowsnake) and several others in

deafghOster aka Mike Curry’s

for me in his




With my comment added to him.

Bring it on deafghOster!!!

Mike Curry,
It’s you who will go to jail alongside with zack1324 for hacking, cyberstalking, exposing my personal information, threatening me with physical harm, wishing me an early death, giving zack1324 my email address, opening more than one account in DVTV with my name and picture, opening an account in dating site with my name and picture, defamation, slander, libel and impersonating me when you inboxed the people in DVTV.
Yes. You the one who’s going to jail. And the others too.

Group of individuals

  Transmission of threats by shebabyImage result for tiny arrow pointing left gif 

There were several videos about Apple by Deafwomynpride which she had it all removed.

Image result for gif pointing down

Image result for animated gif shockingImage result for animated gif shockingImage result for animated gif shocking
Image result for animated gif for shameImage result for animated gif shaking head How unethical of you, Tayler MayerImage result for tiny arrow pointing left gif! Kowtowing these cyberstalkers in your website and banning the people who did not break the R-List simply because your cyberstalkers don’t like them and want them out?!!  

zack1324, How cruel of you to be using

 Lo Saelee is supposed to be your friend!
It’s twice you, zack1324, have done this to the people of the deaf community.
Namely Violet and Lo Saelee.

Frekky cyberstalking Violet

 Image result for animated gif stalkers and them too 
Image result for the word creepy
Image result for gif stalking

Looks like it’s you, Frekky, who is the one who went all

Running your mouth off making rude mean hurtful accusations towards an innocent person.

Frekky, Start cutting down on your

towards another people, will ya?!! 

Image result for dumb cows gif

Image result for dumb cow gifImage result for dumb cow gif

Related image Stupid fat cow!

Cyberstalked in Harold Ambeau’s former website,

Yo Frekky, Image result for animated gif bring it on bitch

Posted by Harold Ambeau

Frekky (Dawn Huffman), So

eh?!! Image result for liar gif Look what you said to deafghOster,

Image result for bullshit

You, Frekky, copied zack1324’s username kaboom

  from Rebelposts  and cowardly hid behind it to do shit in DVTV inboxes!!!

SunBuffy stood up and said something, then,

Add New Post ‹ deaf people. — WordPress (33)

of course, zack1324 started cyberstalking to do terroristic tactics on this person, SunBuffy!

Image result for animated gif angry pointing all so not good for the Deaf Community!

For these who are new to the whole snowsnake

Right here.☜

Good question by

Image result for smh gifDeafinitely Gregg’s video for zack1324 had been removed.
He got cyberstalked badly in DVTV by these people, Frekky, zack1324, deafghOster and Deafwomynpride. 

RE: Grandest Memories of DPV

Zack1324~Deafinitely Gregg September 5, 2016
DVTV Watch your back Where is Deaf Accountability?????

Jordan J. Greaney

Image result for well well well gif Interesting sources☜!!!

RE: A Friendly Reminder about Vicki (Thumbup)

Related imageAsk your boyfriend ❤zacky boy about this☜.


Jordan Greaney aka snowsnake’s

Image result for duh animated gif

Did I say I NEVER vlogged in DVTV?Image result for arrow pointing up gif

Image result for arrow pointing up gifMe? No. I don’t think so.

It’s you.  liar.Image result for arrow pointing left gif

Image result for stand up for the others who were bullied

Related imageYeah sure!

Image result for animated gif patting myself on my backI was reviled by the cyberstalkers, zack1324, Frekky and their gangstalkers because I was not afraid to stand up for the others who were bullied by them.

Image result for animated gif pointing leftYou, Jordan Greaney, even say so yourself Frekky is a bully

and a liar…

Image result for animated gif pointing leftFrekky’s son says the same thing about Frekky’s bullying too.I sure as hell got em, eh?!!

Too bad you don’tImage result for WIMP animated gif

Gay? You referring to this?
Look under the title “Gay Deafsnake”.
The name of the person is slyfox68 so it was him calling you gay not me.Image result for dumbass gif

 I name called Tayler Mayer? Show me what is it I called him. Image result for you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you

Jordan Greaney, You said this about Tayler Mayer. 

Ahem Jordan Greaney, 

and you


My behaviorImage result for arrow pointing left gif

 Related image You?Image result for animated gif pointing leftA lone wolf?Image result for no i don't think so gif  Image result for dumb Image result for animated gif sheep

Image result for animated gif pointing leftImage result for huh animated gif , eh?!!

Edit Post ‹ Deaf people — WordPress com (2)

Points for

FrekkyRelated image

DeafPowerPitmanRelated image

Frekky’s R-List violation in

Frekky, I am noticing you hate beautiful women?!!
You jealous or what?

Image result for pointing up gif is so you, Frekky!!!

Awww! zack1324 is

GhostBikerX’s website and Image result for animated gif pointing rightThumbupweb.
Image result for animated gif smh with zack1324

Image result for animated gif dracking whip Image result for animated gif pointing rightwebsite, eh?!!

Yo Deafwomynpride,

Image result for pointing up animated gif question of yours. 
Image result for pointing down animated gifTell me if it’s
Deaf Community Shithole” and how about this oneImage result for pointing right animated gif ?!!

Stop lying, zack1324!!!

Image result for pointing rightImage result for pointing down gifkaboom is zack1324

You, zack1324, was mad at DeafHawk62

Image result for DeafHawk62 

IP address. I wonder….DeafHawk62 Aug 25, 2016

and it’s you who in boxed DeafHawk62 as Ladypiratedeaf not me!

 Ladypiratedeaf is very sick person!~DeafHawk62 Sep 4, 2016

Start telling the truth, zack1324!!!


Image result for who me animated gifImage result for animated gif smiley spitting coffee laughingFrekky said her friend said that?
I don’t think so!
Frekky faked it.
It’s Frekky herself who said it Image result for pointing right animated gif

Image result for animated gif smiley spitting coffee laughingFrekky, Got two professionals saying you, Frekky, are narcissistic! 

Image result for andImage result for animated gif pointing laughingImage result for pointing at you laughing animated gif

Go hack and vandalize Thumbupweb, eh?!!

2 people from  owned by

talking about vandalism and hacking.

snowsnake and Related imagezack1324

Looks like you’re

Image result for wrong gifRelated imageedoedo!

2 weasels,
Image result for weasel animated gifzack1324 and 
Weasel GIFsnowsnake saif’s Related imagequestion?!! 

Yo weasels!

Real nice zacky boy. Your wife know you talk to another women like that?

Image result for animated gif youre disgustingImage result for animated gif 2 weasels

Weasel GIFJordan Greaney, it’s not 2.Image result for weasel animated gif zack1324, Nope it’s not 3 Image result for gif pointing left

Image result for animated gif flying monkeyImage result for animated gif flying monkeyImage result for animated gif flying monkey 

It’s Image result for 6

One more thing zacky boy, when are you going to start telling the truth about the 23 court records?!!

zack1324’s comment

I told edoedo the people in DVTV had inboxed me saying they were afraid to leave their comments under my vlog because of zack1324, Frekky and their gangstalkers.
Image result for gif unbelievableImage result for gif unbelievableWatch what zack1324 said to edoedoImage result for gif pointing left.

zack1324, Frekky and their gangstalker’s

UA the gangstalker

UAUA called Rayline retarded and he said go shoot Image result for animated gif pointing rightRayline.

What a cowardly gangstalking jerk, eh?!! Yo UA! How about you


zack1324, Practice what you

And you can’t spell! CLAWAING?

 Image result for merry krampusto you, zack1324

Frekky swearing at the

Image result for the word in.       

Frekky’s violation of R Lists


No  for you tonight, zacky boy


What Frekky

in her post for Deaf Pirate Video after Th3Harold allowed bloggers (faceless) back in his website.

Taking their “FACELESS POWER” away is to ignore, discard, abandon, stop interacting faceless in UNITY. Of course, faceless have a right to their privacy and choice to remain faceless but to abuse the faceless privilege…They are the ones that abuse the faceless privilege. Not us. They’re ones who need to take an accountability themselves in order to change for the better. Respect. Unity. Hope. Your thoughts?

This is what Frekky’s all about. Blaming everybody but herself for her problems.

Deafwomnypride’s ASL video comment for

Image result for shame gifImage result for Very rude person animated gifImage result for shame gif

 Related imageDeafwomnypride!!! Image result for Very rude person animated gifImage result for you're a bully gif

Image result for tsk gifImage result for btw gifImage result for yuk gifImage result for animated gif you are the weirdo

Related imageFor reals!Image result for weirdo gifImage result for krampus gif

snowsnake and zack1324

Yo snowsnake formerly known as deafsnake,

Here’s  definition for you.

There’s nothing in> there that shows I have slandered you compared to your posts slandering me.

More slandering in texts by you, snowsnake.

It’s you, snowsnake, who committed crimes against me.

UH OH! Bad news for Deaf Mermaid!

Inline image 2

Slander, defamation, harassment and

by zack1324 and HorrorX toward Cherub Geez and me

in Harold Ambeau’s former website, Rebel Posts.


heeeres johnny?!!            Image result for animated gif pointing down

heeeres johnny’s right. You, Frekky, definitely are

Put your money where your mouth is when posting about honesty!

OK, Lo Saelee

There will be no disrespecting towards my authors here in Thumbupweb.

Image result for animated gif pointing downImage result for animated gif no


You are more than welcome to leave comments but please respect my authors.

Image result for Thank you

Yoo Hoo, bad mommy

Image result for ant waving hi animated gif

Surprised I’m not being

for it!!! 

Surprised? You? edoedo?

Well, let me tell you what I was surprised about.

Frekky’s video response to one of your video {removed?} advising another vlogger to go over to help desk.

{My opinion, Frekky could have left comments under your video but noooooooooooooo, she had to go post it in ASL DVTV.}

Sup with that? You were the biggest advocate for deaf people with some and/or no knowledge of the English language?!!

You, edoedo, was willing to go low just to kiss Frekky’s ass?!! 


Image result for duh gifImage result for duh gifFrekky !!!

You, Frekky! Still

You people, Harold Ambeau, zack1324, deafghOster and you, Frekky, had been abusing and threatening Avas for years. So I don’t blame him for being upset.Image result for karma bit your butt

Remember how you, Frekky, the fat cow  Image result for animated gif cow mooing were cheering Fairytales9 for threatening to shoot us?

Image result for animated gif pointing laughing Well, It’s my turn!

Image result for animated gif bravo bravoImage result for champ!Avas!!! Image result for animated gif tipping my hat off for youEvidence of  inflicted by you people toward Avas.

Image result for animated gif how nice how somebody stood up for Avas.

Said Harold Ambeau is the one stalking Avas. Interesting, eh?

Look what Harold Ambeau said.

Lock him up, eh?
Funny thing. Harold Ambeau and zack1324 said the same thing about me but they both failed big time!Image result for animated gif smiley laughing

Look at how nasty you, Frekky, were toward Avas.

How sad is that? Harold Ambeau and zack1324 torturing Avas.

Very demeaning comment for Avas by zack1324.

Hope you sleep well tonight,  Image result for animated gif cow mooing fat cow.

Hate crime committed by

toward Christians and straight people in Deaf Video TV?!!

will ya, Deafwomynpride?!! 

No wonder you have headaches, eh?Image result for brain tumor 

Or it could be brain tumor, who knows?!!Image result for animated gif shark laughing

Frekky’s (Dawn Huffman) lovely tribute to my mother

of Frekky’s (Dawn Huffman) vlog.

 Lousy mother

I can image. Why? People everywhere in Iowa said that family

(My parents, 4 of my brothers and me)

are unruly, wild, troublemaker, trouble all of them.

Where is her mother? Her mother is busy over there at the trucking company

(My mother used to work in the office of a trucking company)

Opening her legs, spreading her legs for all the truckers at the company, having sex with them.

bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-07-522Her vagina  all stretched out from having so much sex with all the truckers causing it to be so big that her vagina got all flapping,

bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-11-900


You can easily grab her labia and flap it.

bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-15-261


You can use her labia to fan yourself when you’re hot.

(Real classy, eh?!!)

Another one about my mother by zack1324, posted in

 Image result for Th3Harold Harold Ambeau’s former website, Rebel Posts.

add-new-post-deaf-video-vlogs-wordpress zack1324 was being prejudiced and disrespectful towards

screenshot-www-deafvideovlog-com-2017-03-02-15-29-26Image result for animated gif outrageous!!!Calling the truck drivers who happens to be good hard working people, members of KKK?!!

Calling my mother a hooker because she used to work for a trucking company?!!

zack1324, About you

State of MissouriIn your case, zacky boy, your motivation was revenge. What a waste, eh? There was no breaking in private groups in DVTV by either me and/or GhostBikerX. It was simply glitch in the profile section.

Image result for laughing gifLooks like I will have better luck than you regarding court?!!


More memories for you, zack1324

Finally somebody told zack1324 off!

Image result for you go girl animated gif Violet! You are so right about zack1324!!! You go girl!

Funny how DVTV owner

  responded quickly to fat cow,  Frekky and Tayler Mayer gave no response to simplegal and Violet when Violet’s life was Image result for pointing right animated gifthreatenedImage result for tsk tsk animated gifImage result for bullshit animated gif

Question asked and answered by Fairytales9

in Deaf Video TV owned by




End Transcript

Image result for bring it on animated gif

Here’s my address provided by zack1324 from Harold Ambeau’s former website and more in DVTV.


Me LGBT shaming, eh?

Image result for I think notYou, Frekky, committed hate crime toward the person with HIV!!!

Hey fat ass, Frekky. Learned from you about  Check out zack1324’s post
Image result for hiv hate crimeYou’re mistaken, Frekky. No LGBT shaming going on by me using the word gay.
Now you wanna see the real LGBT shaming? OK! Here goes,
More of zack1324’s homophobia slur:

Look at my comment when I stood up and spoke out to Harold Ambeau for the person with HIV who was being bullied by you, Frekky, zack1324 and Harold Ambeau:

My comment for the person with HIV:  Nasty zacky boy’s comment

Look at zack1324’s poor excuse for bullying a person with HIV


Yes. You, cyberstalkers, bully people who dared to be my friends and you call them “Vicki’s puppets” More of

committed by you people toward a person with HIV.

Yo HorrorX! For you.

RebelPosts aka

Harold Ambeau’s comment #2  underneath zack1324’s post at his former website, , attacking 2matSeattle’s family.

zack1324 and HorrorX cyberstalking 2matSeattle

in Harold Ambeau’s former website,


Image result for #2 png~zack1324 to Horror Show aka Horror X