Yo snowsnake formerly known as deafsnake,

Here’s  definition for you.

There’s nothing in> there that shows I have slandered you compared to your posts slandering me.

More slandering in texts by you, snowsnake.

It’s you, snowsnake, who committed crimes against me.

UH OH! Bad news for Deaf Mermaid!

Inline image 2

Slander, defamation, harassment and

by zack1324 and HorrorX toward Cherub Geez and me

in Harold Ambeau’s former website, Rebel Posts.


heeeres johnny?!!            Image result for animated gif pointing down

heeeres johnny’s right. You, Frekky, definitely are

Put your money where your mouth is when posting about honesty!

OK, Lo Saelee

There will be no disrespecting towards my authors here in Thumbupweb.

Image result for animated gif pointing downImage result for animated gif no


You are more than welcome to leave comments but please respect my authors.

Image result for Thank you

Yoo Hoo, bad mommy

Image result for ant waving hi animated gif

Surprised I’m not being

for it!!! 

Surprised? You? edoedo?

Well, let me tell you what I was surprised about.

Frekky’s video response to one of your video {removed?} advising another vlogger to go over to help desk.

{My opinion, Frekky could have left comments under your video but noooooooooooooo, she had to go post it in ASL DVTV.}

Sup with that? You were the biggest advocate for deaf people with some and/or no knowledge of the English language?!!

You, edoedo, was willing to go low just to kiss Frekky’s ass?!! 


Image result for duh gifImage result for duh gifFrekky !!!

You, Frekky! Still

You people, Harold Ambeau, zack1324, deafghOster and you, Frekky, had been abusing and threatening Avas for years. So I don’t blame him for being upset.Image result for karma bit your butt

Remember how you, Frekky, the fat cow  Image result for animated gif cow mooing were cheering Fairytales9 for threatening to shoot us?

Image result for animated gif pointing laughing Well, It’s my turn!

Image result for animated gif bravo bravoImage result for champ!Avas!!! Image result for animated gif tipping my hat off for youEvidence of  inflicted by you people toward Avas.

Image result for animated gif how nice how somebody stood up for Avas.

Said Harold Ambeau is the one stalking Avas. Interesting, eh?

Look what Harold Ambeau said.

Lock him up, eh?
Funny thing. Harold Ambeau and zack1324 said the same thing about me but they both failed big time!Image result for animated gif smiley laughing

Look at how nasty you, Frekky, were toward Avas.

How sad is that? Harold Ambeau and zack1324 torturing Avas.

Very demeaning comment for Avas by zack1324.

Hope you sleep well tonight,  Image result for animated gif cow mooing fat cow.

Hate crime committed by

toward Christians and straight people in Deaf Video TV?!!

will ya, Deafwomynpride?!! 

No wonder you have headaches, eh?Image result for brain tumor 

Or it could be brain tumor, who knows?!!Image result for animated gif shark laughing

Frekky’s (Dawn Huffman) lovely tribute to my mother

of Frekky’s (Dawn Huffman) vlog.

 Lousy mother

I can image. Why? People everywhere in Iowa said that family

(My parents, 4 of my brothers and me)

are unruly, wild, troublemaker, trouble all of them.

Where is her mother? Her mother is busy over there at the trucking company

(My mother used to work in the office of a trucking company)

Opening her legs, spreading her legs for all the truckers at the company, having sex with them.

bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-07-522Her vagina  all stretched out from having so much sex with all the truckers causing it to be so big that her vagina got all flapping,

bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-11-900


You can easily grab her labia and flap it.

bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-15-261


You can use her labia to fan yourself when you’re hot.

(Real classy, eh?!!)

Another one about my mother by zack1324, posted in

 Image result for Th3Harold Harold Ambeau’s former website, Rebel Posts.

add-new-post-deaf-video-vlogs-wordpress zack1324 was being prejudiced and disrespectful towards

screenshot-www-deafvideovlog-com-2017-03-02-15-29-26Image result for animated gif outrageous!!!Calling the truck drivers who happens to be good hard working people, members of KKK?!!

Calling my mother a hooker because she used to work for a trucking company?!!

zack1324, About you

State of MissouriIn your case, zacky boy, your motivation was revenge. What a waste, eh? There was no breaking in private groups in DVTV by either me and/or GhostBikerX. It was simply glitch in the profile section.

Image result for laughing gifLooks like I will have better luck than you regarding court?!!


More memories for you, zack1324

Finally somebody told zack1324 off!

Image result for you go girl animated gif Violet! You are so right about zack1324!!! You go girl!

Funny how DVTV owner Tayler Mayer


responded quickly to fat cow, Frekky and no response for simplegal when Violet’s life was threatened?

Like I said before, R-Lists doesn’t apply to certain people.

Question asked and answered by Fairytales9

in Deaf Video TV owned by




End Transcript

Image result for bring it on animated gif

Here’s my address provided by zack1324 from Harold Ambeau’s former website and more in DVTV.


Me LGBT shaming, eh?

Image result for I think notYou, Frekky, committed hate crime toward the person with HIV!!!

Hey fat ass, Frekky. Learned from you about  Check out zack1324’s post
Image result for hiv hate crimeYou’re mistaken, Frekky. No LGBT shaming going on by me using the word gay.
Now you wanna see the real LGBT shaming? OK! Here goes,
More of zack1324’s homophobia slur:

Look at my comment when I stood up and spoke out to Harold Ambeau for the person with HIV who was being bullied by you, Frekky, zack1324 and Harold Ambeau:

My comment for the person with HIV:  Nasty zacky boy’s comment

Look at zack1324’s poor excuse for bullying a person with HIV


Yes. You, cyberstalkers, bully people who dared to be my friends and you call them “Vicki’s puppets” More of

committed by you people toward a person with HIV.

Yo HorrorX! For you.

RebelPosts aka

Harold Ambeau’s comment #2  underneath zack1324’s post at his former website, , attacking 2matSeattle’s family.

zack1324 and HorrorX cyberstalking 2matSeattle

in Harold Ambeau’s former website,


Image result for #2 png~zack1324 to Horror Show aka Horror X 

What edoedo said about someone who made an


Image result for GhostBikerX‘s private website, Deaf Video Vlogs.

edoedo said: Congratulation to someone who broke in and looked around.

 of zack1324‘s video for Image result for Harold AmbeauHarold Ambeau: Nothing exciting. They all backed away, scared after I broke in, not break in but went in with the other’s help.

For Frekky (Dawn Huffman) – (Th3Harold) Harold Ambeau’s retaliation.

 So you wanna go there then, Frekky? OK! You fat cow. Image result for cow mooing animated gif Ready or not here it comes. The ugly truth about Harold Ambeau, the blackmailer.

Image result for animated gif looking at you up and down  What the hell you doing posting this for Frekky? You brown nosing shit, edoedo!  GhostBikerX and edoedo  already knew about me reporting to WP.  I told them. 

Look below what had happened after I told edoedo and GhostBikerX my suspicion, which I later had narrowed down to either deafghOster and/or Harold Ambeau. th3harold Google Search (1) Harold Ambeau got mad at edoedo and GhostBikerX for agreeing with my suspicion. So he

Image result for retaliate

by posting videos at YouTube and at his former websitewordpress-com-your-blogging-home showing people how to get inside the Administration dashboard of their websites by using a code.

th3harold Google Search (1)Harold Ambeau said, “You are fucked. Your website not safe anymore” 

SEE? I was right!

Somebody did get into the Administration dashboard and it was good ole Harold Ambeau who did it all these times.

edoedo had to shut down his website, SLVLOGS. Later on GhostBikerX closed down his website too.

Harold Ambeau told GhostBikerX he will show him how to   prevent people from entering the Administration dashboard in his website if he throw me out and remove all my posts from his website.


GhostBikerX emailed me, told me that he is not letting me back into his website and all my posts was removed. Harold Ambeau is the one who owns GhostBikerX and edoedo an apology.

You cyberstalkers!

Blackmailing people!

Controlling them on who they can or can not hang around with! 

I ain’t afraid of you and your people!

Bunch of losers you all are!

zack1324 whining about the

 Pax’s truth is good. 
#1. 2nd DVTV accounts?!! Funny zack1324’s talking about it after all he was the one who had repeatedly harassed Bulldog about her several accounts in DVTV.
Frekky’s title of her video for zack1324. Rather conflicting, eh?!

#2.Image result for animated gif laughingzack1324 complaining about Pax not using the block features?!!
Perhaps zack1324 should tell Frekky to use the block feature too? Buddha9 sure did! More than once!

You, zack1324 and you, Frekky, did horribly wrong to the person. 

He did not post it, Scott Norby did.

Image result for animated gif you're an evil motherfucker Why throw it at the person?

It’s very very understandable the person got upset with your serious implication and he has every right to be upset.

What was not understandable is the gangstalking and the mobbing that took place against this person by you, zack1324 , Frekky 

and the rest of the gangstalkers.

Image result for animated gif outrageousLook at HorrorX’s vlog. Sickening. The person did not say anything against him yet that pervert went and vlogged crap about him?!!

 You all go to hell!

I can not tell a

Image result for lieImage result for animated gif it was me It was about


Image result for finger pointing up gif posted by you, zacky boy, when you wasImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com



 The fucker who reported was me. Image result for gif yup yup

OH MY! It’s true that

Image result for confession good for the soul

Why don’t you try it zack1324?!! You too, Frekky.

zack1324 and deafsnake cackling

ReplyTo:   deafsnake
Title:   “Vicky Welch” WTF?Image result for oh really animated gif

Keep in mind what zack1324 said about the letter y on 00:09

Image result for animated gif pointing downRelated image

Check it out for yourselves> https://www.spokeo.com/

Image result for animated gif pointing up

Image result for long arrow pointing down
Looky here! No 23 court records!

Image result for waiting animated gif



 deafsnake! You say you speak the truth?!! Image result for animated gif eye rolling

Image result for animated gif oh pleaseWhat you did was to repeat your friend’s lies like a 

Th3Harold stalking Avas.

Yeah, not surprised. Th3Harold always has been cruel to him on his websites including Frekky and zack1324. It was horrible to watch!!!

Nice to see somebody sticking up for Avas!!!

For 2matseattle, Report zack1324’s

 Examples of Cyberstalking
and this.
fwd peggydixie please confirm your email address thumbupthumbup gmail com gmail 1.png 644×434
Image result for cyberstalkerImage result for you don't deserve to be cyberbullied Go report zack1324 to his Internet service provider

Bless you, 2matseattle. I shall stand by you, girl.

zack1324, Remember what you said regarding my last Christmas?!!

You said, “Too bad if Deafwars.com got suspended and don’t throw it onto us. Its all about your and your behavior from past to present
Image result for animated gif pointing laughing I was the one who shutdown Deafwars!!! Here’s the proof! Image result for deafwars.wordpress.com

You also said, “Merry Xmas and I know it will be your last you got something big coming up….”

Image result for santa ho ho ho gifChristmas is ComingLooks like you lied! Last year’s Christmas sure was not my last, eh?!!!
Image result for santa ho ho ho gif You are one pathetic loser, zack1324!

zack1324, You asking what for IP address?

Time 1:05-Yup. I know it’s old news and I brought it up because Frekky said Time: 00:16. No proof from Frekky but I got proof, eh? So as Frekky always love to say 
Time 1:23~You asking me what I am trying to do? Image result for smiley laughing animated gif I am proving you were
fwd peggydixie please confirm your email address thumbupthumbup gmail com gmail 1.png 644×434
Image result for gif pointing upwhen you used 2matseattle’s email address to open an account at GFM. Bet you didn’t expect your IP address to show up on that, eh?!!

You gotImage result for animated gif busted!!!

So you still being stubborn about you taking me to the court which never had happened?

Still being stubborn I have 23 court records?


I was giving you a chance, to tell the truth, but since you won’t I will go make a phone call to the DA at Bulter, Missouri.

Own it up, zacky boy!!!

True that! I refused to remain silent!

Image result for lines dividers black

Look at Frekky trying to silence someone. zack1324 does the same thing!

Then there’s them discrediting me.

LOL at you zack1324!!!

Inline image 1

Peggy just sex harassed me in my email!

Peggy just sex harassed me in my email!zack1324 Aug 19, 2016

Fairytales9’s hate crime toward Rayline

Before-Fairytales9 on December 7, 2016

Image result for animated gif fairiesImage result for animated gif pointing downAfterImage result for animated gif ugly fairiesFuglytales9

Fairytales9, Why upset about “best friend”? Image result for you jelly? gif

Image result for animated gif female puppetsVicki “s Best Friend Puppet Rayline brainwashed~Image result for animated gif brainwashedFairytales9~May 21, 2017 in ASL.  Image result for fuck you too gif you, Image result for asl bitch!

Image result for grow the fuck up gifRayline can write as much as she wants to and she can write anything she wants to! You mad because you’re illiterate!!!

wow that s you RayLine !!! Vicki puppets You!! ~  Fairytales9  ~September 21, 2017 in ASLInline image 2Image result for grow the fuck up gif

Image result for eric martinson - thumbupweb.wordpress.comEric Martinson and zack1324

 Rayline!Image result for yelling animated gifAgeism and name calling-witch bitch. Time: 1:56

Inline image 1Inline image 2

Image result for animated gif popping pills

zack1324, Responding to your comment for


LOL! You   for Image result for question marks gif

Image result for lie nose growing gifImage result for lie nose growing gif

Image result for StillImage result for ?Image result for OK Click here!!!Image result for pointing left gif

More video messages

I will make a phone call to zack1324’s

Image result for arrow pointing down gif

Bates County District Attorney at 1 North Delaware Street~Bulter, Missouri~64730~Phone: 660-679-4030 and I will send them a copy of zack1324’s video.

LOL! Look at them sore losers!!!

They don’t like the truth, eh?

zack1324? Where are you? Are you hiding?

Related imageImage result for baseball gifImage result for baseball gif

Image result for animated gif smiley singingImage result for song take me out to the ball gameImage result for animated gif smiley singing

Image result for animated gif strike oneStrike 1. There are no 23 court records on my profile in Spokeo!! https://goo.gl/xzzUw7 Start telling the truth now!!! And stop gang stalking us!!!
Image result for animated gif Strike 3 youre outStrike 3. https://goo.gl/vJHcK6 You’re out!!!
My comment for zack1324 on his YouTube channel.

Image result for animated gif smiley baseball


with 2matSeattle!

For the operator of Deaf Video TV, Tayler (Brian) Mayer:

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comDoes one of your R~LIST only applies to Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comas an operator of your website  and it’s permission-able for your vloggers who’s known

to use your website

as weapons to post insulting, indecent, vulgar materials about the other people?

and threatening the other people who are not the operators of  are allowed by you, Tayler (Brian) Mayer for zack1324, EricMartionson, deafsnake, Frekky and DeafMermaid???


The lie is right here!

You own it up, zack1324!

Image result for StillImage result for ?Image result for OK Click here!!!Image result for pointing left gif

Screenshot of my comment for zack1324 at his YouTube channel.

Confess what Just own it up dumbfuck YouTube

LOL! You paid for Spokeo?

For those who are being bullied at DeafVideoTV

Abuse-phone: 888-869-4678. Call between Mondays & Fridays. Ask for acct. mgr.
Abuse-email: abuse@hivelocity.net

Image result for time to fight back cyberbulliesImage result for time to fight back cyberbulliesImage result for time to fight back cyberbullies

About Frekky’s

Image result for vlog

Many many many thanks? Probably to that   zack1324!

Time~01:00 Copycatting the whining from zacky boy, eh?

For Mr. Stinky UA,

Image result for thumbs up gif About your question, Image result for liar liar pants on fire>> this.

 Related imageImage result for preacher gif#9Image result for 10 commandment

Yo zack1324! Quit commanding your

to go   the other DVTVers!!!  Image result for leave them alone gif  your slanderous comment about me making a phone call

to the YOUTUBE Staff for that  I see you are still doing   Image result for When are you going to   that you are nothing but a 

Click here for>> evidence!!!

No, willearl2,

having that fat ass ,

zack1324, calling you a
cookie monster!!!

deafsnake, about your

zack1324 has shown plenty of evidence?  Yeah right! All completely false!!!  Here’s my evidence 

Wonder what your hometown cop friend have to say about this?

Hey deafghOster!

Stop in boxing Rayline at DVTV! 

How dare you tell her to STFU!!!

 using my screen name and my picture for you to open up an
account at DVTV!!!

What you are doing is called  which is Image result for illegal

Look below of the example of what cyber stalking is.

Image result for yup gifThat’s exactly what you have been doing!!Image result for illegal

You sick freak, zack1324!

 with that?!!Image result for gif you got to be kidding zack1324 who needs to leave 2matseattle alone! Including Image result for You all Fairytales9deafsnakeEricMartinsonDeafMermaidHorrorXedoedoSpiritual Warfare and you, zack1324 quit 

Johnscifi47 and several other people at DVTV! 

 zack1324, about your

comment for Fairytales9,

It’s you who’s the liar.

zack1324 encouraging other DVTVers to do

at Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com

AH HA! Gotcha, zack1324!!!

Image result for youtubeImage result for animated gif I like you red button

and at Related imageImage result for animated gif I like you red button

and at  (Harold Ambeau)

Image result for animated gif stupid at the idiotic RedneckMoose’s comment for zack1324!

and now this

Image result for deafvideovlogs Note for you, zacky boy. Image result for animated gif I like you red button No court records for me!
Image result for zack1324/23 court record

Here’s the  you !!!

There are no 23 court records on my profile in Spokeo here!

Image result for tsk tsk Related image

Image result for animated gif get a lifeGot to be something insanely wrong with zack1324 when his time would have been much better spending it with his wife instead of sitting there all day vlogging lies after another lie about me!!!

Image result for animated gif get a life


Very happy when get some laid?

Don’t forget what DeafMermaid had said before, eh? 

According to

DeafMermaid, I get laid a lot by sleeping with other women’s husband for drugs!!!

you, Fairytales9! 

Eric Martinson and zack1324’s


 Link 1

It looks like you,
 zack1324, committed


me by with the picture of me and my personal information.

As well as you, Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv EricMartinson and you again, zack1324 committed  

of    2matseattle by

with her email address.

Fwd It s only 1.00 to check out Raventg s photos thumbupthumbup gmail.com Gmail

EricMartison and zack1324,

Image result for Stop

2matseattle and her children! The bunch of sick freaks you all are! 

Still creating a false account at an online dating site for 2matseattle? Image result for animated gif dancing penisAroused again aren’t you boys?

fwd peggydixie please confirm your email address thumbupthumbup gmail com gmail 1.png 644×434

So funny what you said, zack1324! 

“12 months of anger management class. Good enough but need more than that. I think you should go to jail. Yes.”

andImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com

It’s you who’s not well behaved and I got no record, remember?!!

Grow the fuck up fat ass!!!  You too EricMartinson! Your mommy and daddy know you do shit like this?!!

Image result for gif oh Note this!!!

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comImage result for eric martinson - thumbupweb.wordpress.com

Image result for follow the yellow brick road gifImage result for gif pointing right Follow the yellow brick road!Image result for animated gif dorothy there's no place like home

zack1324 and deafghOster did something that’s

Image result for you zack1324 zack1324-is-going-to-prayImage result

Image result for you

Image result for animated gif pointing downmade threats to fuck me up big one.


Image result for animated gif pointing down

Is it jealousy, deafghOster?

 Remember your comments at Image result for gif pointing down

First you wrote me this nice Image result for arrow pointing upcomment. Then you again leave me

Image result for animated gif what was that about?Image result for animated gif dr jekyll and mr hyde

anotherRelated image comment. !!! Surprise attack by you!

Image result for arrow pointing upand Image result for gif what the hell is your problem?

You get jealous if other deaf people own a website? Or since you said you are working for

 Image result for gif pointing down

did Tayler Mayer tell you to go around crashing other deaf people’s website and/or to harass other deaf people who owns a websites?!!

I find it really strange that Tayler (Brian) Mayer would have you work for him when it’s well known you’re a hacker and you have made a lot of threats against us deaf people.

It’s the  Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv which are you, George Gregory JohnsonImage result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv,  zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris, Jr.),

Frekky (Dawn Huffman),

DeafMermaid Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv(Karen) and Eric Martinson Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv

who are the ones who should go to jail not me and/or Avas!

P.S. Wonder if you Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotvImage result for gif pointing laughing still think Buddha9 is Megan Anderson?!! 


Confess what Just own it up dumbfuck DVVlogs

Comment #1. Image result for animated gif smiley laughing Nice try! You didn’t spend a penny on it! It’s from 

 on his former website, wordpress-com-your-blogging-home

Harold Ambeau posted Buddha9 and my home addresses at his former website when we refused to succumb to his demands we shut down

 Edit Post ‹ deaf people. — WordPress (12) There was no 23 court record on Spokeo when Harold Ambeau first posted it at deafrebels. You screenshot the image then typed in the 23 court record in my profile and posted it at Harold Ambeau’s yet another former website, Rebel Posts.

Image result for animated gif tskYou will see there’s no payment needed to view my profile and there are no 23 court records on my profile here

Image result for lines dividers

Comment #2. I ask where was it posted at? And what happened after I posted it?!! Image result for animated gif tskCome on zacky boy, start telling the whole story behind it!!

Image result for lines dividers

Comment #3.

Image result for lines dividers

Anything else, zacky boy?

For deafsnake, About

Looky! Another threat toward me by deafghOster


FACEPALM at you again!! You are worse criminal offense TOO, DUH!!! Why do you keep post about every one?!? Prove my case again that you STILL POSTING……SEE?!? SMH at you!! I tell you to stop post and move on but you can’t! I pray GOD will something to you very soon!! You better watch out for GOD will pissing off at you!

deafghOster, Nope,


Image result for dunceI’m 

Image result for animated gif tsk tskConfess what? Just own it up, dumbfuck! by Zacky 

zack1324, How about it?

Image result for animated gif purple crossRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageImage result for animated gif purple cross

Related imageImage result for animated gif purple crossRelated imageRelated imageImage result for animated gif purple crossRelated image

Image result for animated gif purple crossRelated imageImage result for thou shalt not lieRelated imageImage result for animated gif purple cross

Image result for animated gif purple crossRelated imageRelated imageImage result for jesus thumbs upRelated imageRelated imageImage result for animated gif purple cross

Related imageImage result for animated gif purple crossRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageImage result for animated gif purple crossRelated image

Image result for angry jesus pointing gifStill lying?!!

 You own it up, NOW!

deafghOster and edoedo, What are you 2 doing

Image result for gossiping  Cackling like a couple of hens!

 Image result for Cackling like a couple of hens animated gif

“i found you thatjoe” – eh? Still Image result for same old same old people, huh?!!

Image result for wrong animated gifIt’s you, deafghOster who needs to get aImage result for get a life animated gif

Image result for mind your own business deafghOster and edoedo!!!


Yo Frekky (Dawn Huffman), You said

and you said that about your daughter?


Really nice of you zack1324!

It’s the 2nd time you pulled that shit on 2matseattle!

Why the hell don’t you and your groupies just leave her alone?!!


Guess who

Hidden and secret face with no name in youtube.


collegegraduedjr of Redmond, WA on Feb 23, 2009

RR, no that’s not true your just a pathelic poor old man that use “deaf” as your poor excuse! 
Your nothing but a truely fraud sicko….

MR RR of Hialeah, FL on Feb 27, 2009

Go Away. Sounds like somebody stepped you your very toes… didn’t they?

matSeattle  March 30, 2011

6 years ago


(Geez! Look  how collegegraduedjr talks shitty to the other person, EliteGamer001 for no reason at all!)





Amsterdam Cafe

    • Address: 349 Main St, Amsterdam, MO 64723, USA
  • Phone: (660) 267-3388


  • collegegraduedmusic

    Monday, Aug. 8, 2016

    Love their home style brakeakfast and the bugers!!!



Related imageImage result for animated gif shocked IT’S ZACK1324!! Confused smiley 52