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Slander, defamation, harassment and

by zack1324 and HorrorX toward Cherub Geez and me

in Harold Ambeau’s former website, Rebel Posts.

Frekky, Show me

HorrorX and Fuckky aka Frekky makes

   Related image EW!!!  Image result for ew animated gifImage result for for sure gifImage result for you nasty animated gif

Image result for ew go away gifSexual harassment from perverted perverter HorrorX

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Sexual harassment from HorrorX

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Image result for animated gif you sick bastard


RE: As a person with a disability, I’m appalled at what happened.

deafsnake October 20, 2017 in ASL:
So you were being spiteful, eh? Got no integrity, huh?
You know I did the retard thing? How? Based on what zack1324 claimed, eh?!! A known and a proven liar.
Now let’s talk about HorrorX. Look at how he treated the other people who had done him no wrong:
2matSeattleRayline-HorrorX’s perverted and disgusting vlogs-Porn addiction problem-Defamation-HorrorX being a bully-HorrorX’s perversion– HorrorX
The worst thing that HorrorX had done was to mock an innocent child at Rebel Posts. Made me sick to my stomach and I have not forgiven him for this!  A little child!!!
So I have no sympathy for HorrorX whatsoever! He deserves what was coming to him!
I suspect if his parents knew how HorrorX behaves on the social website and with zack1324 goading HorrorX to cyberstalk the people, they will not like it at all!
Go have your cop friend take a look at your vlogs, Frekky, Fairytales9, EricMartinson, HorrorX, DeafMermaid and zack1324 too. And mine as well. See what she has to say about it.
Get a job dude!

zack1324 and HorrorX


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 HorrorX’s post and zack1324’s   comments at Harold Ambeau’s former website, Rebel Posts.

You HorrorX, #1

Image result for animated gif nasty motherfucker

Image result for animated gif pointing up You zack1324, #2    aren’t you zacky boy?!! 

And you, Image result for harold ambeauYou’re a dirty, rotten


Yo deafsnake,


Image result for animated gif snake slithering
Image result for animated gif you jelly?

About your accusation regarding HorrorX and Funnyjoke.
Image result for animated gif damn straightI called you a retard, deafsnake! Show me where I called you uneducated

  Image result for animated gif question mark About this ?!! Image result for animated gif waiting impatiently 

Image result for animated gif my butt not yours

Rayline, Take a look at what

HorrorX said!

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Yo deafghOster! Sup? Did you do that?!!

You again same talk, HorrorX?

Before you  say and now you again same?Image result for bored yawning gifImage result for you are boring gif

For HorrorX,

For 3 perverts, perverted HorrorX, perverted edoedo and perverted zack1324

HorrorX, You stupid perverted fool, You don’t know nothing!!! You need to quit listening to that perverted lying prick, zack1324

Inline image 2Really zack1324!!! Not a good role model for that so called “Special Needs” fellow, HorrorX aren’t you?!!
Wonder how does your poor blind wife feels about this? And your favorite whore?
Found a perfect description of you, Image result for stupid perverted foolzack1324!!!

HorrorX , zack1324 and edoedo.

Nope, you perverted  Image result for It's you Image result for your  and you are a very disgusting person. Image result for repulsive and disgusting

You are the one who is addicted to porn, HorrorX! You’re nothing but a fricking pervert! And you’re a homophobia as well!

Image result for animated gif wtfscreenshot-www-deafvideo-tv-2016-11-18-13-43-48 It’s you who’s a sicko and so what if Donald Trump is or isn’t gay?!! trump donald trump deal with it hay 

Some day we will have a gay president for the United States of America!

Yo zacky boy! Your comment to HorrorX, you said, No importance? No value?”

Image result for really gif snlWell, remember this? “it’s your journal, your expression and your experience of being cyber bullied by me and others”  BTW about your statement, “I will go find your doctor’s name.”  Have you found it yet? And another, “I think you should go to jail.”  Image result for animated gif nope 

It’s you who needs to go to jail for cyber stalking. I have all the pieces of evidence of you cyber stalking me and the others.  

Image result for animated gif laughing hysterically

I never outright said HorrorX’s a retard and you know it! You got no proof whatsoever!

Oh, wanted to ask, why is HorrorX such a Image result for perv? Hope he doesn’t hang around the playgrounds Related image?!! 

Yup! I want your ! Lots of  and many many more !!! 

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Here you go again making up stories! I never said Funnyjoke lied!!! I said,  Quit being such a perverter!!!

I see you and  still got a death wish for me, eh? And to think you were planning on working in law enforcement?!! Image result for animated gif whew Thank god, you Image result for stupid!!!


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Image result for animated gif bertImage result for animated gif trump !!!

LOL! zack1324’s post at

 Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com

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All my vlogs were my responses for DVTVers who vlogged about me while blocking me from leaving my comments under their vlogs!

Including you chicken shit, zack1324 and Frekky!!!

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com zack1324  Archie  Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com

  HorrorX  Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com Frekky   Joan images-2 Bearon  miapotsky

HorrorX, You wrong.

Image result for animated gif trump shaking head no

Image result for animated gif trump thumbs up

Shame on you HorrorX!

made a  against 2matseattle! 

Stupid ass! 2matseattle never done anything wrong to !

That’s   2matseattle!  

This is called 


against 2matseattle!

RE: YO Vicki – Frekky – June 14, 2017 – Woman to Woman,

got to be kidding!

Who me? Mental Crazy?

 are a pervert and you have problem!

You go, GHPAT PAT!!!

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3.1-zack1324’s comment about my brothers and GHPAT PAT

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