zack1324’s words



Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comVicki isn’t someone you want for a woman that’s already past over the hill. You need a mature woman that’s clean. Someone who doesn’t have an extensive criminal record. (Zack’s words not mine) Someone who’s not a druggie snorting cocaine and doing meth. 

Check out my so called criminal record, butthead.



Come on edoedo/deafspider/edospider,

Image result for say somethingYou as a website owner know that I have not left any comments over there. Quit being such a wuss!

Dang how many time does Vicky tries to leave the comments in here? Last I counts was 3rd time that tell a lot about how much she stalks and harass us! Pity and much obsessive, V?



An apology for you, edoedo, because

Image result for animated gif waving hiRemember when you, edoedo, inboxed me at DVTV asking if anybody had said anything about you and   I said no, nobody did.
Well,  Image result for animated gif I liedSomebody did say something about you.

Username AudiRS6 said you’re a dirty nasty 
man because you asked him if he could help

you find women you could talk to in chat room because you were bored Google Search. There Google Search Now I am guilt free Google Search!

Image result for animated gif tiny angelConfession is indeed good for
the soul! Why don’t you try it?