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Christmas present for the pervert,


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Sexual harassment from HorrorX

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Image result for animated gif you sick bastard



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Violet’s message for zack1324’s wife

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When Violet sent you a private inbox message meant for your eyes only, you went and showed it to the other old cows in private groups, Frekky, Jala, DeafMermaid, and Miapotsky!.

Acting like a high school kid. You could have just put it in the trash.

Sick freak you!!! No integrity at all!

It’s almost like you raped her alongside with the other sickos in your groupies!!!

 It’s my personal opinion Violet does not own your wife an apology for sending you the personal message of hers because she DID NOT KNOW you are a married man!
It’s you who owns Violet an apology!!

What the hell are you doing tomcatting around the online dating site?    Image result for animated gif pointing laughing

Got rejected, eh? No big surprise

You,  sucio cerdo!!

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P220 is right when he said Image result for edoedo/deafspider needs to start Spending More Quality Time With Your WifeImage result for arrow gif!

For 2matseattle,

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What’s the matter, zack1324?

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Published by zack1324 on Jul 30, 2016
Someone inbox me spotted your track mark on your right lower shoulder… Yep. That’s heroin marks seeing that you have 23 court records that explain the whole thing and you are no better than bulldog!
For more info go to http://www.rebelposts.com/1541
Starlight Starbright 1 second ago
Epic fail.


Image result for animated gif wimpZack Morris Zack Morris 1 minute ago Your comment(s) are not allowed in this thread…bye bye Vicki Witch!