For the

Image result for animated gif lines dividers happy thanksgiving


Image result for animated gif lines dividers happy thanksgiving funnyjoke2790
Image result for animated gif lines dividers happy thanksgiving


I agree with kazio63!!! Image result for animated gif laughing hystericallyRelated imageImage result for animated gif pointing right1,269 views and 1,126 views during the week-end!!

Related imageRelated image

RE: Frekky, why are you preventing people to join Thumbup’s site?

Zack1324 too. 

That was when I didn’t know Damon was P220. When I found out I told them off

Image result for animated gif laughing

zack1324 had to unfriend Funnyjoke for his protection?!!


Related image

Time 1:51~False information? zack1324 wrote it himself!!!I posted this and I was surprised Violet made a vlog in DVTV thanking me. Click on the link that says I’m a monster too. You will see it’s not there in DVTV anymore Image result for shaking my headand then this happened!!!

Image result for pathetic gif


bunch of cyberstalkers in DVTV!

Fairytales9’s 2 videos

Image result for lines dividers blood dripping gifEdit Post ‹ Deaf people. — WordPress (65)Image result for

 of Fairytales9’s video.

 5 other people Fairytales9 wants to shoot are:  Rayline  Funnyjoke

  Violet  2matSeattle  Apple

R-List set up by Tayler Mayer,Image result for Tayler Mayer owner of the website, 

Fairytales9‘s video for Violet.

bandicam 2017-10-28 00-04-06-284 Violet‘s video for Tayler Mayer. 

Image result for animated gif hello? Image result for animated gif pointing downImage result for animated gif waiting

Image result for pointing down gifImage result for pointing down gif

Image result for smh animated gif

Fairytales9, caused
bandicam 2017-10-28 08-41-20-124Violet to be in fear for her own safety!  

Sexual harassment from HorrorX

Image result for ew animated gif
Image result for animated gif you sick bastard


Thank you Rayline!

Image result for animated gif happy friday the 13th to you too. 

R-List violation~Time 00:19~Name calling

UAUA ReplyTo: CHsASLDeafNews
Title: Newest shocking history
Absolutely disgusting!!! Condoning violence,Image result for that's low gif00:53~especially after what happened in Las Vegas. Tasteless.
Image result for animated gif shaking my head

Rayline, I bring you


Super Freak: Rick James
Related image
She’s a very kinky girl,
The kind you don’t take home to mother
She will never let your spirits down,
Once you get her off the street.
She likes the boys in the band,
She says that I’m her all time favorite
When I make my move to her room,
It’s the right time, she’s never hard to please.
That girl is pretty wild now
The girl’s a super freak
The kind of girl you read about
In the new wave magazines.
That girl is pretty kinky
The girl’s a super freak
I’d really like to taste her
Every time we meet.
She’s all right, she’s all right
That girl’s all right with me yeah.
She’s a super freak, super freak,
She’s super freaky, super freak, super freak.
She’s a very special girl,
From her head down to her toenails
Yet she’ll wait for me at backstage with her girlfriends,
In a limousine.
Three’s not a crowd to her, she said
“Room 714, I’ll be waiting.”
When I get there she’s got incense, wine and candles
It’s such a freaky scene.
That girl is pretty wild now
The girl’s a super freak
The kind of girl you read about
In the new wave magazines.
That girl is pretty kinky
The girl’s a super freak
I’d really like to taste her
Every time we meet.
She’s all right, she’s all right
That girl’s all right with me yeah.
She’s a super freak, super freak,
She’s super freaky, super freak, super freak.
Temptations sing, oh, super freak,
Super freak, the girl’s a super freak, oh.
She’s a very kinky girl,
The kind you don’t take home to mother
She will never let your spirits down,
Once you get her off the street.
Songwriters: Alonzo Miller / Rick James
Super Freak lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Rayline, deafsnake is in violation of

Image result for animated gif pointing right Image result for animated gif yelling

deafsnake’s R-List violation~Name calling

Rayline! You’re QUEEN!!!

 aylineRelated image

Related imageMore about your name, RAYLINE.

Duh, Fuglytales9!!!

Fairytales9’s hate crime toward Rayline

Before-Fairytales9 on December 7, 2016

Image result for animated gif fairiesImage result for animated gif pointing downAfterImage result for animated gif ugly fairiesFuglytales9

Fairytales9, Why upset about “best friend”? Image result for you jelly? gif

Image result for animated gif female puppetsVicki “s Best Friend Puppet Rayline brainwashed~Image result for animated gif brainwashedFairytales9~May 21, 2017 in ASL.  Image result for fuck you too gif you, Image result for asl bitch!

Image result for grow the fuck up gifRayline can write as much as she wants to and she can write anything she wants to! You mad because you’re illiterate!!!

wow that s you RayLine !!! Vicki puppets You!! ~  Fairytales9  ~September 21, 2017 in ASLInline image 2Image result for grow the fuck up gif

Image result for eric martinson - thumbupweb.wordpress.comEric Martinson and zack1324

 Rayline!Image result for yelling animated gifAgeism and name calling-witch bitch. Time: 1:56

Inline image 1Inline image 2

Image result for animated gif popping pills


Did you see what

 Deafwomynpride said?

Image result for geez gifHer headaches are now 24/7!!! Time 01:26

Image result for how awful
I would get headaches every other week!  But since I moved to a different place, my headaches have not come back.
People suspect I might have had carbon monoxide poisoning from working in the basement and from the building?!!
Once a while I would get sinus headaches.

True Facts About Headaches InfographicCredit: The Facts on Headaches Infographic by Hosmer Chiropractic Health

For Rayline who was worried about animals in hurricane.

Key West’s “gypsy chickens” are driven to safety
Key West's “gypsy chickens” are driven to safety

Key West’s famous fowl was evacuated ahead of Irma. Roosters and chickens were wrapped in newspaper “burritos” and placed in the back seat of a car. Local celeb Jayesh Mani is credited for moving the feathered friends to safety.

While some commenters questioned how the chickens were being transported, others noted that it was properly done and was to prevent fighting. The “gypsy chickens,” are free-roaming birds which were released when cock-fighting became illegal in the area. While some locals may find them to be an annoyance, for tourists, they are part of Key West’s enduring charm. (Source)


250 animals are housed in jail cells in Key West

250 animals are housed in jail cells in Key West

Just ahead of Hurricane Irma, 426 inmates were evacuated by bus from the Key West jail to lockups in Palm Beach County to make room for some new prisoners.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office runs an animal farm and cares for 250 animals that have been abandoned, abused, confiscated, or donated. With Irma approaching, officials figured the jail cells were much safer for the animals than their usual digs. Mo the sloth, Kramer the emu, some horses, pigs, goats, sheep, tropical birds, alligators, snakes, turtles and others are currently passing slow time together. There’s no word yet as to when they’ll be paroled. (Source)

HUH? Rayline?


Image result for i don't think so gif

Rayline is dressed, her hair’s combed and her face looks freshly washed!
Now, the definition of slothImage result for sloth sin examples applies to Frekky! Look at her! Hardly ever dressed!

LOLWhere is Trump when Hurricane Harley occurred?Found a linkOh you felt the sting? pitmanfinnishmanYou deafsnake YouImage result for sloth sin examplesImage result for i rest my case


Image result for animated gif bring it onImage result for animated gif bring it on

It’ll be interesting to see what your “childhood friend who’s a cop in my hometown” have to say about your buddy zack1324’s   regarding this and this below

When in truth there are no 23 court records on my profile in Spokeo and I so would love for her to check this out and this too as well!

How about this one where zack1324 encouraged the people at DVTV to do some gang stalking.Image result for animated gif you go to hell!

Hey deafghOster!

Stop in boxing Rayline at DVTV! 

How dare you tell her to STFU!!!

 using my screen name and my picture for you to open up an
account at DVTV!!!

What you are doing is called  which is Image result for illegal

Look below of the example of what cyber stalking is.

Image result for yup gifThat’s exactly what you have been doing!!Image result for illegal

You sick freak, zack1324!

 with that?!!Image result for gif you got to be kidding zack1324 who needs to leave 2matseattle alone! Including Image result for You all Fairytales9deafsnakeEricMartinsonDeafMermaidHorrorXedoedoSpiritual Warfare and you, zack1324 quit 

Johnscifi47 and several other people at DVTV! 

 zack1324, about your

comment for Fairytales9,

It’s you who’s the liar.


Very happy when get some laid?

Don’t forget what DeafMermaid had said before, eh? 

According to

DeafMermaid, I get laid a lot by sleeping with other women’s husband for drugs!!!

you, Fairytales9! 


Image result for animated gif floating heartsImage result for animated gif thank you,

Rayline!!!Image result for animated gif blowing kiss


Interesting vlog you made about being warned to not be trustful of the other species. Then this for you by CHsASLDeafNews:

Then I found this 

and check out the slide show below.


Listen to whoever warned you.

DeafMermaid (Karen) #9

Image result for animated gif jesus facepalm

 She did not break any of the 10 commandmentsImage result for 10 commandments

while DeafMermaid broke #9 Image result for 10 commandments liein her vlog about me being a whore, having sex with men to get money for drugs.

Image result for animated gif satan laughing


Always love being hugged – JULY 28, 2017

Image result for for you Image result for hugging animated gifImage result for vertical dividers

Rayline, Buddha9’s always full of

Related imageLook at Buddha9’s post

Related image posted at  from while back. 

For Buddha9, Hey bitch! 

For deafsnake, About

Red texts is my response for

About Zacky – by deafsnake

Hello, I want to talk about Zacky.  Vicki, I have to agree with him. Sorry to be honest with you. Reason? He has provided plenty of evidence and you have shown little or none

He has provided tons of links, and plenty of images.  Yet, you call him a pathological liar when the evidence is right there about you.

Image result for again

You even called me, ME, a retard. Image result for animated gif pointing rightImage result for animated gif smiley baby laughing I just love Jack Nicholson!!!
Image result for anyway moving on
You whining? How about your vlogs at at DVTV:  
About Vicki/Rayline/Religion and Pope-May 01, 2017
Hey Vicki-May 13, 2017
Vicki… how is Frekky a bad mother exactly?-May 14, 2017
Vicki, are you sure Frekky has emotional issues?-May 14, 2017
Oh Vicki! So you lied about Frekky lol-May 15, 2017
LOL Vicki… Me dumb? and Frekky’s looksMay 16, 2017
Vicki, why would you inbox me about edodo?May 17, 2017
Vicki, you’re just grasping at straws-May 18, 2017
What I learned from Frekky: Vicki hates the disabledMay 18, 2017
To Vicki/Rayline: Aw you cant understand me?May 19, 2017
Vicki, Your English grammar sucks.-May 19, 2017
Vicki, still whining about no text?-May 21, 2017
Sorry, Vicki, Whining isnt facts-May 21, 2017
Attn: Vicki aka ThumbDown2-May 30, 2017-As I said> before

You’re a religious hypocrite Image result for who me gifI’m religious?!! like most of these members over at DVTV, you know over there on the site. but at least I’m honest on who people are. 

Zack isn’t even a hypocrite. Yes, we disagree on some topics in private groups at DVTV but I know him well enough not to lie about stuff like thisSorry to burst your bubble but zack1324 lies!

Image result for oh yeah He lies big time!!! We respect each other enough to know where we both stand.

Too bad you’ll never see what we talked about in private groups. I could carelessThere’s a lot of good discussion over there. It’s funny how you claim you dont twist, lie and among several things yet you called Image result for huh gifImage result for show me gifGhostbikerX a hacker Image result for show me the proof

I said it!!! with the other Ghost. You mean deafghOster  (George Gregory Johnson) I said he’s a hacker because he is a hacker.

You’ve accused them, edodo, Harold and Budda9

 Image result for animated gif huh? Buddha9? I don’t think so!!! of conspiring

LOL!?!! Rather to help Frekky

That’s Frekky so the> operational word would be teammates, eh?!! and Zacky deal with you. Do you realize how crazy and stupid that sounds?

You realize that GhostbikerX isn’t very smart just average because he admitted he’s not good at reading Image result for excuse me?

You are measuring people’s intelligent on how well they know the English language? Hells Bells! There’s people who know English language very well yet are so stupid like you. No offense. Just being honest...Sometimes he needs help reading stuff like my posts here at DVV. That’s why he has his wife to help him on reading certain things.  If you believe you’re telling the truth why not record yourself going through that website, showing the evidence? What truth are you looking for? How about you go through my websites slowly so you can see for yourself? I said slowly because it seems you keep misunderstanding everything I said. And it’s possible you know everything they say is a lie yet not accepting the truth?

That’s all you needed to do.  Again, you’re crazy and a hypocrite. I think the same way about you. How about that! We got something in common!

Zack, a cyberstalker? According to this he is and so is Frekky, DeafMermaid, edoedo and deafghOster. Let’s see… you’ve stalked me, Zack, Frekky, GhostbikerX and DVTV. How so? You’ve gone to Frekky’s fb…Likely KJ’s fb too. Facebook me? LOL! I don’t think so!!! I don’t do facebook!!! What does that say about you? Well, how about what does it say about you following the herd believing everything they say without proof?

(Zack, I couldn’t find a good image of you as a thumbnail so I had to pull one from So forgive me) Of course you couldn’t find a good image of zack1324 because he’s got the ugliest soul of anybody I’ve ever seen!

Rayline and Jokechamp,

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comImage result for
Image result for beach dividers
Image result for st. maarten airport takeoff animated gifst-maarten-airport-map-2.jpg Related image

Image result for lines dividers beach

First time in 50-year history-a person killed Image result for jetliner taking off animated gifby the blast from a jetliner taking off.

Spiritual Warfare,

Image result for hypocrisyImage result for hypocrisyImage result for hypocrisyImage result for hypocrisy

Spiritual Warfare, About your title

Image result for animated pointing you jesus gif,need to Image result for animated reading bible gif > Matthew 7:3-5

Your bible verses for Rayline.

Proverbs 6:16 – 6:19. It should be sent to  DeafMermaid not Rayline.

Matthew 12:36. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words, you will be

James 1:26. If Spiritual Warfare seems to have religion and has no control over her tongue but lets herself be tricked by what is false this woman’s religion is of no value for believing everything zack1324 says.

Image result for animated devil poking pitchfork gif 

Rayline, About fn2178

Feeling like a fool

 Accusing us all, huh?!!

deafsnake’s Image result for animated gif pointing laughing comment for Frekky and EricMartinson

Calling for you, the fat cow, Frekky

 anyway? Why question the members of DVTV?

Related imageThey are members therefore that’s why they are there! Stupid fat cow! 

Quit controlling the people at DVTV. Stop telling them what they can or can not do! You don’t own DVTV,  he does not you so just shut your mouth! 

Image result for deafwars.wordpress.comImage result for animated gif shark hello Me again! Shall we play your favorite game that you often play on the people you are cyberstalking?!!Thank god, eh? She don’t need somebody like dirty, lying, perverted and nasty you in her life ya know?!!

Image result for animated gif tskSomebody that went and lied about your children’s father, eh?!! 

Did you tell your daughter that she liked it?

Image result for animated gif shark laughingNow comes my favorite part!


OH! You don’t?Image result for FYI Its a PUBLIC info..2 words for you….. posted by zack1324 on Nov 4, 2016 at DeafVideo TVI know why. Because you don’t got no brain. I hope it helped you understand why you don’t got?

Image result for Got it?

Whoa! Rayline look at

screenshot-webcache-googleusercontent-com-2016-11-15-19-10-30^his face!!!


for Rayline. Image result for to Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comImage result for


Jokechamp is a real champion in being funny! He loves to write and he wrote some short stories which I find very enjoyable! Look at his comments, always cheerful and funny!

Check out Jokechamp’s  video

For Ghostbikex lol!! Really funny and he’s got talent!

You all are mad at him because he wanted to be my friend just like Rayline. You all’s jealous!!!

Image result for animated gif stars

You are forever champs!!!


Hey deafghOster and/or zack1324!


zack1324 Image result for and Image result for Just quit it already using my screen name, Thumbup2 to in box people at DVTV!

Word of the day for Rayline,

Yes, I learned that some men have one testicle. One man told me that he has one testicle.The doctor had to remove one testicle due to something like prostate cancer or some kinds of cancer. I learned that some men have one testicle, too. True?
Image result for animated gif yupCheck out 10 Famous Men (Past & Present) With Only One Testicle

Rayline, About

Go to your new post,

scroll on down

and put a check mark

in the little square

Now on to your comment:

There’s no colored word. What word?

Look below.

For Rayline the Caretaker,

Image result for dividers cat paws
 cat morning wake up buenos dias helloo GIFImage result for gif good morning cat

Image result for animated gif pointing down cat  turn to Image result for tiny gif black catsleep w/you every night, eh Related image Check out what this guy did about the same problem you have.Image result for gif cat have a great day

Rayline! Looky!

Image result for animated gif glittering starFrom roverman55!

Rayline, A big

for Rayline you from Image result for lines dividers pinkheartsImage result for lines dividers pinkheartsImage result for lines dividers pinkheartsImage result for lines dividers pinkhearts
Title:  big star…. Image result for lines dividers pinkhearts Image result for lines dividers pinkhearts


 Image result for animated gif pointing upImage result for animated gif huh

Image result for animated gif pointing upImage result for animated gif pointing up


It you be careful because you wrong blame Rayline!Image result for animated gif shame on you 

Rayline! Look at the

people sticking up for you against that liar

Image result for animated gif liarslyfox68!!!

Image result for animated gif cheeringImage result for animated gif cheeringImage result for animated gif cheering

Hey Slyfox68 SO WHAT !!Southside50 Jun 7, 2017

Just a finger! Waaaa! Just a finger! Waaaa! GoldenIrish76 Jun 7,2017

wowwow beautifullady63 Jun 7, 2017

Slyfox68 is ZOMBIE! Slyfox68 is ZOMBIE! Brooklyn Jun 7, 2017

Hey Slyfox68, come on!!!


Hey Slyfox68, come on!!! DeafHawk62 Jun 7, 2017Image result for animated gif cheering

< My comment for susanstr8



R-List violation by


Related imageFrekkyImage result for You bitch!
Image result for zack1324
Don’t you even dare accuse me of hacking! I just bout had enough of your constant slandering and lying about me! 

All with  too!

While I have evidence of your people doing it!

Image result for zack1324If GhostBikerX thinks what had happened to his website is correct, I bet it’s you, Image result for zack1324Frekky, zack1324 Image result for zack1324and

Image result for zack1324Image result for deafghOster I’m pretty sure P220 had nothing to do with it.

You all had done it before.

Remember when zack1324 made an unauthorized entry into a private website at and video recorded 2 of Rayline’s vlog which he had posted at YouTube and Image result for zack1324

zack1324 also video recorded cherub geez’s vlog which zack1324 posted at DVTV titled  

and left a link for DVTVers to go to his YouTube channel to watch cherub geez’s vlog titled

  What Related image zack1324 did is a crime as stated below,

with the help from

Image result for zack1324Image result for deafghOster which is a crime too as well as stated below,

all the while you, Image result for zack1324 Frekky (Dawn Huffman) knew what they were planning to do and you approve of it!
Look at your disgusting vlog afterImage result for zack1324 they broke in. 

Look what your friend deafghOster did to Th3Harold’s former website, Rebelpost and look at zack1324 commanding deafghoster to go crash Deaf Video Vlogs and Deafwars.

Look at you telling the kid to do damage on 04:19 –
Shows that you and zack1324 can easily command people who’s an computer whiz to do damage to other people!!!

Proof right there it’s you and your people that does damage to other websites, you bitch!!!

Remember what

friend,Image result for deafghOsterImage result for deafghOster George Gregory Johnson had said what he will do to Deaf Video Vlogs not too long ago?!!

Image result for frekkyImage result for animated gif pointing you Image result for zack1324

Image result for zack1324

GhostBikerX, Here’s some information you can give to the police if you want to report illegal activity done by zack1324.

zack1324’s a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver in Olathe, Kansas.

Truck and License plate.


Amsterdam Cafe

    • Address: 349 Main StAmsterdamMO 64723USA


Phone: (660) 267-3388

    • collegegraduedmusic aka zack1324


      Monday, Aug. 8, 2016

      Love their home style brakeakfast and the bugers!!!

    • Rebecca St. Amant


      Friday, Feb. 26, 2016

      Meticulously clean!!!! Owner is a perfectionist and devoted to his staff and customers. Food is delicious!!!!!! A great “date night” place!

    • Richard Shaver


      Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015

      Very good.

zack1324zack1324’s name ^ Zack Allen Morris

possibly from Des Moines, Iowa.


cyberbullying Google SearchRayline because of her religion beliefs?!!Image result for animated gif leave her alone

No free speech for

Christians at Deaf Video TV?!! This person

EricFast stood up for the Christians who expressed their opinions and beliefs at Deaf Video TV who are Image result for continuously  

being persecuted by Deafwomynpride who happens to share the same political beliefs and is best friend with the owner of the website. One of 

Image result for epic fail


Bullying and Stalking at


You are a lying prick, zack1324!!! This original video

is not the same one posted as GIF by Fairytales9!!! 


The orginal video was from when

you, zack1324, made an unauthorized entry into a private

group at Deaf Video Vlogs and videocopied 2 of Rayline’s vlogs intended for private use!

Time 00:27-Look at what Rayline said about not being able to cuss out shebaby and Deafloserman to Tattletale or troublemaker Tattletales9!!! You are lying you bastard!!

Shame on you Fuglytales9!!! You sure have sunk so low now haven’t you?!!!

Look at you, zack1324, bragging to “family man” and complicit, Th3Harold,

about the unauthorized entry you, zack1324, made into the private group at Deaf Video Vlogs owned by GhostBikerX,

along side with accomplice, deafghOster (George Gregory Johnson) and you, zack1324, video copied 2 of

Rayline’s vlogs intended for private use only and posted it publicly at

and You Tube. Before:

2 of Rayline’s private vlogs taken from a private group at Deaf Video Vlogs and posted at zack1324’s youtube channel. 


2 of Rayline’s private vlogs taken from a private group at Deaf Video Vlogs and posted at zack1324’s youtube channel are gone now. 

May god have mercy on your rotten soul!!!

You’re wrong

Fairytales9! My friends do not owe me any explanation of their past and/or present behavior!!!

LOL! Let me guess! Good ole

Zack Allen Morris went and dug up the information and gave it to you, eh?

Rayline’s vlog at

Image result for yellow lines dividersRayline said she was happy to be able to talk freely in Deaf Video Vlogs – Deaf Private Site without the risk of Frekky, Fairytales9, Deafmermaid and zack1324 attacking her in Deaf Video. TV.

Then guess what? zack1324 and deafghOster hacked into Deaf Video Vlogs – Deaf Private Site and video copied Rayline’s video and posted it at You Tube and Deaf Video TV.

Note the title! See how zack1324 zack1324-deafvideo-tvwas mocking Rayline. Piece of shit that man.

This is the video of zack1324‘s response to Rayline’s private video.

Another video hacked from Deaf Video Vlogs – Deaf Private Site belonging to Cherub Geez,bandicam-2016-11-23-05-24-18-634 A memory video….Enjoy! zack1324 and left a link for the rest of the DVTVers to go to his YouTube channel to watch Cherub Geez’s video titled, “In Memory of Robin Gee AKA the Cheeseburger Low-IQ…..

Look at that nasty man edoedo congratulating the hackers. Bet you edoedo won’t be congratulating them if they hacked into his website, eh?


of you edoedoedoedo/deafspider.Image result for animated gif tsk

Congratulating a hacker? Got me wondering if you had any part with the hacking of Rebelposts?
Image result for animated gif jealous
And what would Jehovah say?!!!Related image

Reported zack1324/zack morris.

Image result for Maybe or maybe

̆ wïll wðrk ðr ï† wïll ñð† wðrk

§ð Ì †rïêÐ †ðÐå¥Image result for unless you try


Yoo Hoo Rayline…feel safe? LOL!

Zack Morris
Report this video
Thank you for submitting your report. Here is the information we received from you:
Issue reported:
Hateful or abusive content > Bullying
Timestamp selected:
Additional details:
Look at the title, Yoo Hoo Rayline…feel safe? LOL!
This video was hacked from a password protected site, Deaf Video Vlog by zack morris. This lady was talking about how glad she feels safe from people like him and is now being able to vlog without worrying about him bullying her but…got hacked, taken and posted here at youtube.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Tayler Mayer.

A memory video….Enjoy! A memory video....Enjoy!
zack1324 Nov 6, 2016
Yoo Hoo Rayline…feel safe? LOL! Yoo Hoo Rayline...feel safe? LOL!
zack1324 Nov 12, 2016
WTF? zack1324 Nov 16, 2016WTF?

Rayline’s vlog for Brian (Tayler) Mayer

Inbox thumbupthumbup Gmail

Click here> I’m here for justice for all former DVTVers & myself

Related imageTayler ur 4 Violations of R list that_s injustice   Rayline   DeafVIDEO.TVImage result for good job, Rayline!