Yo Frekky (Dawn Huffman)! Tell me exactly what

I have been saying about you? 

Image result for animated gif lie nose growing I’ll show you your lies about me.

Image result for evidence

Image result for deafwars.wordpress.com

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Image result for pointing up animated gifImage result for animated gif shame on you

About the harassing/talking,

Check out the comments by deafghOster and me.


My post at DVTV for Superdeafpride. Note zack1324’s

See what zack1324 said? Tales after tales… He’s saying I’m lying.

OK. Look below. You will see the part about Humanish (deafghOster aka George Gregory Johnson)Add New Post ‹ deaf people. — WordPress (33) asking Superdeafpride to join his private group.

Look what deafghOster said? He is working for Tayler Mayer?!!

Geez! I wonder if he had got DVTVer’s IP and email address from DVTV dashboard and give it to zack1324 and Frekky?

And it is him that did sneak inbox to people at DVTV without show face and he use my sn name and I got blamed by the DVTVers that I did it. Even with out show face which is not proof!

See? I was telling the truth! 

Shows you zack1324’s lying when he said Tales after tales!

And telling the truth about Deafwars not my website too.



Deafwomynpride’s question

asking if I own Deafwars.


I posted this comment made by zack1324  from Deafwars.wordpress.com at DVTV then Frekky (Dawn Huffman) turned it around and posted this at  DVTV making a false statement saying I own Deafwars and I was the one who made the comment not zack1324 ! Theeeeeeen another false statement by another person at  by  who went with a different screen name, AudiRS6. Below you will see them~gang stalkers Frekky, zack1324,   miapotsky,  Bearon~talking about me owning Deafwars.

Image result for laughing gif Check out Frekky’s comment #1. She said she don’t do shit at DVTV inbox?!! Bullshit! Look what she did to one of the members at DVTV! Anyway, moving on down.

Another post at  by

who used yet another different screen name, Mau5.Image result for deafwars.wordpress.com
Image result for deafwars.wordpress.comLook at deafghOster’s account at DVTV!

Then, zack1324’s former vidme account about Buddha9 being

Looky here at the big ole tough guy, zack1324’s threat toward me at his YouTube channel with an avatar of 2matSeattle’s foot.deafbiker59-ivan-and-f-k-dvtv-youtube Another threat by zack1324 at DVTV.

Image result for SuperdeafprideEnjoy it while it last! – zack1324  – December 2, 2016

Look at Superdeafpride’s post from his former website, Superdeafpride.wordpress.com

Remember what zack1324 said? 

 Look below. Yup. Yup. My complaint to WordPress about Deafwars.

Image result for deafwars.wordpress.com

SEE? Nobody knows who owns Deafwars!!!

Image result for Superdeafpride

Shows you these peoplepointing-smiley-emoticon Fat cow, Frekky (Dawn Huffman,

pointing-smiley-emoticon zack1324 (Zack Morris) and

pointing-smiley-emoticondeafghOster (George Gregory Johnson) are nothing but  slanderous liars!!! Image result for deafwars.wordpress.com

Check out the posts and comments from Deafwars:

This post below got zack1324 really upset with deafghOster. zack1324 warned him to be careful not to leave bread crumbs around. Weird how zack1324 was afraid somebody will find out who deafghOster is?!! I wonder why?


deaf-wars-is-back-online-since-deafvideo-started-a-war-and-dpv-has-been-changed-to-rebelposts-deafwarsImage result for deafwars.wordpress.comImage result for deafwars.wordpress.comImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com OK. Deafwormypride, What do you think now?Image result for you bitch gif  Still think I am lying?

P.S. I still think it’s zack1324 himself  who made the comment!!! Sounds like him with the, Please do and the word wanna.


Image result for linksImage result for thank youSuperdeafpride! Check out what he has to say below.

Other thing that I found out more through Ridor9th’s old VLOGS on YOUTUBE still exist today.. I will love to share this LINK!

Part One

Part Two

Tayler’s VLOG
Part 1

Part 2

There are more from YOUTUBE

Proof of my truth when I said that deafghOster said he is working for

 Tayler Mayer, owner of DVTV!!!


DG-deafghOster’s comment for Superdeafpride and Ivan:

thumbupnumbertwo-s-videos-vidmeDG 11:40 pm on February 24, 2016 Reply

This DG is Deafgh0ster and also other sn is Humanish in DVTV member. So Hey Richard, You got wrong person about Humanish is not Avas and so, Tayler can id my ip. Avas use Hotspot Shield Elite proxy all the time. Richard, you suppose be seal your mouth shut! And wait for Tayler can investigate along till found and will able to announce in DVTV anytime, ok? So, do not make more vlogs again and let tayler work on it. I am not lie about my sn “humanish” is Deafgh0ster, ok? I just have to watch out for who hack in DVTV and have to catch it who is play with DVTV.

Hey Ivan, nice try what you say above is all bullshit!!! I dont give a fuck about you BUT you will go jail anytime when Tayler find it. you will go straight to prison soon after court give you a sentence, no matter what you can run but can’t hide yourself.

Good luck, Ivan Shevchenko….So FUCK OFF!

My comment for deafghOster:

Fuck me 11:43 pm on February 26, 2016 Reply

For DG is Deafgh0ster and also other sn is Humanish in DVTV member.
You need to go to jail too.

You’re an asshole 4:52 am on February 27, 2016 Reply

Remember this? You threatened me. You need go to jail.
July 3, 2015 at 2:13 PM Edit
your site going crashed

Fuck me 11:44 pm on February 26, 2016 Reply

You should go to jail too.

DG-deafghOster’s comment for me:

thumbupnumbertwo-s-videos-vidmeDG 2:37 am on February 27, 2016 Reply

Sure I glad to give this to you my address if you will report to the police. I let you know that I am not live in California anymore since moved to KS last 8 months ago after joined DVTV 8 months and then moved to KS.

Trevor B. Richardson
D.O.B. is 8.4.74 and 6’4″ brown eyes and brown hair
799 S Mission Ridge Ave
Colby, KS 67701

Good luck.

My comment for deafghOster:

You’re an asshole 5:04 am on February 27, 2016 | Reply

That you?
link to encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com
IP:, cyberghost.com
E-mail: zzzzfanning@yahoo.com
URL: link to livelovelaughdotme2.com
Whois: link to whois.arin.net

Was that from you? 5:16 am on February 27, 2016 Reply

I am surprised you offered me your address! I am thinking maybe the other deafghOster was not you? Below is what deafghOster had send me. Funny thing is when I clicked on Fuck_you it went to this
link to oldedward50.wordpress.com
July 3, 2015 at 2:13 PM Edit
your site going crashed

 Also more shit from deafghOster at LLLkmxcgf3LOL! deafghoster is full of shit when he said he don’t live in California anymore. I don’t think he ever had lived in California at all! Last time I heard, he lived in Des Moines, Iowa!!! And his name is George Gregory Johnson!!!

Image result for btwLook below what I had said about Axe. 


Yup! Yup! Axe is deafghOster for sure! Same mask and same style of sign language as humanish and I was right the first time!!!



Balloons graphicsJan 7: Thank you for my 29th birthday wishes on yesterday!





Superdeafpride, you moron.

Image result for animated gif you moron


UH OH!!!


Cyberbullying include communications that seek to intimidate and control.


A repeated pattern of such actions and harassment against a target by an adult constitutes cyberstalking.




Image result for lines dividers bars question marksImage result for lines dividers bars question marksImage result for lines dividers bars question marksImage result for lines dividers bars question marksImage result for lines dividers bars question marksImage result for lines dividers bars question marks


Related imageThumb Up #2, you are very COWARD BITCH! Why not you can accept that you are still bullying toward people! You just keep tells everyone that people using your name because you STARTED whole of thing like 2matSeattle!

So it justify you all’s behaviour towards me with false information, threats and bullying?

LOL! So that’s

what it was >>about!!!  Why don’t you go ask th3harold Google Search (1) what I said to him.
Image result for animated gif PinocchioTsk.Tsk.
Good job VW….zack1324  Good job VW....November 16, 2016
How many more deaf websites you fucked with? Shame, shame, shame. 


Shame on you Vicki thumb down-Shame on you Vicki thumb down
November 16, 2016
Image result for animated gif who me?blaming SuperdeafprideSuperDeafPride? For what? Make another vlog, will ya? This time be sure to tell me what I’m blaming him for.

Oh? So you wanna slap my face, eh? Just like them 2 dvtvers, Time for you to stop, Peg... zack1324 (Zack Allen Morris Jr.)
Image result for animated gif deafghosterdeafghOster (George Gregory Johnson).
They wanna do something
to me too. screenshot-webcache-googleusercontent-com-2016-11-15-19-45-39
Image result for animated gif monster waving hiImage result for DaniWilly81DaniWilly81 Yes. I am here. I am under yourImage result for animated gif monster under the bed 

Image result for NeaLaugh Image result for animated gif waving hiNeaLaugh, Love your comments!
You got me all laughing!!! Damn! Your username’s perfect for you, ya know? 

For those who doesn’t know, his son ismale model Yup! Yup! 

Pssssssst. Personally, I think his daddy’s hotter!!!

For Superdeafpride

Image result for animated gif lines dividers
Your website are fuck coward because you are misleading a lot of bullshit information.
Even you misspelling my full name! LMAO! Here is the prove: https://thumbupweb.wordpress.com/tag/richard-frontier/
My name is Richard Fortier. Even you can google yourself to find out what my address then I dare you to post on your website!
Again, YOU ARE FUCKING COWARD BITCH and even own that website, https://thumbupweb.wordpress.com

Image result for animated gif lines dividers
Image result for animated gif my badImage result for animated gif i am sorry

Richard Fortier


Looky what came from deafwars!!!

Image result for lines dividers
Superdeafpride has a fantasy of  having sex with Image result for deafvideovlogs Nyle.
Image result for deafvideovlogs Thumbup has a fantasy of having sex with
Image result for deafvideovlogs superdeafpride.
Image result for Zack1324Zack1324 has a fantasy of having sex with
thumbup and buddha9.
Image result for deafvideovlogsDeafghoster has a fantasy of having sex with

 Image result for deafvideovlogsthumbup and buddha9.

Because everyone has a lot of sexual urge.
Image result for lines dividers
Image result for animated gif whoo hoo2 men have fantasy of having sex with me!
Image result for deafvideovlogs
Come on zacky boy and deafieghOster, sandwich me up!!!
Image result for lines dividers
The title of the owner of deafwar’s post is,
Image result for animated gif laughingI will have to agree with it. Yeah. Look at how we have been behaving at this person’s deafwars. Amazing how much patience this person got!!


Yo Superdeafpride!

Doing the mobbing aren’t you? You and your groupies! You all need to quit this stalking, this harassment and cyberbullying the other people who is not part of your clique!!!

FYI Its a PUBLIC info..2 words for you...bad karma.FYI Its a PUBLIC info..2 words for you…..

posted by zack1324 on Nov 4, 2016 at DeafVideo TV.

God, you’re such a pig, zack1324!!!

Bunch of cowards you all are!!!

Image result for bars dividers black

Cherub Geez – You will never forget about this…

by SuperdeafprideSuperdeafpride (That includes with Thumb Up! You will be next one!)
Image result for bars dividers black

You threatening me Superdeafpride?

Well then,Image result for animated  bring it on motherfuckers