Real truth revealed that Frekky is a

Image result for animated gif bravo for Frekky from
              Image result for animated gif cheering
For you, Image result for animated gif bowingJetSoCal :hug:Truth is great!!!

JetSoCal did a good job of walking with the truth, eh?
You’re easily portrayed as a liar and a bully which is the true ugly truth. 
Interesting what JetSoCal said about seeing the same people over and over and over.
Yeah, it’s mostly your people, the losers. Bunch of dumb fucks and boring as hell. Never learned something new from you all.
You said most of the people had been banned? I don’t think so. They were mostly driven out by you and your people.
Look at AppleImage result for tiny arrow pointing left gif! Tayler closed his account because of you people who repeatedly hounded him wanting him to get rid of Apple. The same way you all are hounding Tayler Mayer to get rid of Pitman and now that old slut and mommy abuser, MiapotskyImage result for tiny arrow pointing left giftalking about getting rid of EricFast!
Saying he committed a hate crime? OH PLEASE! Compared to EricFast,  you and zack1324, both of you were the ones who committed the hateful hate crime against Tshirtman!!!.
Don’t forget the lying lesbo, Deafwomynpride practiced intolerance towards the Christians which could be considered as a hate crime. She was pretty abusive, violent and lies repeatedly while EricFast was not. He was respectfully voicing his opinion without the hate, the abuse and violence.
So you admitted that you don’t know much about politics eh? Then stop vlogging nonsense about Trump!
And the only good thing you can do is to bully people, eh? LOL! So you are the bully then not me, eh? You trash. 
Never run out of bullets? LOL! Looks like you did!
One more thing, I did not break any R-List and about you, zack1324 and your people who had repeatedly said I was banned.
Wrong! Tayler Mayer himself never said I was banned in his comment for shebaby. Tayler Mayer said my account was closed. 
Start walking with the truth. Start telling the truth that you, zack and the rest of your gangstalkers lied about me.
Glad you’re not around your grandson and glad you never found your sister. These people are way much better if you are not in their life. Ugly truth.
Go to hell you lying fat cunt and get ready. Time is coming soon. Bitch.

LOL @ zack1324!!!

Related image I am not computer savvy!

how zack1324 seems to know how to steal other people’s IP addresses?!!

No wonder zack1324 is able to post people’s addresses in  ?!!

zack1324’sImage result for pointing right gifvideo comment for edoedo.

Image result for oh really gifzack1324 said there’s no hacker in  Sure is a different story from what Mike Curry aka deafghOster said.

Image result for be afraid be very afraid gifAnd Mike Curry aka deafghOster works for Tayler Mayer?!!Image result for be afraid be very afraid gif

I take back what I said about Tayler Mayer

on my post in  ThumbupThumbup Look what Tayler MayerImage result for tiny arrow pointing left gifthe Image result for animated gif asshole did!!! 

WOW! Look at DeafMermaid still

Related imageDeafMermaid talking to saif

about Related imagethis☜ 
in her comment for  Related imagehim


Image result for tsk tsk gif

zack1324Image result for tiny arrow pointing left gif and deafghOster (Mike Curry)Image result for tiny arrow pointing left gif have the habit of impersonating other people which I think you already knew and you approve of it, eh?


Image result for inbox  Image result for send Image result for by . Mike Curry.

Tayler Mayer~owner of Deaf Video. TV~


 Me,  Funnyjoke,  Violet,  Rayline,  2matSeattle and Apple 
   Tayler Mayer, What about us?   to have our lives threatened by them

 of yours~Fairytales9Image result for tiny arrow pointing left gifUAImage result for tiny arrow pointing left gif EricMartinsonImage result for tiny arrow pointing left gifand shebabyImage result for tiny arrow pointing left gifespecially with that Frekky (Dawn Huffman) who is your biggestRelated image ass kisser, applauding the death threats aimed at usImage result for tiny arrow pointing left gifin your website!


I find it disturbing and

of the people, Tayler Mayer, owner of ,
Deafwomynpride, Jordan Greaney (snowsnake) and several others in

You all

Frekky’s constant ass kissing Tayler Mayer,

the owner of Deaf Video. TV or as Frekky calls it,

Related imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

Perfect for Frekky, eh?Image result for ass kissing

Yo HorrorX!!!

Image result for animated gif pointing youImage result for say

Two  4 u, 

What wrong with you?  You have a mental sex problem?

Image result for and  Image result for not right 

He little boy! Leave the innocent children alone!

Image result for animated gif pointing you  

Image result for For you 


Image result for trump thumbs up animated gifYou, snowsnake, Deafwomynpride and Tayler Mayer all have no integrity whatsoever!

Stop using that word Frekky!


Group of individuals

  Transmission of threats by shebabyImage result for tiny arrow pointing left gif 

There were several videos about Apple by Deafwomynpride which she had it all removed.

Image result for gif pointing down

Image result for animated gif shockingImage result for animated gif shockingImage result for animated gif shocking
Image result for animated gif for shameImage result for animated gif shaking head How unethical of you, Tayler MayerImage result for tiny arrow pointing left gif! Kowtowing these cyberstalkers in your website and banning the people who did not break the R-List simply because your cyberstalkers don’t like them and want them out?!!  

Ridor9th~There is a *pattern* on Tayler Mayer’s antics ~

Image result for pointing right animated gifridor9th – YouTube

 Image result for ridor9th  

Image result for unprofessionalImage result for interesting gifImage result for interesting gif

Image result for pointing right animated gif1776


Someone won “Hackthis” Challenge

“Hackthis” Challenge“Hackthis” Challenge
Someone won “Hackthis” ChallengeSomeone won “Hackthis” Challenge

Image result for animated gif puzzledImage result for animated gif pointing downRelated image

Are you for real, Frekky?!!

Image result for scary kangaroo staring gif


Image result for huh animated gif Image result for pointing up animated gif Image result for huh animated gif Image result for huh animated gif

Image result for animated gif what? Image result for animated gif what?


Image result for animated gif trump clappingGood comment from deafstout65!!!

Look how much Tayler Mayer makes!!!

Thank you for the image, Lo Saelee.

Video evidence of Eric Martinson’s

shooting/death threats towards PAX and 1776

More of Eric Martinson’s threat here

Again I say this!


 Image result for gif pointing righthere
Look at how nothing was being done when someone’s life was being Image result for gif pointing rightthreatened

DarkRider left because he didn’t feel safe Image result for gif pointing rightthere

Not the first time the good people questioned about DVTV being unsafe.

 Image result for gif pointing rightDeadmau5 aka deafghOster aka Mike Curry, friends of Harold Ambeau, Frekky and zack1324, send this to DeafinitelyGregg after he stood up to Frekky when she talked badly about me.

RE: Grandest Memories of DPV

Good question by DeafinitelyGregg. (Unfortunately, the video had been removed). ~Zack1324DeafinitelyGregg September 5, 2016
DVTV Watch your back Where is Deaf Accountability????? (1) What a joke, eh?!!

Another shooting/death threats in

owned by
Image result for shoot gifScreamtowards PAX by EricMartinson

It’s not the first time EricMartinson made a threat to shoot someone in


Deadover... )

Image result for lines dividers blood dripping gif





 Apple and cropped-589597 I was from

Fairytales9who was applauded for the talk of killing us by FrekkyImage result for lines dividers blood dripping gif

zack1324, No. I’m


How shameful and

DarkRider’s Image result for pointing rightvideo
Hello everyone in DVTV.
I have decided this will be my last vlog and to leave DVTV for good.
I don’t know when or if I’ll be back.
Someone inboxed me. I was shocked.
I want to say thank you to everyone who watched my videos and who left comments.
I really enjoyed it.
It’s best I go to FaceBook and stay there because it’s safer.
Thank you DVTV,
Bye. Bye.
Image result for animated gif suspiciousVery suspicious!!
 BTM’s Image result for pointing rightpost for DarkRider.~Hello DarkRider. I say what? Good luck.

What say you, Tayler Mayer?!!

DeafPowerPitmanImage result for pointing left gif is right! What is it with you and the bad people?
Look what you, Tayler MayerImage result for pointing left gif did to the good people, simplegal and Violet!
1776Image result for pointing left gifdid not say Fuck You as Deafwomynpride claimed! You were willing to take her word without checking it out?!! 
Got me wondering if you’re jealous of 1776 too along side with the bad people?
, so it’s okay for bad people to call good people trash but good people can’t call bad people trash?

Here’s a few I picked out.

There’s many more of your bad people calling good people trash!!!


I agree with you about the unfairness of this slanderingRelated image by aka snowsnake towards the people who are Republicans in DVTV. 

Image result for animated gif what the hell

 aka snowsnake has been calling these nice people trash.

which Tayler Mayer said nothing about it compared to what Tayler Mayer did to 1776Related image?!!
Image result for animated gif thats bullshit

Yo weasels!

Real nice zacky boy. Your wife know you talk to another women like that?

Image result for animated gif youre disgustingImage result for animated gif 2 weasels

Weasel GIFJordan Greaney, it’s not 2.Image result for weasel animated gif zack1324, Nope it’s not 3 Image result for gif pointing left

Image result for animated gif flying monkeyImage result for animated gif flying monkeyImage result for animated gif flying monkey 

It’s Image result for 6

One more thing zacky boy, when are you going to start telling the truth about the 23 court records?!!

One of the vloggers from

said that?!!Image result for animated gif huh?Image result for unbelievable wordSick bubble going on over at DVTV!!! 

Well that’s interesting!

 doing favoritism toward Frekky and is using Frekky to cyberstalk the people in Image result for gif pointing rightDVTV?


about  posted by OCDAC

Death threaten, Tayler Mayer?

What about the other vloggers in your website~ Funnyjoke,  Violet,  Rayline, and  2matSeattle who was Death Threaten” by Fairytales9 with Frekky congratulating her?

Only 2 people from DVTV, DBwood54 and Simplegal expressed their concern. 

Violet and simplegal had asked you for help and they did not get any response from you, Tayler Mayer?!! Sup with that?

Silly girl you, RedneckMoose85,

Image result for animated gif pointing rightRelated imageWhat are you talking about?  and how ridiculous of you to be judging Rayline solely through her vlog for deafstout65.

Image result for spitting coffee laughing animated gif

There was no  by Rayline towards deafstout65 compared to Image result for animated gif pointing rightDeafMermaid.

got some serious  behavior with the  towards me. 

Yo, fake christian, I called you cunt because you called me,

Get it, cunt?!! Check out her video.

About Rayline’s comments at Thumbupweb, well, have you seen the comments and/or videos from several of you cyberstalkers in DVTV for Rayline? 

2 can play the same game, ya know?!!

Shows zack1324 got no life, eh?

Image result for rihanna eye rolling gifImage result for robert downey jr eye rolling gif
Image result for animated gif bravoTar2006Tar2006
ReplyTo:   Deaf Clawer News
Title:   Comeon…
ReplyTo:   Deaf Clawer News
Title:   More fuel? lol
Drama? No. It’s Cyberstalking.
This video will explain why zack1324 and Frekky brought Deaf Clawer News in ASL DVTV.

zack1324 and Frekky

Image result for get a life gif

Check out Harold Ambeau’s

honest assessment of cyberstalkers and Tayler (Brian) Mayer.

and their
gang stalkers~Jala~edoedo~Deafwomynpride~Finnishman~ericmartinson~
deafwoods65~SyrSnake~formerly known as deafsnake~deafghOster-He works behind the scene for zack1324 and Frekky)
enjoys cyberbullying.
They are not breaking R-Lists.
Tayler (Tayler (Brian) Mayer) don’t care.
All he cares about is to keep his website (Deaf Video TV) running
and everyone follows his R-Lists, it’s fine, go ahead.

zack1324’s question for Violet

It’s what I’m talking about.

These cyberstalkers control the people in DVTV on who they can or can not talk to.

If you don’t do what they want, they will constantly attack you till you either close your account in DVTV or do what they want. Image result for pathetic in DVTV.

Funny how DVTV owner

  responded quickly to fat cow,  Frekky and Tayler Mayer gave no response to simplegal and Violet when Violet’s life was Image result for pointing right animated gifthreatenedImage result for tsk tsk animated gifImage result for bullshit animated gif

Question asked and answered by Fairytales9

in Deaf Video TV owned by




End Transcript

Image result for bring it on animated gif

Here’s my address provided by zack1324 from Harold Ambeau’s former website and more in DVTV.


Why so quiet when a real threat shown with guns were posted at Deaf Video. TV?

Sunshine aka Buddha9’s post at Deaf Video Vlogs and my comment for her.

Posted in Deaf Video. TV by zack1324 in response to my comment for Buddha9.

 mr lion~edoedo~DEAFPOWERMAN~James70~Frekky

Now look at the terroristic threats by Fairytales9 towards these people,

 Me,  Funnyjoke,  Violet,  Rayline,  2matSeattle and  Apple in DVTV and nobody except for 2 people said anything when Fairytales9 threatened to shoot us?!!

Where was  Frekky’s blah blah blah?

This time what Frekky did was to congratulate Fairytales9.

Image result for thank youto the  2 people who expressed their concern: DBwood54 and Simplegal 

Image result for tayler mayerTayler Mayer, owner of DeafVideo.TV and Director of Public Relations for TDI, has yet responded to the victim, Violet and Simplegal when she tagged him. 

 Tayler Mayer sure as hell doesn’t practice his R-Lists on certain people. Favoritism, eh?!

RE: Frekky, why are you preventing people to join Thumbup’s site?

Zack1324 too. 

That was when I didn’t know Damon was P220. When I found out I told them off

Image result for animated gif laughing

zack1324 had to unfriend Funnyjoke for his protection?!!


Related image

Time 1:51~False information? zack1324 wrote it himself!!!I posted this and I was surprised Violet made a vlog in DVTV thanking me. Click on the link that says I’m a monster too. You will see it’s not there in DVTV anymore Image result for shaking my headand then this happened!!!

Image result for pathetic gif


bunch of cyberstalkers in DVTV!

Fairytales9’s 2 videos

Image result for lines dividers blood dripping gifEdit Post ‹ Deaf people. — WordPress (65)Image result for

 of Image result for pointing down gifFairytales9’s video.


5 other people Fairytales9 wants to shoot are:

  Rayline  Funnyjoke

  Violet  2matSeattle  Apple

Look at that disgusting fat cow, Image result for pointing down gifFrekky applauding Fairytales9 for making death threats towards us.

R-List set up by Tayler Mayer,Image result for Tayler Mayer owner of the website, 

Image result for pointing down gifFairytales9’s video for Violet.

bandicam 2017-10-28 00-04-06-284Image result for pointing down gifViolet’s video for Tayler Mayer. 

Image result for animated gif hello? Image result for animated gif pointing downImage result for animated gif waiting

Image result for pointing down gifsimplegal’s video for Tayler Mayer

Image result for smh animated gif

 Fairytales9, caused
bandicam 2017-10-28 08-41-20-124Image result for pointing down gifViolet to be in fear for her own safety!

Sexual harassment from HorrorX

Image result for ew animated gif
Image result for animated gif you sick bastard


For Violet, Report Fairytales9 to the

I am sorry it happened to you. I kept waiting for someone in DVTV to stand up and report

 Image result for pointing right animated gifFairytales9 to   but nobody did.

The only mention of Fairytales9 using the gun to make death threats was by that disgusting fat cow,  Image result for pointing right animated gifFrekky (Dawn Huffman) congratulating Fairytales9. 

Note the  Image result for hypocrisyof zack1324‘s post

and the comments by

  Frekkymr lionDEAFPOWERMANHorrorXJames70 and

They all said nothing about Fairytales9’s death threats toward you?

Again I say report Fairytales9 to the police.

What the hell is wrong with you, Tayler Mayer?

Image result for animated gif stars in eyesImage result for animated gif bravoImage result for tayler mayerImage result for animated gif pointing down Before:
Image result for animated gif huhImage result for animated gif what the hell happened? After:

UA’S R-List violation~

UA ReplyTo: CHsASLDeafNews
Time>> 00:19

Rayline, deafsnake is in violation of

Image result for animated gif pointing right Image result for animated gif yelling

deafsnake’s R-List violation~Name calling

You again same talk, HorrorX?

Before you  say and now you again same?Image result for bored yawning gifImage result for you are boring gif


Frekky and zack1324

Image result for gif pointing upSure explains why Frekky’s tongue hanging out of her mouth!!  More of deafsnake’s post

For Frekky,

Email for the owner of Deaf Video TV

My email to that jerk! Image result for

For the operator of Deaf Video TV, Tayler (Brian) Mayer:

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comDoes one of your R~LIST only applies to you Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comas an operator of your website  and it’s permission-able for your vloggers who are known

Fairytales9   DeafVIDEO TV (1)
to use your website

as weapons to post insulting, indecent, vulgar materials about the other people?

and threatening the other people who are not the operators of  are allowed by you, Tayler (Brian) Mayer for zack1324, Fairytales9, EricMartionson, deafsnake, Frekky and DeafMermaid???


The lie is right here!

For those who are being bullied at DeafVideoTV

Abuse-phone: 888-869-4678. Call between Mondays & Fridays. Ask for acct. mgr.

Image result for time to fight back cyberbulliesImage result for time to fight back cyberbulliesImage result for time to fight back cyberbullies

About Frekky’s

Image result for vlog

Many many many thanks? Probably to that   zack1324!

Time~01:00 Copycatting the whining from zacky boy, eh?

For Mr. Stinky UA,

Image result for thumbs up gif About your question, Image result for liar liar pants on fire>> this.

 Related imageImage result for preacher gif#9Image result for 10 commandment

Yo zack1324! Quit commanding your

to go   the other DVTVers!!!  Image result for leave them alone gif  your slanderous comment about me making a phone call

to the YOUTUBE Staff for that  I see you are still doing   Image result for When are you going to   that you are nothing but a 

Click here for>> evidence!!!

No, willearl2,

having that fat ass ,

zack1324, calling you a
cookie monster!!!

For Rayline, About the word-Witch

Image result for name calling Image result for animated gif ugly old hagHere’s the answer to your question.

zack1324’s post at  GhostBikerX’s website, DVVLOGS.

Image result for


zack1324 encouraging other DVTVers to do

at Image result for

Tayler (Brian) Mayer’s

by EricFast  and excellent   by  SouthernPride!

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comThe owner definitely does not uphold his R-Lists for sure!!!

Holy crap!!!

Eric Martinson and zack1324’s


 Link 1

It looks like you,
 zack1324, committed


me by with the picture of me and my personal information.

As well as you, Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotv EricMartinson and you again, zack1324 committed  

of    2matseattle by

with her email address.

Fwd It s only 1.00 to check out Raventg s photos thumbupthumbup Gmail

EricMartison and zack1324,

Image result for Stop

2matseattle and her children! The bunch of sick freaks you all are! 

Still creating a false account at an online dating site for 2matseattle? Image result for animated gif dancing penisAroused again aren’t you boys?

fwd peggydixie please confirm your email address thumbupthumbup gmail com gmail 1.png 644×434

So funny what you said, zack1324! 

“12 months of anger management class. Good enough but need more than that. I think you should go to jail. Yes.”

andImage result for

It’s you who’s not well behaved and I got no record, remember?!!

Grow the fuck up fat ass!!!  You too EricMartinson! Your mommy and daddy know you do shit like this?!!

Image result for gif oh Note this!!!

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comImage result for eric martinson -

Image result for follow the yellow brick road gifImage result for gif pointing right Follow the yellow brick road!Image result for animated gif dorothy there's no place like home