with 2matSeattle!

Hey deafghOster and/or zack1324!!!

Remember your comment for me


Really nice of you zack1324!

It’s the 2nd time you pulled that shit on 2matseattle!

Why the hell don’t you and your groupies just leave her alone?!!


Remember this zack1324?!! Your

at  under the cover as

Thanks for the


Image result for DeafHawk62 < 2 days later after August 17th, 2016

6 days later >  

IP address. I wonder…. August 25, 2016.

Ladypiratedeaf is very sick person! September 4, 2016

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Image result for lookImage result for finger pointing down gifSame screen name?!!


Image result for finger pointing up gifposted byImage result for


UPDATE: Any single available    Frekky   DeafVIDEO TV (2)  Link 1   Link 2

One of the toxic people, DeafMermaid

Yoo Hoo, DeafMermaid!Image result for animated gif church Why don’t you ask your Image result for preacher animated gifif your comment about me is an acceptable christian behaviorImage result for deafvideovlogs

and also let your pastor know about <your vlog especially the part where you said I need to get a can of WD-40 for my private area because it’s rusty down there.

Another thing, why did

you not say anything about your boyfriend, zack1324’s lies about my brothers?Image result for deafvideovlogs

I showed you proof I never said my brothers died. But you did not say anything?  Well, lying by omission, otherwise known as exclusionary detailing, is lying by either omitting certain facts or by failing to correct a misconception. 

It means you lied and it’s violation of

zack1324’s disgusting vlog,

Image result for animated gif youre a married man!!zack1324. What’s up with you making a disgusting vlog like that?!! 
Image result for animated gif youre a married man!!

I didn’t care much for  ’s (Bucky Raymond) comment. What a hypocritical Jehovah Witness!!  

Related image edoedo removed his comment after I left a comment for him!! I said, “Your wife?”

My comment (Magic Circle) for zack1324 which he had removed.

Image result for What an idiot



Look what zack1324 said-outlined in red box

Does your wife know about your

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So I took thescreenshot-www-psychologies-co-uk-2016-11-20-23-37-29

Image result for results areImage result for pointing down gif


Image result for you wrongImage result for animated gif pointing laughingImage result for take the test

>here or



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Image result for it's fixed now
Image result for animated gif patting myself on my back
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Email address for Jokechamp


my story part 1 – zack1324Jokerchamp my story part 1 – Jun 16, 2017

Only way I can think of was zack1324’s comment at DVTV Warning.   Link 1 Image result for that No need for zack1324 to get all dramatic, eh?!!


 Image result for pointing rightImage result for pointing down gif



zack1324’s vlog about what happened

Bates County Court House 1 North Delaware Butler, MO 64730.

Bates County District Attorney at 1 North Delaware Street~Bulter, Missouri~64730~Phone: 660-679-4030

Posted in Image result for Google Search (1)transcript Google Search.png

Hello, you all. Nice weather today. Sunny.
Not like you (Referring to me) sitting down in dark apartment, complaining, complaining, complaining every fucking day.

Anyway, This vlog straight to you known as Monster, Nobody, Vicki. Yes.

Today is your court date. Yes.
Not good news for me but anyway I am vlogging this to explain what happened.

Remember last November I pressed charges against you.
My local judge found you guilty. You did not show up in court. My judge charged you with 3 things. Punished and suspended.

It means you can’t contact me. You can’t. One month later you went ahead and contacted me. So I reported you to my local district attorney and told about you.
My DA said,”Yes. You are guilty.” You are to be jailed up to 60 days and fined $1000.00 dollars.
My DA went to your hometown in Iowa. Got a warrant for you last January.

I was surprised you showed up last January. You cried and cried and cried telling the judge that you required 2 ASL interpreters. The judge said to you, OK. Fine.
Got court postponed to April 17th. Really fuck you! That you crazy. Same time you smart too. Why? You filled out a form requesting a public defender. You wanted to get a free lawyer. 3 weeks ago. Right, 3 weeks ago.

Your PD lawyer contacted my DA . My DA said to me, Not good news.
Your lawyer turned the table against me and said I am the one cyber bullying you.
My DA fought for me and said NO. Showed evidence and proof.
But your lawyer said, Look at her website,
You know the one where you cyber bullied me and my friends.
Your psychiatrist, counselor, doctor and your attorney approved of your website.

What? Seriously? Yes.
Said that it’s your journal, your expression and your experience of being cyber bullied by me and others.
(mouthing the word, WoW)
Smart move by you and your own psychiatrist.

Again the paper shown to me by your PD will be used against me and my case thrown out of court. Yes. Why? Because you have mental case issue and is under psychiatrist care and your psychiatrist approved your behavior in the internet I did asked what about your vlogs at Deaf Video and they said they did reported it but nothing.

2 weeks ago Monday 2 weeks left, my DA said to me not good news because your home area judge often doesn’t take internet cases. No. Cyber harassment judge don’t care. Cyber ??? judge don’t care. Slandering labeling judge don’t care.

I remember now you screeched and clawed and cried and filed charges against me last summer at your court house, your judge said No, internet worthless. Why? Because there’s no life and death matters. You got mad so that’s why you set up your website with your psychiatrist’s approval.

So your PD offered me a deal. Said I must withdraw all my 3 charges against you.
In exchange for you to go take 6 month of anger management class. Seriously?!!
My DA said No. Disagreed. Got into it. Problem is judge.

Discussed with my DA last week, Yes. Decided to wait till Monday which is today. Your court date today. One hour before your court date I informed my DA I withdraw all charges against you.
Why near your court? Because I want you to be a sucker showing up to court and find out you went there for nothing.

Made a request for you 12 month of anger management class instead of six months.
My DA informed your PD and an agreement was made. Good enough my case was thrown out of court. My case no good.

Important you got 12 months of hell work with anger management class. Shoo Shoo Shoo.

But is it over? No. It’s not.
I’m still going after you. Yes. This time I will use your personal psychiatrist against you.

3 weeks ago after I found out you were under psychiatrist care, I did informed Frekky (Dawn Huffman) how you got away with it by using doctor note. Doctor card.
Frekky said she asked her friend who has a medical license, to take a look at you to study you. She got 2 words about you. Which applies to you and I agree that’s you. No wonder you’re under doctor’s care. You have serious mental issues. And you abused that to get away with “crime”.

Like I said, I’m not finished with you. No.
I will go find your doctor’s name. I will find out what kind of mental illness you have. I will expose you more. Yes I will. Even though it’s privileged and private information, I don’t give a fuck.

So, next victim decides to press charges against you, that will build my case yes, will be on that person’s side even if I don’t know that person, or enemies of that person or friends I will still support them 100%.
I will use all my case, evidence against you to court and bring you to court again giving the judge a wake up call you have problem internet or not you have problem.

You can’t use your psychiatrist next time. Can’t. For what you did since not successful. Your experience, your expression, your journal all not true all lies.

Your posting. You twisted it all. Changed it all. I shocked at some. Some I never said that, same with Frekky, same with deafghOster same with edoedo.
All was made up by you. None of it was said by us. You fake it. Really you champ.

You have high skills in computer and changing. You have skills. Just denied it since.
I guaranteed the next person who files charges against you, you won’t win next time. You won’t.
Karma will get you. Yes. Will. But anyway, I am still going after you.

You won this time. You might win the battle but you will never win the war. No. Will never.
You will go down one day. Yes. Eventually. Yes.

If you’re wondering why zack1324’s quiet. Yes. I quiet. I wait right time. Yes. Maybe karma will get you before I do  Either way I waiting. Why? You won’t stop. You will never stop so therefore I don’t have to stop. I can wait right time to get you.

You will fall. Yes.

12 month of anger management class. Good enough but need more than that. I think you should go to jail. Yes.
end Google Search (1)

(zack1324) Zack Allen Morris Jr.’s

zack1324-deafvideo-tv  toward a person with HIV

pathetic pieces of shit!!!


add-new-post-deaf-people-wordpress show-me-your-vlog-youtube show-me-your-vlog-youtube



media-tweets-by-zacky-morris-zmbays-twitter show-me-your-vlog-youtube zacky-morris-on-twitter-vicki-and-glen-you-are-not-welcome-here-https-t-co-hbcikit5bk-via-youtube-i-love-harold zacky-morris-on-twitter-th3harold-frekky45-herp-is-that-person-try-too-hard-to-look-like-hes-an-idiot-assumed-it-was-glenn-based-on-his-low-educated-shit


Look what’s been happening

to GhostBikerX and I.

GhostBikerX posted his vlog titled, “No I will not shut DVV down and I am not your daddy fuck off old bitch” at his website. After I watched it, I video commented him about  wanting to know more. He said kept getting emails from someone demanding that he shut down his website or they will crash it. He said it had been like this for a year with those emails.
Geez! These people! Look at this one,
Harold Ambeau said in his twitter post. 
⋆TᴴℨHarold⋆ ‏@th3harold Dec 5
This is DVV double trash.

Yeah. They keep calling GhostBikerX’s website trash and us trash. They kept making one vlog after another vlog slandering GhostBikerX and me. Telling people not to go to his website.

About forcing GhostBikerX to shut down his website, it had happened to us too at Edit Post ‹ deaf people. — WordPress (12)

We were told by6giqkf4h Th3Harold (Harold Ambeau) to shut down the website or he will post our addresses, phone number and our personal information on his former website, DeafRebels. We refused to shut it down. Then Th3Harold (Harold Ambeau) and bandicam-2016-11-21-18-27-22-579 Frekky (Dawn Huffman) went ahead and posted it all on his former website.wordpress-com-your-blogging-homeAnother person, deafghOster (George Gregory Johnson) also had made threats against Buddha9 and me. He had said he will make Buddha9’s website disappear.
This here was the title of the post made by Buddha9 after
deafghOster made the threat.

06/30/15–17:26: I need help.. This guy is going to make our site disappear!! (WORDPRESS .. PLS READ THIS)
I need help here. This guy is faceless and we dont know who he is. His site is He is threatening to make my site disappear… Dont ask me why he want to do this. I dont even know him and I never really talk to him Also he is able to get sorta […]

Another post by Buddha9 regarding deafghOster – 08/01/15–16:17: WordPress.. or anybody that understands…

This man used to own a deaf site but it was shut down many times, people do not trust him. I know for a fact he is not to be trusted but I have always liked him but now he is realllllly going overboard. Why I dont trust him because he allowed faceless in his […]

Post by me regarding Th3Harold – 08/01/15–17:17: Do you guys know?
I know for a fact this person Harold Ambeau from Germany stopped by and liked on more than one posts here on Live Love Laugh then he unliked? I saw the avator DR was there and now it’s gone. Why?  Is there any special reason for liking then unliking? He owns this DeafRebel. He got […]Th3Harold had a code which enable him to get in the dashboard of Live Love Laugh and he removed every comments he made at LLL.
Live Love Laugh (5)
Live Love Laugh (2)
Now on this website Thumbupweb, deafghOster is still making the same threats towards me along side with zack1324  about having the law enforcement coming after me.

Threats of violence towards me by deafghOster and zack1324.screenshot-webcache-googleusercontent-com-2016-11-15-19-45-39
This one, deafghOster said my life is going to be short, very soon.
2-things-zack1324-deafvideo-tvAccording to zack1324, it’s going to be my last Christmas.

enjoy-it-while-it-last-zack1324-deafvideo-tv  zack1324 kept telling people along side with Frekky that I own a website called Deafwars which I don’t.  LOL! Look at the reason why Deafwars got suspended.

YUP! I eported Deafwars! Doesn’t look like I own this website, eh?!!

Threats from someone. I suspect it’s  deafghOster himself.
You got all wrong about Zack1324 is not a hacker. Harold is not a hacker too.thumbupnumbertwo-s-videos-vidmeGuess who is broken inbox in DeafVideoVlog? Well, a guy is very an equality, intelligent, unknown, mysterious, supernatural….Now, your computer will be destroyed if you keep mocks Zack, Frekky, Mr. lion, Deafghoster, Tayler and DVTVers? SERIOUS! 

What a bunch of weirdos, huh?!!

Live from You

 Image result for lines dividers red

Zack Morris replied to Zack Morris’s comment

zack1324-deafvideo-tvZack Morris replied to Zack Morris’s comment

Image result for blah blah blah

Zack Morris
OMG you seriously cannot understand what the Hippo man said? No
undy ASL??? LOL epic failed! And nope I never said or any evidence
that I hacked into Deaf video Vlog time for you to come up clean and
stop lying…much obsessive?



Looks like it’s time for you to come up clean and stop lying as usual.
Image result for lines dividers red

edoedo’s boat.


zack1324’s video for

zack1324 to deafghOster:
I thought you were smart.
You finish got it.
Thumbup own you.
Thumbup got you.
Hook line and sinker.

zack1324! What is your

to the test?

Image result for we want to know

zack1324 said,

Image result for for shame gif


Reported zack1324/zack morris.

Image result for Maybe or maybe

̆ wïll wðrk ðr ï† wïll ñð† wðrk

§ð Ì †rïêÐ †ðÐå¥Image result for unless you try


Yoo Hoo Rayline…feel safe? LOL!

Zack Morris
Report this video
Thank you for submitting your report. Here is the information we received from you:
Issue reported:
Hateful or abusive content > Bullying
Timestamp selected:
Additional details:
Look at the title, Yoo Hoo Rayline…feel safe? LOL!
This video was hacked from a password protected site, Deaf Video Vlog by zack morris. This lady was talking about how glad she feels safe from people like him and is now being able to vlog without worrying about him bullying her but…got hacked, taken and posted here at youtube.

LOL! zack1324/zack morris removed his comments about “proof”

After his removal
Zack Morris

zack1324, Deaf Video Vlogger’s posts at Rebelposts

under the username kaboom regarding my mother who died on June 1st, 2012 at 1:30 pm.

Image result for lines dividers heartsImage result for lines dividers hearts
Yeah. I miss her. Badly. Especially today on Thanksgiving.
You know sometimes her birthdays falls on a Thanksgiving!!!
So many good memories I have of my mom.
I love and miss you, mom.
Image result for lines dividers hearts

Hacked! | RebelPosts

Toilet and Deaf | RebelPosts
Jul 18, 2016 – edoedo. View Profile edoedo – Total Post 17 → · PREVIOUS ». BARBARA JEAN WELCH DEAD MOM!!!!! Dude why No comments yet!?

RebelPosts | Facebook … RebelPosts. 2 likes · 3 talking about this. … Wonder if Vicki Welch know as thumbup broke dvtv records by making too many videos in a day with very few comment. … Kaboom got your home address exposed and guess what I found? …. BARBARA JEAN WELCH DEAD MOM!

RebelPosts – Timeline | Facebook … RebelPosts. 2 likes · 3 talking about this. … Wonder if Vicki Welch know as thumbup broke dvtv records by making too many videos in a day with very few comment. … Kaboom got your home address exposed and guess what I found? …. BARBARA JEAN WELCH DEAD MOM!

 Zack MorrisZack Morris 3 months ago
Yawning at you Dark in the City I mean dumbup see that your comment prove me that you are a stalker and a angry bitch LOL IFISH!
Grace MitchellGrace Mitchell 4 months ago
do you know that witcher 3 sisters ? this is cherubgeez and vicki welch also last one peggy adamski
Zack MorrisZack Morris 4 months ago
Yes I know and they all are still alive!

zack1324’s comment underneath Frekky’s YouTube channel.
Zack MorrisZack Morris 4 months ago
Apparently, you can’t read either, Thumb UP. I don’t now what’s the fuck wrong with you after all we has a great chat in dvtv and sudden you twisted into a evil witch….hurry up and die and go bury with you dead mother….

zack1324/zack morris’s comments underneath Th3Harold’s YouTube video

Zack Morris

Zack Morris 1 day ago HIGHLIGHTED COMMENT
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TH3HAROLD DÆf 1 day ago
damn i am lost with their post… ummmmm ooooo… k …. where the proof?
Zack Morris

Zack Morris 1 day ago
LOL there are no such thing as “proof” but Im telling you that there is something wrong with this dude! He’s really fuck up this time!
Starlight Starbright

Starlight Starbright 22 hours ago
hacky zacky
Starlight Starbright

Starlight Starbright 22 hours ago
LOL! You the one who over use the word proof in dvtv! Quit pointing at other people and start pointing at yourself, butthole.
Zack Morris

Zack Morris 21 hours ago
You just proved yourself, stalker! LOL Jokes on you..heroin head.
Zack Morris

Zack Morris 21 hours ago
BTW…Happy Thanksgiving and have fun while it last! ; )
Starlight Starbright

Starlight Starbright 21 hours ago
Another of your over using the word… stalker!!!
Starlight Starbright

Starlight Starbright 1 hour ago
Is that another threat?
Zack Morris

Zack Morris 1 hour ago
let me count….8 comments already….much stalker? Much obsessive? Much lonely? LOL Jokes on you again, heroin head.
Starlight Starbright

Starlight Starbright 18 minutes ago

Comments underneath Th3Harold’s YouTube video between me and


sun79bear 1 day ago
damn.. that wrong of them try to false accuse u bout steal ip n etc.. it foolish
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Starlight Starbright

Starlight Starbright 22 hours ago
OH! Tell me about it! I am being falsely accused for a lot of things by zack1324 and his groupies!!!
Starlight Starbright

Starlight Starbright 1 hour ago
Maybe it’s not him but for sure it’s from his people. I got my email and IP addresses posted on several other websites by zack1324 and deafghOster. So I don’t blame them for being leery.
Starlight Starbright

Starlight Starbright 1 minute ago

zack1324 / Zack Morris said

13 hours ago  there’s no such thing as “proof”

Image result for really gif

Hippo any proofs? I do!Image result for pointing laughing gifImage result for arrow pointing down gif

2MATSEATTLE, I challenge u to prove us! zack1324 Jun 10, 2016

Got any proof? then STFU–> zack1324 Jun 11, 2016

Prove my case! she still lurking–> zack1324 Jul 30, 2016

Hippo man…got any proofs? I do! zack1324 Nov 20, 2016

Zack MorrisImage result for pointing laughing gif There you go again, hacky zack1324!!!

Zack Morris Zack Morris 35 minutes ago

You just proved yourself, stalker! LOL Jokes on you..heroin head.

Here, go refresh yourself.

zack1324/collegegradued’s extra account in DVTV.

You found your long lost extra account in dvtv because you were Image result for animated gif nosey around Bulldog’s dvtv account. 

Sure went all yakkity yak on how you will have it removed as soon as possible. Almost 3 months has passed and it’s still there?

I see you had removed some comments, wimp!!!screenshot-www-deafvideo-tv-2016-11-21-15-37-05

Yeah! Good question,


You’re right, Frekky.


I send you, Frekky,  Video for DM”  which will reveal the truth about GhostBikerX  being an innocent man. I send the video to edoedo/deafspider, Deb, Tayler and zack1324 too as well.

Image result for dishonest personOnly you and I know Image result for words the ugly truth

about you.

You’re dishonest, disrespectful and have no integrity!!!

Image result for animated gif interesting how you, Frekky, and the rest did not reveal the truth about GhostBikerX after I send you the video?!!!

Image result for dishonest personInstead what you did was to hide the ugly truth about zack1324 which will prove he is an untrustworthy man, a liar and a coward. The comments below will show proof you removed the ugly truth about zack1324. 

Starlight StarbrightStarlight Starbright 1 second ago
Zack MorrisZack Morris 5 months ago
LMAO Good to know that Lo chickened out!!! We won and owns their 3 stooges ass! 
Zack MorrisZack Morris 4 months ago
Cant read? Me banned? LOL! Now who’s real dumbass? 
Starlight StarbrightStarlight Starbright 1 second ago 
Zack MorrisZack Morris 4 months ago
Darkfall in the sky …..who? Me? banned from DVTV? LOL you must be that dumb. Yep we got a new idiots from the 3 stooges assuming that you are Joe the Curly’s replacement…  

Zack MorrisZack Morris 4 months ago
Apparently, you can’t read either, Thumb UP. I don’t now what’s the fuck wrong with you after all we has a great chat in dvtv and sudden you twisted into a evil witch….hurry up and die and go bury with you dead mother….

So therefore, Frekky Image result for coward Image result for animated gif you are nothing but a hateful liar to you, Tayler Mayer, edoedo/deafspider, deafghOster, deb, Frekky and zack1324!!!

Image result for P.S.Frekky, you need to change your profile, you know?!! 

What’s the matter, zack1324?

Image result for animated gif ehBlack Sails tv season 3 scared starz

Published by zack1324 on Jul 30, 2016
Someone inbox me spotted your track mark on your right lower shoulder… Yep. That’s heroin marks seeing that you have 23 court records that explain the whole thing and you are no better than bulldog!
For more info go to
Starlight Starbright 1 second ago
Epic fail.


Image result for animated gif wimpZack Morris Zack Morris 1 minute ago Your comment(s) are not allowed in this thread…bye bye Vicki Witch!