Butt hurting Frekky going all 

  in DVTV because of what Pax said about !!!

Image result for animated gif pointing laughing not us! Image result for yo bitch 

Wrong, zack1324!

Who’s aImage result for lying piece of shit animated gif


Image result for seriously animated gif

Look at Frekky and zack1324 cyberbullying Lo Saelee

You, zack1324! Stop

2matSeattle! You committed crime against 2matSeattle by slandering her! Leave her the fuck alone!

TSK! TSK TSK! edoedo!

Image result for animated gif laughing Watch edoedo’s> ASL video posted at DVTV talking about my> postImage result for oh please gif
edoedo said he has no idea where I came up with the false information?
Image result for animated gif pointing down

Watch zack1324‘s> ASL video for GhostBikerX~watch what edoedo said in his> ASL video comment for zack1324. By the way, edoedo’s comment was removed from DVTV. More about breaking in DVV> ASL video by zack1324 for Harold Ambeau. Image result for animated gif suspiciousCheck out the> post I made for Frekky about saddlegoose’s comment.
Frekky removed saddlegoose’s comment about deafghOster?

 Watch what saddlegoose said in his> ASL video comment for Frekky.

Image result for truth gifWatch zack1324’s> ASL video for dg~deafghOster-DM~Deadmau, ordering him to do damage to 3 other deaf websites, Deaf Video Vlogs, DeafWars and Thumbupweb.
Watch Frekky’s> ASL video ordering saddlegoose to “fuck with Thumbupweb and Deaf Video Vlogs websites”

zack1324, Still being

by Christian women in Christian Dating site?NOT!


zack1324‘s video.
Sup withyour comment for zack1324?
No Deaf Community pride, eh? edoedo, If it happened to your website,you going to congratulate deafghOster and zack1324?

Watch zack1324 ordering deafghOster to do damage to 3 other deaf websites.

Slander, defamation, harassment and

by zack1324 and HorrorX toward Cherub Geez and me

in Harold Ambeau’s former website, Rebel Posts.

zack1324’s video for

Right Image result for animated gif pointing right here.
Image result for black hatterTSK! TSK! TSK! Hanging out with a Image result for animated gif pointing right black hatter, eh?!!
Buddha9! Image result for laughing hyena animated gifLooky at what zack1324 has said! He said you and I are one same person!!!


Last time you made this vlog was November 13th, 2017 and I posted this for you on November 14th, 2017 and have not heard from you since?



Harold Ambeau’s

Inline image 1Harold Ambeau was complaining about deafsnake’s post talking about Frekky from DVTV which was against rule #4 in Deaf Video Vlogs, ~Bringing problems from another deaf website~
When I was asked to leave DVV, deafsnake made one post after another defaming and slandering me as well as zack1324 when he joined DVV as soon as I left.

(Here’s one example of deafsnake’s post)

All the while Harold Ambeau said nothing about it?

Hypocritical jackass, eh?

Buddha9! Look! zack1324 thanking you!

Image result for animated gif smiley wavingzacky boy,
You asked Buddh9 why me post post post? Don’t forget what you was told before.Image result for pointing down gif

No Well, look at this and that, remember what edoedo said to you?

Have a great day, zack1324.

Shows zack1324 got no life, eh?

Image result for rihanna eye rolling gifImage result for robert downey jr eye rolling gif
Image result for animated gif bravoTar2006Tar2006
ReplyTo:   Deaf Clawer News
Title:   Comeon…
ReplyTo:   Deaf Clawer News
Title:   More fuel? lol
Drama? No. It’s Cyberstalking.
This video will explain why zack1324 and Frekky brought Deaf Clawer News in ASL DVTV.

zack1324 and Frekky

Image result for get a life gif

??? You one of the patrols, Frekky?!!

Image result for animated gif laughing zacky boy too?!! 

Remember your comment in Rebel Posts regarding me and the person with HIV who you committed hate crime against him, Tshirtman? Frekky, you said> Bad guy a friend of another bad guy. Get along great as bad guys, eh?!!

Well since you, zack1324, Harold Ambeau and edoedo are friends of deafghOster it makes you all

Frekky’s (Dawn Huffman) lovely tribute to my mother

of Frekky’s (Dawn Huffman) vlog.

 Lousy mother

I can image. Why? People everywhere in Iowa said that family

(My parents, 4 of my brothers and me)

are unruly, wild, troublemaker, trouble all of them.

Where is her mother? Her mother is busy over there at the trucking company

(My mother used to work in the office of a trucking company)

Opening her legs, spreading her legs for all the truckers at the company, having sex with them.

bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-07-522Her vagina  all stretched out from having so much sex with all the truckers causing it to be so big that her vagina got all flapping,

bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-11-900


You can easily grab her labia and flap it.

bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-15-261


You can use her labia to fan yourself when you’re hot.

(Real classy, eh?!!)

Another one about my mother by zack1324, posted in

 Image result for Th3Harold Harold Ambeau’s former website, Rebel Posts.

add-new-post-deaf-video-vlogs-wordpress zack1324 was being prejudiced and disrespectful towards

screenshot-www-deafvideovlog-com-2017-03-02-15-29-26Image result for animated gif outrageous!!!Calling the truck drivers who happens to be good hard working people, members of KKK?!!

Calling my mother a hooker because she used to work for a trucking company?!!

zack1324, About you

State of MissouriIn your case, zacky boy, your motivation was revenge. What a waste, eh? There was no breaking in private groups in DVTV by either me and/or GhostBikerX. It was simply glitch in the profile section.

Image result for laughing gifLooks like I will have better luck than you regarding court?!!


More memories for you, zack1324

Remember this, zack1324?!!


Nice try,

Image result for eye rolling animated gifzacky boy. We know who we are talking about, don’t we?!!

 when are you going to confess?

Hey old woman! (Jala) Did you just threaten Violet?

Image result for animated gif You shut upold cow! Violet has every right to make a video for Rayline in DVTV since they both are members of DVTV!

Image result for animated gif laughingzack1324 a good person? Silly old fool, aren’t you?

You bitching at Violet regarding Fairytales9? Image result for animated gif OH PLEASE

What about what Fairytales9 did to Violet? Threatening to kill her with a shot gun blast?!! You’re warped, old woman.
Not liking what you said to Violet at the very end. Sounds like a threat to me. , old woman, leave Violet alone.

Finally somebody told zack1324 off!

Image result for you go girl animated gif Violet! You are so right about zack1324!!! You go girl!

Check out Harold Ambeau’s

honest assessment of cyberstalkers and Tayler (Brian) Mayer.

and their
gang stalkers~Jala~edoedo~Deafwomynpride~Finnishman~ericmartinson~
deafwoods65~SyrSnake~formerly known as deafsnake~deafghOster-He works behind the scene for zack1324 and Frekky)
enjoys cyberbullying.
They are not breaking R-Lists.
Tayler (Tayler (Brian) Mayer) don’t care.
All he cares about is to keep his website (Deaf Video TV) running
and everyone follows his R-Lists, it’s fine, go ahead.

zack1324’s question for Violet

It’s what I’m talking about.

These cyberstalkers control the people in DVTV on who they can or can not talk to.

If you don’t do what they want, they will constantly attack you till you either close your account in DVTV or do what they want. Image result for pathetic in DVTV.

Wrong zack1324!

The story will still be the same.

 Image result for heyJuly 1stImage result for animated gif birthday cake singing happy birthday to mecame and went.

Where’s the honor funeral?  You’re all talk and no action, eh?!!

Yo Frekky, Your video,

It was my comment for Superdeafpride when he talked shit

about TaurusRose 

Related imageSueIt’s press charges against him, Image result for cow mooing animated gifstupid fat cow.

I agree with Frekky

Protecting you people in DVTV from

Notice Throwawayaccount didn’t mention my name once about me breaking in DVTV’s private groups, eh?!!

So there’s proof you, zack1324 and Frekky had been lying to the other people at DVTV, eh?!! Slandering and defaming me, huh?!!

Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com‘s website Image result for Harold Ambeau Harold Ambeau,  zack1324  Frekky and  miapotsky, you all knew deafghOster had been breaking in DVTV’s private groups and posting it in Harold Ambeau’s former website yet you all said nothing?!! Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com Rayline and Cherub Geez’s videos

Threats from deafghOster on what he and zack1324 will do to me.

Image result for animated gif cow mooing Yo fat cow, I find it funny you made an accusation towards these boysImage result for animated gif pointing down

yet never revealed the truth about deafghOster breaking into private groups in DVTV, eh?!!

What you have on your profile’s rather conflicting, eh?!! 

Don’t you think  are owned for these fine gentlemen from you?!!

Image result for pointing you gifImage result for pointing you gif

RebelPosts aka

Harold Ambeau’s comment #2  underneath zack1324’s post at his former website, , attacking 2matSeattle’s family.

zack1324 and HorrorX cyberstalking 2matSeattle

in Harold Ambeau’s former website,


Image result for #2 png~zack1324 to Horror Show aka Horror X 

Sexual harassment by cyberstalkers, zack1324, kaboom aka zack1324

 and seattlesaelee aka Lo Saelee’s in Harold Ambeau’s former website,

zack1324’s comment for Frekky

 Image result for unbelievable animated gif on why he did it to JOEYWOODImage result for animated gif disbelief

Image result for smh animated gif zack1324 got 10 fist bump?!! Go check it out.

What edoedo said about someone who made an


Image result for GhostBikerX‘s private website, Deaf Video Vlogs.

edoedo said: Congratulation to someone who broke in and looked around.

 of zack1324‘s video for Image result for Harold AmbeauHarold Ambeau: Nothing exciting. They all backed away, scared after I broke in, not break in but went in with the other’s help.

Lo Saelee got a new truck!

RE: Frekky, why are you preventing people to join Thumbup’s site?

Zack1324 too. 

That was when I didn’t know Damon was P220. When I found out I told them off

Image result for animated gif laughing

zack1324 had to unfriend Funnyjoke for his protection?!!


Related image

Time 1:51~False information? zack1324 wrote it himself!!!I posted this and I was surprised Violet made a vlog in DVTV thanking me. Click on the link that says I’m a monster too. You will see it’s not there in DVTV anymore Image result for shaking my headand then this happened!!!

Image result for pathetic gif


bunch of cyberstalkers in DVTV!

zack1324 whining about the

 Pax’s truth is good. 
#1. 2nd DVTV accounts?!! Funny zack1324’s talking about it after all he was the one who had repeatedly harassed Bulldog about her several accounts in DVTV.
Frekky’s title of her video for zack1324. Rather conflicting, eh?!

#2.Image result for animated gif laughingzack1324 complaining about Pax not using the block features?!!
Perhaps zack1324 should tell Frekky to use the block feature too? Buddha9 sure did! More than once!

zack1324 found GOD?

 PRAYING?!!Image result for animated gif angelRelated image

 Yikes! Image result for animated gif smiley scared 

What are you talking about, zack1324?!!

Jake have no honesty? Image result for huh What aboutImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com zack1324?!!

Frekky and zack1324. You’re both busted!!!

Check out Funnyjoke’s comment for Frekky,  note he did not say he saw me say retarded to HorrorX!!!

For shame forcing  Funnyjoke to lie!!!

What the hell is wrong with you “family” being so insanely jealous if anybody talks to me?

I just got a message while ago from someone telling me that you “family” had been telling people not to hang around me or you will do something to them? Sickos!!!

For Violet, Report Fairytales9 to the

I am sorry it happened to you. I kept waiting for someone in DVTV to stand up and report

Fairytales to Image result for Tayler Mayer

but no one did. The only mention of Fairytales9 using the gun to make death threats was by  Frekky (Dawn Huffman) congratulating Fairytales9 for making death threats against the President of United States of America which I find not very funny at all.

I have the evidence in case Fairytales9 removed her vlog in DVTV.  

Image result for animated gif pointing upNote the  Image result for hypocrisyof zack1324‘s post and Frekkymr lionDEAFPOWERMANHorrorXJames70 and
edoedo‘s comments and they all said nothing about Fairytales9’s death threats toward you? It’s not right at all!!!

Again I say report it to the police.

You, zack1324 and you, Frekky, did horribly wrong to the person. 

He did not post it, Scott Norby did.

Image result for animated gif you're an evil motherfucker Why throw it at the person?

It’s very very understandable the person got upset with your serious implication and he has every right to be upset.

What was not understandable is the gangstalking and the mobbing that took place against this person by you, zack1324 , Frekky 

and the rest of the gangstalkers.

Image result for animated gif outrageousLook at HorrorX’s vlog. Sickening. The person did not say anything against him yet that pervert went and vlogged crap about him?!!

 You all go to hell!

I can not tell a

Image result for lieImage result for animated gif it was me It was about


Image result for finger pointing up gif posted by you, zacky boy, when you wasImage result for thumbupweb.wordpress.com



 The fucker who reported was me. Image result for gif yup yup

OH MY! It’s true that

Image result for confession good for the soul

Why don’t you try it zack1324?!! You too, Frekky.

You’re an un

ful person, Image result for FrekkyGal68 Frekky. Let’s begin with  Your vlog at DVTV. Accusing me of owning DeafWars.

Image result for animated gif busted So did zack1324 Image result for zack1324  and Image result for Harold Ambeau Look below, none of you know who owns DeafWars!

Then, what’s worse, you still kept on lying, Image result for tsk tsk animated gifstill kept on accusing me of owning DeafWars after you all got busted on October 4th! 

Look at the date above and below.

Here is another evidence of you all lying about me owning DeafWars  start Image result for animated gif walking with the truth

Holy crap! I keep telling you people, zack1324 is one

What the hell is wrong with you, zack1324?!! Going after somebody’s grandmother?

The same way you went after 2matSeattle’s children!!!

You’re sick!!!

Go watch zack1324’s video


(No idea what zack1324 meant by threats. I never threatened him. zack1324 was the one threatening me!)

Afraid both? No. Both will come? No. Both will not come but again and again threat, not needed.

Other person, really other two person. One in California. One here Iowa (zack1324’s referring to me. No idea who’s he talking about the one from California) finished press charges. Court date is next week. That person won’t come. Charges for what? No across state visit. Can’t come to Missouri.  

Image result for animated gif laughingImage result for animated gif pointing rightzack1324’sImage result for twittertwitter comment for Harold Ambeau.

dumbsnake aka

Image result for animated gif bravoclapping %7Ec200Image result for animated gif bravoExcellent comment!!! I, for one, think you, JOEYWOOD, are
 Image result for the word cool!!!

And , dumbsnake, the stupid

Quit your  already!!!

http://picasion.com/gl/8lUa/ Funnyjoke, , and Rayline Image result for thumbupweb.wordpress.comAll these people have never done you wrong. The only reason you’re cyberstalking them is because you’re kissing zack1324 and Frekky’s  Just like

Fairytales9Finnishman,Image result for Eric Martinson/deafvideotvEric Martinson, , HorrorXmiapotsky and DeafMermaid

Now you’re after JOEYWOOD because zack1324 and Frekky are.

As I said beforeHead arrows left animation clipart


P220 said it beautifully about zack1324!!!

Image result for the real truth Image result for arrow pointing right gif zack1324

zack1324 telling Harold Ambeau news

about the courtImage result for animated gif smiley laughing

zack1324 and HorrorX


Image result for animated gif disgusting

 HorrorX’s post and zack1324’s   comments at Harold Ambeau’s former website, Rebel Posts.

You HorrorX, #1

Image result for animated gif nasty motherfucker

Image result for animated gif pointing up You zack1324, #2    aren’t you zacky boy?!! 

And you, Image result for harold ambeauYou’re a dirty, rotten


Feeling stupid much, zack1324?!!

Image result for animated gif huhYour comment #2.1~So is that why you are


To get compliments? Because “they” all enjoyed the show?

Check out zack1324’s pathetic comment the reason why he set up the group with Frekky.

Image result for animated gif pointing you, Frekky and your 


Image result for animated gif bunch of losers

Frekky, Lo Saelee and zack1324

Yay! He’s baaaaaccccckkkkk! Take that, Spiritual Warfare!

Image result for animated gif halloween thank youLOL!

Spiritual wsrfare wanted to cut her mother~LightLight Sep 3, 2017

Image result for animated gif pointing laughingYou removed your vlog for me. Not liking the question I asked you, eh?!!Image result for animated gif i feel you

I didn’t like the question you asked Violet either. The real reason you did this was to go Violet because she spoke up about the wrong the lying Image result for animated gif pig pig,  zack1324 did to her. You were just plain kissing zack1324’s ass.

Start having a Image result for mind of your own and quit being a follower! Leave Rayline, 2matseattle and Violet alone.

Image result for hey,Image result for Helpful hintImage result for unto others jesus

LOL! That’s not proof of me inboxing!!!!

Image result for animated gif you stupid No wonder  

P220  called you 


zack1324’s vlog and

Yo deafsnake and zacky boy!

Where are your vlogs for DumbMcGee aka Lo Saelee?!!

Image result for animated gif pointing downImage result for animated gif pointing downImage result for animated gif pointing downImage result for animated gif pointing downImage result for animated gif pointing downImage result for animated gif pointing downImage result for animated gif pointing downImage result for animated gif pointing down
 19 visits and 21 views. Obviously, these people knew Lo Saelee had been vlogging at DVTV and no one said anything about Lo Saelee yet deafsnake said Image result for animated gif pointing down ?!! 
Including this Image result for animated gif pointing downby zack1324?!! deafsnake and zack1324! Sup with you both’sImage result for hypocrisy?

Image result for to be continued

Apple speaking the hard truth about Frekky

Image result for animated gif WoohooRelated imageApple!  Image result for animated gif you go dude

Image result for animated gif sad face  Image result for animated gif giggling

Related imagePardon his French!

Yup. Frekky lies. Big time! So does zack1324, Harold Ambeau and surprising, deafsnake too.

Zacky Morris @ZMBays

Image result for animated gif puzzled

Lo Saelee, You retard, idiot and mult-personnal disorder?


Check out DeafPowerPitman’s vlog.

There’s a lot of people who are gloating sadists. Many of them would get off on it if their harassment drove the person being cyberbullied into actually killing themselves

Yo, Eric Martinson

Image result for animated gif hocus pocusImage result for animated gif hocus pocusImage result for animated gif hocus pocus

Image result for animated gif hocus pocusNope you wrong, Eric Martinson!  
It’s the right person

 Image result for animated gif hocus pocusImage result for animated gif hocus pocus It’s not just 3 people? There’s more?!!  

Where’s the dude? That’s right.  Hiding 
Image result for animated gif hocus pocusin them, private groups, because he knows he’s bustedImage result for animated gif hocus pocus

Image result for animated gif hocus pocusImage result for animated gif hocus pocusImage result for animated gif hocus pocus Image result for see you later animated gif

Th3Harold’s biggest fan

Rebel PostsYo outcast, zack1324 too!!!
Image result for https://thumbupweb.wordpress.com/

zack1324 and deafsnake cackling

ReplyTo:   deafsnake
Title:   “Vicky Welch” WTF?Image result for oh really animated gif

Keep in mind what zack1324 said about the letter y on 00:09

Image result for animated gif pointing downRelated image

Check it out for yourselves> https://www.spokeo.com/

Image result for animated gif pointing up

Image result for long arrow pointing down
Looky here! No 23 court records!

Image result for waiting animated gif



 deafsnake! You say you speak the truth?!! Image result for animated gif eye rolling

Image result for animated gif oh pleaseWhat you did was to repeat your friend’s lies like a 

zack1324, Looky here! You were wrong about Bulldog!!!

Image result for animated gif pointing upImage result for animated gif wrongImage result for animated gif laughing pointing right

Stealing other people’s IP address?!!


For zack1324 and Re: yo deafgh0ster, seriously… Frekky September 26, 2017 in ASL

zack1324, You said you already have seen the person?

!!! You have seen? I don’t think so! Image result for Busted 
Image result for holy crap gif It’s you and Frekky who own this account after all!! Not

For sure it’s Frekky’s and zack1324’s account!!!

Image result for FrekkyGal68Image result for FrekkyGal68

Yo Frekky,
Try not to ruin your grandson’s life, will you? What are you doing over there, anyway? Sitting around doing nothing all day imposing on their life? 
Bad mother and bad grandmother!

Image result for animated gif hypocriteImage result for animated gif pointing leftImage result for blah blah blah animated gif to  !!! Frekky, You were the one using deafghOster to do your dirty work, remember? zack1324 too!

Image result for huh? animated gif Time 00:22 , Frekky said, “Even I am not a member there. I don’t know. I don’t know why I am no longer a member there.”   Seriously, You don’t know?!! 
00:36~“Please don’t assume”   Image result for laughing gif You’re the fattest ASSumer of all in DVTV regarding me! zack1324 too!
00:52~Image result for are you fucking kidding me?animated gif
 His madness?!! Image result for oh please gif What about your and zack1324’s madness?
Time to stop?!! Image result for you're unbelievable animated gif Image result for excuse me? animated gifYou and zack1324 are the ones who need to stop!

01:06~Frekky,  you are ordering deafghOster to cyber stalk me?!! 

  Image result for pointing laughing animated gif What about yourself, Frekky? You did the same thing to me in the beginning on DVTV!!!


You and zack1324 have the habit of ordering other DVTVers to go do me damage over and over and over, eh?!!

Here’s another example. Time 04:19~SADDLEGOOSE~Frekky   January 15, 2017 in ASL

  much, eh, Frekky?!!

By the way Frekky ho, Image result for karma bit you in the ass

Related image

For 2matseattle, Report zack1324’s

 Examples of Cyberstalking
and this.
fwd peggydixie please confirm your email address thumbupthumbup gmail com gmail 1.png 644×434
Image result for cyberstalkerImage result for you don't deserve to be cyberbullied Go report zack1324 to his Internet service provider

Bless you, 2matseattle. I shall stand by you, girl.

zack1324, Remember what you said regarding my last Christmas?!!

You said, “Too bad if Deafwars.com got suspended and don’t throw it onto us. Its all about your and your behavior from past to present
Image result for animated gif pointing laughing I was the one who shutdown Deafwars!!! Here’s the proof! Image result for deafwars.wordpress.com

You also said, “Merry Xmas and I know it will be your last you got something big coming up….”

Image result for santa ho ho ho gifChristmas is ComingLooks like you lied! Last year’s Christmas sure was not my last, eh?!!!
Image result for santa ho ho ho gif You are one pathetic loser, zack1324!

zack1324, You sure are a


You again same talk, HorrorX?

Before you  say and now you again same?Image result for bored yawning gifImage result for you are boring gif

zack1324, You asking what for IP address?

Time 1:05-Yup. I know it’s old news and I brought it up because Frekky said Time: 00:16. No proof from Frekky but I got proof, eh? So as Frekky always love to say 
Time 1:23~You asking me what I am trying to do? Image result for smiley laughing animated gif I am proving you were
fwd peggydixie please confirm your email address thumbupthumbup gmail com gmail 1.png 644×434
Image result for gif pointing upwhen you used 2matseattle’s email address to open an account at GFM. Bet you didn’t expect your IP address to show up on that, eh?!!

You gotImage result for animated gif busted!!!

So you still being stubborn about you taking me to the court which never had happened?

Still being stubborn I have 23 court records?


I was giving you a chance, to tell the truth, but since you won’t I will go make a phone call to the DA at Bulter, Missouri.

Own it up, zacky boy!!!

zack1324, Sup with you bitching at Pitman’s lady?

Image result for animated gif shaking my headSo hypocritical of you to be going around criticizing other people when you, zack1324, did the very same thing?!! Image result for animated gif pointing down

Making fun of my personal appearance, Image result for well then gif

Image result for animated gif pointing down

My turn to make fun of your personal appearance!

Image result for xray of a fat person showing fat around bones

The extra padding around your skeletal frame isImage result for oink oink gif

True that! I refused to remain silent!

Image result for lines dividers black

Look at Frekky trying to silence someone. zack1324 does the same thing!

Then there’s them discrediting me.


Image result for criminalization of revenge pornThe website endrevengeporn.org, founded by Holly Jacobs, a revenge porn victim, campaigns for the criminalization of revenge porn and considers it to be a form of sexual abuse.
Related imageImage result for criminalization of revenge pornJacobs is also the founder of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI), a nonprofit organization that seeks to challenge cyber harassment.

LOL at you zack1324!!!

Inline image 1

Peggy just sex harassed me in my email!

Peggy just sex harassed me in my email!zack1324 Aug 19, 2016

ShadowAngel’s comment,

Yeah, old news.

I want to add it is not just deafghOster. It is all of them!!! Frekky, zack1324 and deafghOster!

Image result for zack1324

More about, Looky here at Frekky lying

to deafghOster!

Image result for dividers lines
Image result for asl moreInline image 1Image result for gif pointing right Sweet memories of zack1324 and Frekky getting busted by Apple! 

Image result for arrow gif pointing downAnother lie by Frekky!
Image result for zack1324Yo deafghOster!
Image result for zack1324Don’t forget zack324 also did the same thing!

Image result for Remember this?From ‘s former website-Rebelposts-

Sep 1, 2016 – Kaboomyou owe me big onemuthafucker! by Mau5

Fairytales9’s hate crime toward Rayline

Before-Fairytales9 on December 7, 2016

Image result for animated gif fairiesImage result for animated gif pointing downAfterImage result for animated gif ugly fairiesFuglytales9

Fairytales9, Why upset about “best friend”? Image result for you jelly? gif

Image result for animated gif female puppetsVicki “s Best Friend Puppet Rayline brainwashed~Image result for animated gif brainwashedFairytales9~May 21, 2017 in ASL.  Image result for fuck you too gif you, Image result for asl bitch!

Image result for grow the fuck up gifRayline can write as much as she wants to and she can write anything she wants to! You mad because you’re illiterate!!!

wow that s you RayLine !!! Vicki puppets You!! ~  Fairytales9  ~September 21, 2017 in ASLInline image 2Image result for grow the fuck up gif

Image result for eric martinson - thumbupweb.wordpress.comEric Martinson and zack1324

 Rayline!Image result for yelling animated gifAgeism and name calling-witch bitch. Time: 1:56

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